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Monica Bellucci e la scena di sess0 in Mozart in the Jungle che ha fatto impazzire tutti. Ghatanothoa mengalahkan Ultraman Tiga dengan mudah, menahan Delcalium Cahaya Stream dan versi modifikasi dari Zepellion Ray, keduanya mengakhiri Tiga, dan ternyata dia kembali. Link Download Episode Ultraman Tiga Subtitle Indonesia. Ultraman Tiga Episode 42 - 'Kota Dimana Seorang Gadis Menghilang!

  • Ultraman Tiga Movie: The Final Odyssey. Ultraman Cosmos. Download All Episode Episode 01. Kamen Rider Den-O The Movie 1: Ore Tanjou Final Cu. Ultraman Cosmos. Gekijou Subtitle Indonesia; Ultraman Tiga Gaiden. Movie details 'Ultraman Tiga: The Final Odyssey (ウルトラマンティガ) is a tokusatsu movie, and part of the Ultraman franchise.
  • Nonton Ultraman Tiga: The Final Odyssey (2000). Ultraman Tiga: The Final Oddysey was sort of an epilogue of the Ultraman Tiga series. Just when we thought that the world is safe, it's under attack again! A TPC excursion (including GUTS' Captain Megumi Iruma) headed to an old ruins and unintentionally woke up three evil ancient giants whom Daigo, later on, has visions of. What's so haunting.
  • Later on, the ultimate battle begins in the ancient ruins. Daigo as Ultraman Tiga, who is supposed to be the warrior of light, must use his powers, however dark, in order to defeat the three evils.(imdb) Edit Translation.
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Ultraman Tiga: The Final Odyssey
Directed by:Hirochika Muraishi
Produced by:Tsuburaya Productions
Written by:Keiichi Hasegawa
Starring:Hiroshi Nagano
Takami Yoshimoto
Mio Takaki
Akitoshi Ohtaki
Shigeki Kagemura
Yoichi Furuya
Aiko Tachibana
Music by:TBA
Editing by:TBA
Distributed by:Sony Pictures Entertainment
Release Date(s)March 11, 2000
Running time85 minutes
Preceded byUltraman Tiga
Succeeded byUltraman Tiga Gaiden: Revival of the Ancient Giant

Ultraman Tiga: The Final Odyssey (ウルトラマンティガ THE FINAL ODYSSEYUrutoraman Tiga Za Fainaru Odesei) is a tokusatsu movie that released in 2000. The movie is a direct sequel to the original Ultraman Tiga television series, serving as an epilogue to the events between Tiga and the successor series, Ultraman Dyna. A TPC excursion (including GUTS' Captain Megumi Iruma) headed to an old ruins and unintentionally woke up three evil ancient giants whom Daigo, later on, has visions of. What's so haunting about his visions is that they're not only three but four evil giants, including Ultraman Tiga in a very dark physique and a very evil aura. After a series of visions, Daigo was able to meet the three evils who beat him up and left the Black Spark Lens to him. Later on, the ultimate battle begins in the ancient ruins. Daigo as Ultraman Tiga, who is supposed to be the warrior of light, must use his powers, however dark, in order to defeat the three evils.


Set in two years after Tiga's battle with Gatanothor, Daigo who has since parted ways with the aforementioned Giant of light and is no longer bonded with him. One day, Daigo is approached by a mysterious woman, Camearra, who possessed a dark version of the Spark Lens. It is then revealed that more than 30,000,000 years ago, Tiga was originally evil in nature, part of a group of four that dominated Earth. The group consisted of Tiga Dark, the woman in yellow (Camearra) with telepathic abilities, an evil Ultraman in red with superhuman strength, and another in purple with superhuman speed. One day, Tiga fell in love with a local human, and decided to convert from darkness to protect her from harm. Being the weakest of the four, Tiga quickly became a target of the group. However, unbeknownst to the group, the original 'talentless' Tiga Dark possessed the ability to absorb powers from fallen enemies. As he eliminated each of the three dark members and sealed them away, he absorbed their powers which explains new Tiga's color patterns (red, purple, and gold lined with his original silver). Convinced by his ability to convert the last known Spark Lens to good, Daigo accepts the gift and becomes Tiga once again, survives his inner struggles and vanishes the darkness within. After leaving the Black Spark Lens in the hands of the dying Camearra, he eventually marries Rena Yanase, fellow GUTS member and longtime love interest. As Daigo and his wife prepare to leave Earth to study Mars, a junior GUTS cadet passes by and greets them. Said cadet is none other than Shin Asuka, The soon-to-be human host of Ultraman Dyna.


