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This Book is Part of a Series 'Anna Karenina' All Books in this Series: Anna Karenina 1/8: Free. Anna Karenina 2/8: Free. Anna Karenina 3/8: Free. Anna Karenina 4/8. Dmg can't find original password. Anna Karenina Analysis I think that those who love reading classics, should definitely read this book. In my opinion, it's a rather fluent book, not a slow-moving book, as one would expect from a classic. And I have to add that the full text of the book.

The Oblonsky family of Moscow istorn apart by adultery. Dolly Oblonskaya has caught her husband,Stiva, having an affair with their children’s former governess, andthreatens to leave him. Stiva is somewhat remorseful but mostlydazed and uncomprehending. Stiva’s sister, Anna Karenina, wife ofthe St. Petersburg government official Karenin, arrives at the Oblonskys’to mediate. Eventually, Anna is able to bring Stiva and Dolly toa reconciliation.

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Meanwhile, Dolly’s younger sister, Kitty, is courted bytwo suitors: Konstantin Levin, an awkward landowner, and AlexeiVronsky, a dashing military man. Kitty turns down Levin in favorof Vronsky, but not long after, Vronsky meets Anna Karenina andfalls in love with her instead of Kitty. The devastated Kitty fallsill. Levin, depressed after having been rejected by Kitty, withdrawsto his estate in the country. Anna returns to St. Petersburg, reflectingon her infatuation with Vronsky, but when she arrives home she dismissesit as a fleeting crush.

Anna Karenina Book online, free

Vronsky, however, follows Anna to St. Petersburg, andtheir mutual attraction intensifies as Anna begins to mix with thefreethinking social set of Vronsky’s cousin Betsy Tverskaya. Ata party, Anna implores Vronsky to ask Kitty’s forgiveness; in response,he tells Anna that he loves her. Karenin goes home from the party alone,sensing that something is amiss. He speaks to Anna later that nightabout his suspicions regarding her and Vronsky, but she curtly dismisseshis concerns.

Some time later, Vronsky participates in a military officers’horse race. Though an accomplished horseman, he makes an error during therace, inadvertently breaking his horse’s back. Karenin notices hiswife’s intense interest in Vronsky during the race. He confronts Annaafterward, and she candidly admits to Karenin that she is havingan affair and that she loves Vronsky. Karenin is stunned.

Kitty, meanwhile, attempts to recover her health at aspa in Germany, where she meets a pious Russian woman and her do-gooder protégée,Varenka. Kitty also meets Levin’s sickly brother Nikolai, who isalso recovering at the spa.

Levin’s intellectual half-brother, Sergei Koznyshev, visitsLevin in the country and criticizes him for quitting his post onthe local administrative council. Levin explains that he resignedbecause he found the work bureaucratic and useless. Levin worksenthusiastically with the peasants on his estate but is frustratedby their resistance to agricultural innovations. He visits Dolly,who tempts him with talk of reviving a relationship with Kitty.Later, Levin meets Kitty at a dinner party at the Oblonsky household,and the two feel their mutual love. They become engaged and marry.

Karenin rejects Anna’s request for a divorce. He insiststhat they maintain outward appearances by staying together. Annamoves to the family’s country home, however, away from her husband.She encounters Vronsky often, but their relationship becomes clouded afterAnna reveals she is pregnant. Vronsky considers resigning his militarypost, but his old ambitions prevent him.

Karenin, catching Vronsky at the Karenin country homeone day, finally agrees to divorce. Anna, in her childbirth agony,begs for Karenin’s forgiveness, and he suddenly grants it. He leavesthe divorce decision in her hands, but she resents his generosityand does not ask for a divorce. Instead, Anna and Vronsky go toItaly, where they lead an aimless existence. Eventually, the tworeturn to Russia, where Anna is spurned by society, which considersher adultery disgraceful. Anna and Vronsky withdraw into seclusion, thoughAnna dares a birthday visit to her young son at Karenin’s home.She begins to feel great jealousy for Vronsky, resenting the factthat he is free to participate in society while she is housebound andscorned.

Married life brings surprises for Levin, including hissudden lack of freedom. When Levin is called away to visit his dyingbrother Nikolai, Kitty sparks a quarrel by insisting on accompanyinghim. Levin finally allows her to join him. Ironically, Kitty ismore helpful to the dying Nikolai than Levin is, greatly comfortinghim in his final days.

Kitty discovers she is pregnant. Dolly and her familyjoin Levin and Kitty at Levin’s country estate for the summer. Atone point, Stiva visits, bringing along a friend, Veslovsky, whoirks Levin by flirting with Kitty. Levin finally asks Veslovskyto leave. Dolly decides to visit Anna, and finds her radiant andseemingly very happy. Dolly is impressed by Anna’s luxurious countryhome but disturbed by Anna’s dependence on sedatives to sleep. Annastill awaits a divorce.

Levin and Kitty move to Moscow to await the birth of theirbaby, and they are astonished at the expenses of city life. Levinmakes a trip to the provinces to take part in important local elections,in which the vote brings a victory for the young liberals. One day,Stiva takes Levin to visit Anna, whom Levin has never met. Anna enchantsLevin, but her success in pleasing Levin only fuels her resentmenttoward Vronsky. She grows paranoid that Vronsky no longer lovesher. Meanwhile, Kitty enters labor and bears a son. Levin is confusedby the conflicting emotions he feels toward the infant. Stiva goesto St. Petersburg to seek a cushy job and to beg Karenin to grantAnna the divorce he once promised her. Karenin, following the adviceof a questionable French psychic, refuses.

Anna picks a quarrel with Vronsky, accusing him of puttinghis mother before her and unfairly postponing plans to go to thecountry. Vronsky tries to be accommodating, but Anna remains angry. WhenVronsky leaves on an errand, Anna is tormented. She sends him atelegram urgently calling him home, followed by a profusely apologeticnote. In desperation, Anna drives to Dolly’s to say goodbye, andthen returns home. She resolves to meet Vronsky at the train stationafter his errand, and she rides to the station in a stupor. At thestation, despairing and dazed by the crowds, Anna throws herselfunder a train and dies.

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Two months later, Sergei’s book has finally been published,to virtually no acclaim. Sergei represses his disappointment byjoining a patriotic upsurge of Russian support for Slavic peoplesattempting to free themselves from Turkish rule. Sergei, Vronsky,and others board a train for Serbia to assist in the cause. Levinis skeptical of the Slavic cause, however.

Anna Karenina Book online, free Full

Kitty becomes worried by Levin’s gloomy mood. He has become immersedin questions about the meaning of life but feels unable to answerthem. One day, however, a peasant remarks to Levin that the pointof life is not to fill one’s belly but to serve God and goodness. Levinreceives this advice as gospel, and his life is suddenly transformedby faith.

Anna Karenina Book Summary

Later that day, Levin, Dolly, and Dolly’s children seekshelter from a sudden, violent thunderstorm, only to discover thatKitty and Levin’s young son are still outside. Levin runs to thewoods and sees a huge oak felled by lightning. He fears the worst,but his wife and child are safe. For the first time, Levin feelsreal love for his son, and Kitty is pleased. Levin reflects againthat the meaning of his life lies in the good that he can put intoit.

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Anna Karenina Book online, free

Anna Karenina is a novel written by graf Tolstoy Leo, published in 1878, he is a Russian author. Tolstoy is the first real novel, consisting of eight parts and more than a dozen characters and more than 800 pages, talking about society, family, marriage, betrayal, faith, desire and love of rural life. Knights of the Count Alexei Kirillovich Vronsky in the era of Emperor Alexander II of Russia.

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