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“Early Peanuts specials included references to sponsors Coca-Cola and Dolly Madison in their opening and end credits sequences, which eventually became removed for reruns and home video releases. The music does a noticeable drop out whenever these cuts occur.” - TV Tropes, Product Displacement

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So now that Christmastime is near.

I am currently requesting “Despecialized Editions” of the early Peanuts specials with the original Coca-Cola product placement inserted in while being the HD version from the Blu-ray.


I can’t do this myself because I only use a laptop which isn’t even that powerful.
And I don’t have skills for Photoshop, After Effects, etc…


The deleted scenes would be color-corrected based on the Blu-ray and be carefully restored, though this would be a tough project since we’re restoring VHS recordings which are almost a half-century old, and are even much worse thanks to YouTube compression.

According to Lost Media Wiki, only the sponsor tags in A Charlie Brown Christmas, Charlie Brown’s All-Stars and It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown survive as of now.

The following sponsor tags are currently lost (as of now):
You’re in Love, Charlie Brown
He’s Your Dog Charlie Brown
It Was A Short Summer Charlie Brown
Play It Again Charlie Brown 20third grade james tes.

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Clarissa Explains It All Torrent Complete

As for the lost ones, we won’t even bother restoring them unless some of the Raiders of the Lost Media get lucky and find them by some miracle.
Unless WE also go on this treasure hunt.

Clarissa Explains It All Torrent

Here are some references: (In the “Keep Circulating the Tapes” trope)