Ultraman Tiga: The Final Odyssey (ウルトラマンティガ THE FINAL ODYSSEY Urutoraman Tiga Za Fainaru Odesei) is a tokusatsu movie that released in the year 2000. The movie is a direct sequel to the original Ultraman Tiga television series, serving as an epilogue to the events between Ultraman Tiga and the successor series, Ultraman Dyna.


  • Ultraman Tiga
    • Multi Type
    • Power Type
    • Sky Type
    • Tiga Dark
    • Tiga Tornado
    • Tiga Blast
    • Glitter Tiga
  • Evil Tiga(Flashback)

Dark Giants

  • Camearra
    • Demonzoa
Download Film Ultraman Tiga Odyssey Definition

Kaiju & Seijin

  • Kyrieloid(Flashback)
  • Silvergon(Flashback)
  • Gatanothor(Flashback)
  • Geozark(Flashback)
  • Gobnu(Flashback)
    • Ogma (Flashback)
  • Bizaamo(Flashback)
  • Golza(Flashback)


  • Daigo Madoka (マドカ・ダイゴMadoka Daigo)/Ultraman Tiga (ウルトラマンティガUrutoraman Tiga Voice): Hiroshi Nagano (長野 博Nagano Hiroshi)
  • Rena Yanase (ヤナセ・レナYanase Rena): Takami Yoshimoto (吉本 多香美Yoshimoto Takami)
  • Megumi Iruma & Yuzare (イルマ・メグミ & ユザレIruma Megumi & Yuzare): Mio Takaki (高樹 澪Takaki Mio)
  • Seiichi Munakata (ムナカタ・セイイチMunakata Seiichi): Akitoshi Ohtaki (大滝 明利Ōtaki Akitoshi)
  • Masami Horii (ホリイ・マサミHorii Masami): Yukio Masuda (増田 由紀夫Masuda Yukio)
  • Tetsuo Shinjoh (シンジョウ・テツオShinjō Tetsuo): Shigeki Kagemaru (影丸 茂樹Kagemaru Shigeki)
  • Jun Yazumi (ヤズミ・ジュンYazumi Jyun): Yoichi Furuya (古屋 暢一Furuya Yōichi)
  • Mayumi Shinjoh (シンジョウ・マユミShinjō Mayumi): Kei Ishibashi (石橋 けいIshibashi Kei)
  • Souichiro Sawai: Tamio Kawachi
  • Tetsuji Yoshioka: Ken Okabe
  • Masayuki Nahara: Take Uketa
  • Naban Yao: Ichiro Ogura
  • Camearra (カミーラKamīra Human form, voice): Miyoko Yoshimoto (芳本美代子Yoshimoto Miyoko)
  • Darramb (ダーラムDāramu Human form, voice): Masaru Matsuda (松田優Matsuda Masaru)
  • Hudra (ヒュドラHyudora Human form, voice): Tenmei Basara (婆裟羅 天明Basara Tenmei)
  • Shin Asuka (アスカ・シンAsuka Shin) (cameo): Takeshi Tsuruno (つるの 剛士Tsuruno Takeshi)
  • Gosuke Hibiki (ヒビキ・ゴウスケHibiki Gōsuke): Ryo Kinomoto (木之元 亮Kinomoto Ryō)
  • Mai Midorikawa (ミドリカワ・マイMidorikawa Mai): Mariya Yamada (山田 まりやYamada Mariya)
  • Ryo Yumimura (ユミムラ・リョウYumimura Ryō): Risa Saito (斉藤 りさSaitō Risa)
  • Tsutomu Nakajima: Jou Onondera
  • Toshiyuki Koda: Toshikazu Fukawa
  • Kohei Kariya: Takao Kase
  • Priest: Scott T. Hards
  • Mai's friends: Ayaka Tanaka and Ayano Ota
  • Daigo's caretaker (cameo): Kazuo Tsuburaya
  • Rena's caretaker (cameo): Kiyoshi Suzuki
  • Nagumo: Hiroyuki Konishi
  • Red balloon girl: Eiko Yamauchi
  • Resarchers: Akira Migita and Mayu Tsukada
  • Trailer narrator (uncredited): Yuji Machi


Download Film Ultraman Tiga Odyssey Definition


The film initially premiered in March 11, 2000 in selected Japanese theaters.

