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Qualifying for 0 down Kia lease programs. The majority of car dealerships have leasing offers for people with high credit scores that do not require a down payment. These offers are often referred to as a 0 down lease or a “no money down” lease. The $99 per month offer is on the Pure after $1,393 down, while the $139 payment goes for the Passion after $1,433 down. Offers end January 2. 2014 Subaru Impreza — $159 and $169 per month/36 months. Ring In The New Year With An Affordable Lease. A new year means two things for consumers – slightly higher car prices and updated vehicles. If you’re looking to kick 2021 on a good note, check out the latest affordable lease deals automakers are offering in January. No Money Down & Low Payment Leases. At Heritage Toyota we are proud to offer you a variety of leasing options - including $0 down payment and low payment leases. Please note that our sales team can work any new Toyota model into a lease with any amount of money down - just contact our sales team today to build your custom lease.

What are the cheapest car leases? Which cars have the lowest lease payments?

Generally, the cheapest cars to lease are those with a low monthly payment created by a low lease price combined with a high residual value, which can depend on car make and model.

Since lease payments depend on the specific type of car being leased, choosing the right car can mean lower payments than for another car of the same price. Leasing is unique in this way.

As you probably already know, leasing provides much lower car payments than buying with a loan — as much as 30%-60% lower per month.

However, unlike loan payments, lease payments actually depend on the make/model of car. Some vehicles makes better leases than others.

The cheapest car lease may not be for the cheapest priced car. Some expensive cars can have lower lease payments than other less expensive cars.

Let’s explain to see exactly how that works.

What determines low lease payments in 2020?

First, let’s look at how loan payments work. If we have two different cars (different makes and models) with the same sticker price — say, a Ford and a Honda — and we have a car loan for each, the monthly loan payments will be exactly the same for both cars, assuming same price, same loan terms, same buyer.

The type or brand of car doesn’t matter when you finance with a loan. Monthly payment will be the same as long as the cost is the same.

However, leases are different. Given the same two cars as above (Ford and Honda), same price on each and same buyer, monthly lease payments will be different for the two cars.

In fact, lease payments will typically be higher for the Ford than for the Honda. So if you were making your decision based on lowest monthly payments, you would go with the Honda.

Why is that, you might ask?

The reason is that different make/model cars have different lease-end residual values — predicted future resale values. Residual value is one of the four primary factors that determine monthly car lease payment amount.

For a given MSRP sticker price, the car with the highest residual value will have the lowest monthly payment and will make the less expensive lease.

In our example, Honda cars generally have higher residuals (future resale values) than Fords, which makes Honda the cheapest to lease, even if the cars are the same price.

Stated another way, for the same monthly payment you would generally get more car by leasing a Honda for the same monthly payment than you could by leasing a Ford.

See our Lease Kitfor an average residual value calculator for all car makes and models in three classes, which will help you determine which cars will be have the cheapest leases


For more details about how car lease payments are calculated, and how residual values are involved, see Car Lease Payment Formula, part of our Lease Guide.

What is a cheap lease?

Based on emails we receive and other sources, it appears that most people consider a monthly payment of around $200 or less as being an inexpensive lease. Some even look and hope for $100 deals but that is stretching things a bit unless they are willing to make a large down payment — or have a high-value trade-in that can be used as a down payment.

These are monthly limited-time deals with special manufacturer incentives in every vehicle category — cars, SUVs, trucks, luxury cars, luxury SUVs, and electric vehicles — rated on lowest effective cost. Get free custom price or lease quotes from local dealers using our Car Deal Finder.

As a point of comparison, let’s look first at an average lease for a medium sized sedan such as the Honda Accord LX with automatic transmission priced at $21,555 with a 36 month lease, 12K miles per year, $11,450 residual value, .00299 money factor, and no down payment. These are all average parameters — no great deal here.

With no special price discounts, no special residual value, no special money factor, the monthly lease payment for this Honda will be about $380 not including tax. This would be a “normal” lease for this car — much lower payments than a for a purchase loan but still nothing special as a lease deal.

