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  2. @PDFelement the best Acrobat alternative PDF editor! Folderit Folderit is another Personal Document Management Solution for Windows computers. The reason many prefer it for personal use is because it is an online Personal Document Management, and this software is easily store, share, manage and approve your digital documents.

Best Photo Management Software 2021: Digital Picture & Image Organizer Are you desperately trying to find a photograph stored in your computer's hard disk drive that is required for an urgent and well-paying assignment, but are unable to do so because you do not remember the odd name assigned to it by your digital camera or smartphone?

A document can be a tricky thing to find when you’re staring at piles and piles of other documents. Just think about having to go through all that mess just to find the specific document you’re looking for. It can be equivalent to finding a needle in a haystack.


Much like an Ebook Library Software, a document organizer software categorizes your documents like a tree catalog giving you more flexibility to access a specific document with precision. A good document organizer software, like the ones provided on this list, will help you reduce the time consumption necessary to find the document you’re looking for, much less make your documents much more neater and organized.



bitfarm-Archiv Document Management



How Useful Is a Document Organizer For You?

A good document organizer software can significantly make your day much easier for you by cataloging your documents according to type.

  • If your computer is much cleaner and organized, then it’s much more pleasing to look at. It can make it a lot faster to look for documents as well.
  • If your documents are a mess and if it’s difficult to even find one document without having to rummage through so many other ones, then you might want to get a document organizer software yourself. Without it, it may take you a well over a few minutes, or maybe even an hour depending on how many documents you have exactly, just rummaging along the piles and piles of other documents wasting the time better off spent elsewhere when you could’ve found the document in a few seconds and be done with it.
  • It does the work for you. There’s no need to put that much effort as this type of software takes away the burden of having to organize your documents saving you from quite the headache and stress.
  • A File Organizer Softwarecan also make it easier to locate a specific file that’s lost among others as well a locating a specific document within that file.

FileHold Express

Simple Doc Organizer


LogicalDOC For Mac

Document Manager For Android

OpenDocMan – Most Popular Software

Why Should You Get This Software?

Faithful to its moniker, the Document Organizer Software helps you organize your documents so they wouldn’t get messy. If you have a messy document space and you don’t have a software that organizes your documents to help you fix the mess, it would take quite a bit of time and can be tedious to put the effort into organizing them yourself. Why bother to put up so much time and effort into organizing it yourself when this software is ready and able to help you? There’s no need to carry that burden. A decent document organizer can save you from so much trouble and stress.
There are many software that can help you clean up your computer. Even something like a File Management Software can help take a workload off your back by organizing files to make them easier to find. Hopefully, this list provided you with the best document organizer software for you.
So, what do you think? Doesn’t a document organizer software seem like quite a useful perk to have?

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Like it or not, there is a trend of digitalizing almost everything in recent years, which is happening on both developed and developing countries. One of the most popular applications of digitalization is scanning physical books or documents into PDF documents. All the process can be done without a real and expensive scanner but only a free scanning software and the camera in your computer or existing pictures. In this article, we are going to introduce the top 5 free scanner software for Windows 10/8/7.

Why Use Free Scanner Software?

People usually use the scanners for scanning the important and confidential documents for multiple reasons. This follows the process of digitalization.

  1. Scanners are used to exclude the burden of physical documents and they can be safely secured in the computers.
  2. It also frees people from waiting in the long queues for getting the photocopy of the documents, now they can be scanned and used.
  3. Scanner software can auto generate a digital file of the original document, which saves people a lot of time comparing with typing every word manually in computer.
  4. Some scanner software can convert scanned image into readable and editable documents.

Make sure you know how to recover files in Windows 10 before destroying the physical documents. In case you accidentally lose the scanned digital files in the future, the best data recovery software could be a lifesaver.

Best Software To Scan And Organize Documents

Following the same context, here mentioned are some of the scanner software that can be used on Windows 10 for scanning the documents.

Note: Most of the following top free scanner softwares for Windows 10 need Camera app in order to work. Check how to fix Windows 10 camera not working.

1. Office Lens – Best Free Scanning Software for PC & Mobile Device

Office Lens, the official scanner software of Microsoft, is referred as one of the best free scanner software for Windows 10. It enhances and trims the picture of prints, whiteboards and business cards, then saves the scanned files to local storage as picture, PDF, Word or PowerPoint file, or to OneDrive as cloud backup. This free scanner software can be accessed in Microsoft Store as well as mobile app stores.


It proves itself best in performance as it enhances the productivity. Now Windows 10 users can easily map out their ideas, save them in OneDrive and share the important documents in the form of PDF. Business cards, whitepapers, other information can be scanned and stored. It works best with the languages i.e. English, German, Spanish and Simplified Chinese.

2. PDF Document Scanner – Best Free Scanning Software for PDF

Compatible with Windows 10 operating system, PDF document scanner comes with number of wide applications. This easy-to-use free scanner can adjust the document in the frame and capture an image, which is then saved in storage and converted in PDF. These PDF can be used as digital copies and excludes the hard copies of documents. The digital copies are then saved in either the cloud storage or other external sources.

Best Scanning And Filing Software

3. HP Scan and Capture – Best Free Scanning Software for HP Product

HP Scan and Capture is a free utility for Windows 10. It can scan both the readable documents and images. This free scanner can detect HP devices connected to the same Windows 10 computer so that HP users can easily scan manage documents. However, it can also work without additional device. Once activated, the documents and images can be scanned and framed for basic editing. The scanned copy is saved as PDF in local storage. Have too many files in hard disk? See how to free up space on Windows 10.

4. PaperScan – Free Scanner Software for Windows 10 with Multiple Functions

Controlling the all nearby scanning devices, PaperScan is compatible with Windows10. Iboot download homebrew. It also provides the flatbed and document feeder support. One can easily use the already existing PDF and images for scanning and editing. It helps to adjust and enhance the image quality by auto-deskew, and remove punch holes and borders as well as detecting and removing blank pages.

This free scanner software displays information on the basis of resolution, size and color mode of the image. Once scanned, the file can be stored as PDF, PDF with encryption, TIFF, JPEG, PNG and even JBIG2. It is available in free version and use two basic languages i.e. English and French, and two premium versions with more power functions.


5. NAPS2 – Best Free Scanner for Windows 10 with OCR

It is an open source software that is capable of scanning the documents and images with physical scanning hardware. It can convert scanned files into various targeted formats i.e. PDF, TIFF, JPG and PNG. Taking only 1.6M of your disk storage, the software is compatible with Windows 10 to work at maximum. Along with OCR tools, the free scanner helps to extract the text from scanned documents.

With the above best 5 free scanners for Windows 10 computer, we can easily find a best choice whenever we need to scan physical documents into digital files for various purposes. If you know some better free scanning software for Windows 10 or want to know the best free scanner for a specific case, feel free to discuss with us.

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