In July 2000, Ultraman Tiga: The Final Odyssey premiered in Japanese with English subtitles at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood, California, as part of the annual G-Fest convention, but it was not released domestically in the United States for home viewing.

Home Video

  • The film was first released in VHS & DVD (either purchase or rental) in December 21, 2000.
  • The film was re-released as a part of Tiga, Dyna, Gaia Memorial Box The Final DVD set in November 26, 2007.
  • The film was re-released in high definition for the Ultraman Tiga COMPLETE blu-ray box set in September 24, 2014.


  • In Daigo's flashback in the start of the movie (many battles which Daigo/Tiga has fought 2 years ago), Ultraman Tiga's grunts was re-dubbed by Hiroshi Nagano's instead of using Yuji Machi's. This is due to Yuji's contract ended and he was replaced by Hiroshi Nagano since this movies until The Super 8 Ultra Brothers. This gave Tiga's voice a smoother transition between grunts and dialogue.
  • In this movie, Ultraman Tiga's grunts and voices were provided by Hiroshi Nagano in conjunction with Daigo's speaking voice but when the movie was featured in episode 8 of Shin Ultraman Retsuden, Tiga's scene was re-dubbed with Yuji Machi's grunts instead.
  • This movie and Great Decisive Battle! The Super 8 Ultra Brothers were the only time that both Tiga's speaking voice and grunts were voiced by Hiroshi Nagano.
  • Nearing the end of the movie Daigo and Rena are departing for research studies on Mars. Daigo and Rena walk down a hallway with other members of the research team behind them. A junior walks the opposite direction and takes off his hat and bows to Daigo and Rena. That junior is Shin Asuka, the human host of Ultraman Dyna.
  • At the end, right after Daigo met Asuka for the first time, he said, 'Good luck, junior' under his breath. This was a passing the torch scene.
  • This movie is a prequel to Ultraman Dyna.
  • Ultra Nyan makes a cameo appearance, as an amusement park mascot.
  • This movie was Daigo's last battle as Ultraman Tiga. (Great Decisive Battle! The Super 8 Ultra Brothers doesn't count)
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'The name of the Titan is.Ultraman Tiga.'

―Yuzare introduces Tiga's name, The One Who Inherits the Light
Ultraman Tiga
Human Host/Form:Daigo Madoka (Reincarnation)
Tsubasa Madoka
Height:Micro ~ 53 m
120 m (Glitter)
20 m (Tsubasa ver.)
Weight:44,000 t
100,000 t (Glitter)
17,000 t (Tsubasa ver.)
Age:30 million years old
Home world:Unknown star/Super Ancient Civilization on Earth (Neo Frontier Space Universe)
Voice actor(s):Yuji Machi (Former, now grunts stock footage)
Hiroshi Nagano (The Final Odyssey and Superior Ultraman 8 Brothers, grunts)
Shigeki Kagemaru (Ultraman Festival 2001)
You Murakami (Ginga S The Movie)
Suit actor(s):Shunsuke Gondo (Multi Type & Sky Type)
Koji Nakamura (Multi Type & Power Type)
Hideyoshi Iwata (Great Decisive Battle! The Super 8 Ultra Brothers)
First Appearance:Ultraman Tiga episode 1 'The One Who Inherits the Light'
Last Appearance:Ultraman X The Movie: Here Comes! Our Ultraman
Number of Appearances:52 (Tiga)
6 (Movies)
Race:Ancient Ultra
Family:Ancient Giants of Light (Race)
Tiga's companions (Possible relatives)
Dark Giants (Former Comrades)
Camearra (Former Lover)
Yuzare (Past Lover)
Ultraman Dyna (Successor)

Ultraman Tiga (ウルトラマンティガUrutoraman Tiga) is the Ultra that debuted in 1996, and was the first Ultra hero to appear in a full length television series since 1981, ending the 15-year-long hiatus of the Ultraman franchise since the ending of Ultraman 80.

Set in a universe different from all previous series, Ultraman Tiga introduced new and radical updates to the Ultraman character for a new generation of audiences; most notably him being the first Ultraman with multiple combat modes and non-red colors (Purple and Gold). He is also considered one of the most popular entries in the franchise, having had more exposure on TV and in film as compared to other Heisei Ultra heroes (a 52-episode series, five team up films in 1998, 1999, 2008, 2015, 2016, and two direct sequels in 2000 and 2001).