Many people looking for low lease payment may not consider this a cheap lease, although it’s much cheaper than buying the same car with a loan of the same term. With a loan, this same Honda Accord would require a whopping $667 monthly payment (no down payment, same interest rate, same term).

So, how do I get the cheapest lease?

First, look for promotional deals on the car you’re interested in, even if it’s a brand such as Honda that already has high residual values.

At the time of this writing, Honda is offering a special lease deal on the Honda Accord LX of $249, not including tax. That’s a great lease deal on this car. The deal is only for this particular model and it expires in 1 month. It also requires a down payment of $3199, which includes first month’s payment due at signing.

To get this kind of a low lease payment requires a built-in combination of price discount, boosted residual value, and reduced money factor. If you don’t want to make the down payment, the monthly payment goes up a bit, but it’s still the same great deal.

A down payment, or not, doesn’t change whether a lease is a good deal or not. It doesn’t affect the deal at all. It only changes when part of the cost of the lease is paid — either up front as a down payment or later as a higher monthly payment. This is an important fact about car leasing that should be understood.

To see the dramatic difference between promotional leases and normal leases, see our article, Incentive Car Leases – Best Way to Lease.

Car companies sometimes offer $0-$0-$0-$0 due-at-signing lease deals. This means you pay no down payment, no security deposit, no tax, and no first month’s payment. These deals can be found, if offered, on car company web sites under “Special Offers” or “Current Offers” in the site menu.

Most lease deals from any manufacturer can be arranged so that no cash is required up front, although it increases the monthly payment. See the following article for details: Zero Down Car Leases.

Better credit — better lease deals

It may come as no surprise that special promotional lease deals require that the customer be “highly qualified” which means having a good credit score. If you don’t know your latest credit score, you should. Many banks now let you see your current FICO credit score if you use their online or mobile app.

Dealers and auto finance companies rely on credit scores to determine customers’ credit risk. Your score can easily mean the difference between being approved or not.

If you can’t find a promotional lease deal

If you can’t find a special manufacturer’s promotional lease deal on the car you want, you must look for cars with the lowest prices, best discounts and rebates, and highest residual values. Low prices and high residuals, in combination, make the cheapest car leases.

The best and easiest way to find cars that have the lowest current prices and best incentives is by using our free
Car Deal Finder
Get real dealer price offers from multiple dealers who compete for your business. Go with the best offer and the best deal.

In general, car brands with the highest residuals are Japanese and European. There are exceptions of course. Some European models have lower than average residuals, and some American models have higher than average residuals. Our Lease Kithas average residuals for all car makes and models and shows which cars are best (and worst) to lease.

Without a promotional lease deal, you must negotiate your best price for the vehicle you want to lease. The lower the lease price, the lower the monthly payment and overall lease cost.

Cars for lease under 150 a month

Exactly which vehicles make the cheapest leases?

Cars with the lowest cost and highest residual values, in general, make the lowest-cost leases.

Toyota, Honda and Mazda, for example have low-cost models that also have high residuals. The Honda Civic, CR-V, and Fit are good examples.

99 Car Lease With No Money Down

Let’s look at the Toyota Corolla, a small economical 2-door sedan, priced at about $19,135. At the time of this writing, Toyota is offering a special lease deal on this model of $179 a month, 36 months, 36,000 mile allowance.

Other cars in this price range are the Nissan Versa, Hyundai Accent, Kia Rio, and Kia Soul. All of these cars can produce lease payments in the sub-$200 range with manufacturers’ promotional offers.

For a little more money each month, look at slightly larger cars such as the popular Honda Civic, Toyota Camry, and Nissan Sentra. These all have high residual values and often have promotional lease deals and rebate offers. Some have special rebates for college grads or military personnel.

Larger cars with high residuals, such as the Chevrolet Camaro, Ford Mustang, and Jeep Wrangler, are also excellent lease vehicles even though monthly payments are higher than for smaller less-expensive vehicles. Again, find a complete list of lease ratings for all vehicle makes and models in the Lease Kit.

Manufacturers’ special lease deals

$99 Month Lease Car Honda

The best deals come from car companies who are offering special lease prices, high residuals, and low money factors on certain models. The cheapest car lease deals come from these special promotions. The deals are nearly all genuinely good deals but you should make sure you can live with the terms (usually 36 months), annual mileage limit (usually 10K-12K miles per year), and the down payment, if any.

Auto makers’ monthly special lease deals are better than any lease deal you could negotiate on your own — because you can only negotiate price, not residual value or money factor.

How to know a good lease deal – free online tool

Even the cheapest car lease deals can be bad deals. If you don’t know to determine if you’re paying too much, you could easily pay more than other people for the same car.

It’s easy enough to pay too much for a lease if you only focus on monthly payments. Because payments are calculated on three major factors — vehicle price, residual value, and money factor — you could be getting a bad deal on any or all of these factors.

It is a mistake to assume a lease is a good deal simply because its payments are less that loan payments for the same car. That is NOT the way to evaluate a car lease.

We provide an easy way to quickly evaluate a lease deal using our free online Lease Deal Calculator. Simply plug in a few numbers and get a rating of the deal. Evaluate deals from car company ads on TV, in the newspaper, or deals that a dealer may offer you. Compare different deals to find the best. Use the evaluation as a basis for negotiating a better deal.

If poor credit is preventing you from leasing

It’s a fact that leasing requires a better credit score than buying with a loan, especially for the special manufacturers’ lease deals mentioned earlier in this article. Therefore leasing a brand new car might not be possible for you.

However, buying a good used car might be the solution. If you’ll need a car loan, credit restrictions are not quite as tight and can get you the low monthly payments you wanted. Look for used car deals in your area with our unique Car Deal Finder tool — or simply call 855-650-8173.

With not-so-great credit, it is very possible to get a car loan from a lender such as Auto Credit Express (see banner below) and InstantCarLoans.com, for either a brand new car or a used car. Get free quotes and go with the best deal.

Leasing is not for everyone

Leasing is restricted to brand new cars. Even though payments can be low for manufacturers’ special leases, you might not find a deal on exactly the car you want. Therefore, you might want to consider a used car to achieve your objective of a low monthly payment. Our Car Deal Finder tool is an ideal way to search online for used cars in your area.


The cheapest cars to lease are generally those that are lowest priced, have manufacturer incentives, and have the highest lease-end residual values.

Look for dealer lease promotions that are backed by the manufacturer, which are usually genuine good deals. The best lease vehicles are those that have higher-than-average residual values, such as many Japanese and European brands, but also include many American models and styles.

Might and magic 6 download. Good luck.

Related Topics

Even experienced car buyers become quite confused when it comes to finding the best way to lease a car. Despite the terminology being mystifying, you can hardly know which monthly payment figure is correct, or what is important when negotiating. Leasing is increasingly becoming a popular option for most people who prefer it to car buying. If you are in the same fold, below is all you should know when leasing the Kia Optima lease $99.

Leasing, in theory, is simple. You pay for the vehicle’s depreciation that occurs during your term of the lease, some interests and charges applicable. However, in practice, it can be a confusing process. It has a confusing language that can easily get you lost. Nonetheless, there are several vehicles available under $99 car lease no money down. You should only find one that meets needs, meets your budget, and works perfectly.

How Does KIA Optima lease $99 Work?

When searching for a good dealer for Kia Optima lease $99, note that leasing contracts may vary from one dealer to another. However, some components of the deal remain the same. Toyota lease deals zero down, for instance, enables interested individuals to lease SUV and trucks without having to pay any money upfront. The same might not apply for Hyundai sonata lease $99.

As with most dealers, car-leasing contracts run for a period between two to four years. In most cases, the length of this contract depends on you, how long you want to use the car or how long you will be waiting to get a brand new car. Choosing the model of the vehicle is greatly dependent on your budget. This is probably why hatchbacks are among the most leased cars compared to luxury vehicles and 4 x 4 models. There is no point in leasing a top of the line Range Rover if you can’t afford the monthly payments.

Fortunately, there are various car lease 0 down lease specials and lease deals starting from $99 per month. This means that you will have options even with a tight budget. After ordering your vehicle of choice, you should pay for the processing fee, which ranges between $150 and $200. However, before making the payments, ensure that you have an approved finance option and have agreed on the terms, which include the mileage limits.

What Happens When KIA Optima lease $99 Deals Expires?

If your Kia Optima lease $99 contract runs out, you will have two options. First, you can either opt to extend the lease. If you are thinking of doing so, consider consulting with your finance company some months before the expiry of the deal to see if they can allow for this. You should also ask for a discount on monthly payments since it is an old car.

The second alternative is returning the car back to the dealer. If the car is in good condition, well maintained and you haven’t exceeded the mileage agreed, you won’t have to pay any additional fees. The finance company will collect the car and return it to the dealer for free.

However, if you have exceeded the mileage, you will have to pay for the exceeded mileage. Companies have varying rates per mileage exceeded. The same applies if you didn’t maintain the car well. You will have to pay for the costs of repairing the scrapes and dents.

Is KIA Optima lease $99 The Right Option?

Making a decision as to if finding Kia Sorento lease deals is the right option is not definitive. However, there are various advantages and disadvantages of leasing a car. All you should watch for is that the disadvantages don’t outdo the benefits. If it does, then the deal is likely not the right option for you.

  • Low or no upfront payment required
  • Low costs of monthly payments
  • Breakdown cover, road tax, and services included
  • Manufacturer’s warranty cover
  • No need to worry about losing the value of the car
  • You cannot own the car
  • Limited mileage
  • Damage and maintenance fees

Is KIA Optima lease $99 Cheaper than Buying?

Getting to know if leasing is cheaper than buying is a personal decision. However, for a pure investment point of view, it is not cheaper. This is because you will have nothing to show at the end of the contract. However, if the monthly payments are low, and leasing allows you to get behind the wheel of a car you might not afford to buy, it can be a good option.

Another factor that determines if leasing beats buying is the make and model of the car. For instance, if you are looking for Kia soul lease deals for three years, you may have to pay $1800 upfront, and 35 monthly installments of approximately $150 per month. At the end of the deal, you will have paid a total of $7050 to rent the car, but you will have to hand it back.

For that amount, it would have been prudent to purchase a small hatchback model that can last you more than the three years. Some may argue that they don’t have the initial financial strength to make a purchase, thus find leasing a better option.

Are There Payments for Extra Servicing?

This depends on your lease agreements. Some lease dealers include car maintenance and servicing on the monthly payments. In the unlikely case that you are offered a non-inclusive package, make sure that you clarify with the dealer before signing the contract. If the cost isn’t inclusive, contact the manufacturer and inquire on the cost of maintaining the car over the term.

Fantastic Tips for Kia Optima lease $99

If car leasing is the right option, you should consider the following tips to find the best deal.


Understand The Language of Leasing

$99 Kia Lease Deal

You can easily sign up to a bad deal if you don’t understand the language car dealers or finance officers use. Leasing terminology is quite different from vehicle purchase and loans. Well, below are common terms you will come across.

  • Capitalized cost – also known as the cap cost, it is the initial price of the vehicle. However, don’t confuse it with the MSRP, which means the price of the vehicle as shown on the window sticker. Cap cost includes all the discounts that you can negotiate.
  • Cap cost reduction – this refers to any figure reached at after negotiations from the capitalized cost. This includes the value of a trade-in and special lease deal offered by the car manufacturer. Maximizing the reductions and discounts on capitalized cost lowers the total amount you will have to pay for the car.
  • Money factor – this is the interest rate accrued by the funds financing the lease. This cannot be directly compared to any car loan interest rates but can be used to compare various car lease offers.
  • Residual value – this is the professional estimate of the worth of vehicle after the end of a lease contract. It factors in the expected depreciation of the car after the contract, and often estimated before signing the lease contract. It is an educated guess of the vehicle’s worth, which could be high or low. What you will pay for the lease is the capitalized cost minus the residual value, plus the fees and interests.
  • Buyout price – this often comes in if you want to buy the car once the contract expires. It is the purchase price, which may be equal to the residual price or varies.
  • Acquisition fee – this is an administrative fee paid to cover the cost of preparing the car lease. It includes registration costs and taxes when beginning the contract.
  • Disposition fee – these are charges paid at the end of the contract. This is paid to curb the car preparation cost and refurbishment before being sold. It can also include payment for any excess mileage and wear and tear costs.
  • Due at signing – this is the amount of money you will have to pay to drive the vehicle home when initiating the lease. It includes a down payment if you don’t get a zero down payment deal, payment for the first month, and any security deposit.

Understand What You Can Negotiate

Whereas you can negotiate several payments when leasing a car, some fees aren’t negotiable. To get the best deal, get to know what you can negotiate, and focus on doing so. Negotiable charges include;

Zero Down Lease Offers 2020

  • Capitalized cost – similar to when purchasing a car, you should focus on bringing down the price of the car to save some cash. Do some basic research on the general cost of the car in local market conditions to determine the current sales price. You can as well consult with various lease dealerships to find the best price for the vehicle you intend to lease.
  • Money factor/interest rate – you can look for discounts on your interest rates. However, to get this, you should ensure that your credit score is good. Most lease deals apply to customers with excellent credit scores.
  • Cap cost reduction – find the best lease deal possible by maximizing the amount you get from a trade-in. This will lower the amount payable as monthly installments and the amount paid at signing.
  • Buyout price – if you would want to buy the vehicle after the lease, you should negotiate for the buyout price beforehand. This is because you might not have the opportunity to do so after the lease. Negotiating for a low buyout price won’t affect how much you will pay for the contract.
  • Mileage cap – it is important to understand your annual mileage coverage before leasing a car. If you think you will surpass the mileage, negotiate for a high mileage cap or reduction of mileage fees.

Focus Beyond the Monthly Payments

Most clients make a mistake of taking a lease based on the monthly payments. However, this is not the best way of saving money. You should look at the total amount of the lease, which sums up the initial down payment, taxes, and fees. It is through this that you can compare the various lease offers in the market.

To do this, multiply the monthly payments by the number of months then add to the amount paid as a down payment. You should also include and interests and fees charged by the dealership. The sum of these is the total cost of the contract. Always insist on doing the math yourself and avoid depending on the calculations given by the salesperson.

Avoid Costly Add-Ons

Another good tip for finding a perfect lease deal is avoiding costly add-ons. This will increase the amount payable upfront or with each monthly payment. You can purchase several items outside the dealership at affordable prices.

For instance, most leasing companies require that you purchase GAP insurance to cover the value of the vehicle if it is stolen or totaled during the lease. Before purchasing it from them, ask around if you can find an insurance company, credit union, or bank with an affordable offer.

Double Check the Documents

Before signing any lease document, you should double-check to ensure that all documents you are signing against are as agreed. Verify that there are no add-ons or fees, which raise the amount before signing the deal. If there are any errors or blank spaces, ensure that they are filled in or rectified before putting a pen on it. Don’t leave blanks for the salesperson to fix values later.

In Summary

The entire process of leasing a car is more complicated than you can imagine. This is because it involves a tedious process, which includes finding a car that meets your needs, finding a good deal, negotiating the various terms, and finding a financing company to approve the lease. There are also dilemmas as to if you should lease or consider purchasing the vehicle.

Well, if your mind’s made up, head straight into a dealership and asks for what you want. Negotiate where possible and ask for discounts on various components. Besides, check on your credit ratings to get a good deal.