Ultraman Tiga

Ancient Times

Tiga was once the leader of the Dark Giants, and was a great destroyer, but since he shed his shadow nature in favor of the light and turned on his comrades by sealing them in statue form behind a great seal and taking their powers. He eventually became the strongest of a trio of Ultra Warriors among the Ultra colony which protected an ancient civilization on Earth. Tiga and his team saved the civilization from countless catastrophes. After their duty was done, they were laid to rest inside a giant pyramid until the Earth needed them again. Their essences left the Earth and leaving behind physical replicas of their forms for the future generation.

Revival of the Ancient Giant

An ancient legend of a village stated that long ago the village was attacked by a terrible monster but saved by a giant. After that battle the giant returned to the mountain and disappeared with the people of the village worshipping his memory, the Giant of Light.

Years later a wandering monster hunter stumbled upon the legendary Spark Lens beside a monster she had just killed, not knowing what it was she keep it but when she approached a village under attack by a monster the Spark Lens started to shiver. The village's wooden defenses were no match for the monster and the village was heavily damaged with the defenders of the village trying to confront it with spears. It turned out the monster was 'summoned' to that time by a sorcerer who wanted to prevent the revival of Tiga by destroying the golden pyramid in which his remains lay petrified (the very same one Daigo would enter and discover Ultraman Tiga in episode one of Ultraman Tiga).

When Tsubasa, the son of Daigo and Rena who was sent into the past by the sorcerer, he saw the Spark Lens which fell out the monster hunter's bag. He instantly noticed it resembled the one his father used to transform into Tiga. He grabbed it away before the monster hunter could object and transformed into Tiga. The monster was defeated easily but at the end Tiga disappears as Tsubasa was not destined to truly wield his power, even if he had the right genetics, and the whole village was devastated. Later Amui; a country boy who befriended Tsubasa, tells the village he saw the giant of light, but nobody believed him until the defenders stated they saw Tiga as well. Hearing this one of the seers in the village claimed the prophecy was coming true and soon someone in their village would be the one to awaken Tiga. Though Tiga defeated the sorcerer's first monster, he sent his strongest monster and his two acolytes to try and destroy the pyramid again. The villagers, with help from another village's elites, and the monster hunter fought the two acolytes but Tsubasa failed to defeat the monster Dogouf who defeated Tiga easily.

Tsubasa reverted to human form exhausted and the ancient Spark Lens was almost trampled by Dogouf but Amui saved it and turned out to be the one who would fulfill the prophecy. He used the device to transform into Tiga ultimately stopping Dogouf by using Tiga Power Type's finishing move after a tough battle. Tsubasa then fixed his jet and returned to the future with Tiga watching over the village ever since. Though the village disappeared in time, the land came to be known as Tiga, a vital clue that allowed GUTS to find the pyramid in the first place. Ultraman Tiga Gaiden: Revival of the Ancient Giant

Present Times: Recovered

Tiga's body laid petrified in the golden pyramid and was discovered when the TPC branch GUTS was dispatched to search for the pyramid spoken of in a holographic message from the ancient civilization. They intended to find Tiga in a last ditch effort to stop the two beasts that had appeared; Melba and Golza. However, the two beasts destroyed the pyramid and began to destroy the petrified Ultra beings. However, before Tiga could be destroyed, he was rejuvenated when he merged with the GUTS pilot Daigo Madoka, and quickly destroyed Melba, while Golza fled. The One Who Inherits the Light

Defending Earth and Battling Evils

Tiga would continue to serve Earth, albeit without his Ultra comrades. Later on the holographic message told Daigo that he and Tiga were one and the same, implying that he was once Tiga in a past life. As the time passes Tiga would face powerful opponent such as Gagi, Gobnu, Kyrieloid, Weaponizer, Evil Tiga, Zoiger, and other powerful opponents sometimes with or without the aid of GUTS.

Final Battle

However as his time on Earth began to draw to a close when the servants of Darkness began to attack. The first of these was Gijera a servant of the darkness itself that threatened to drown humanity in a dreamlike euphoria. Tiga barely kept the floral monster from unleashing its maddening pollen on mankind. The final servant of darkness was Zoiger, who Tiga destroyed with great difficulty, almost faced with defeat. Tiga's final battle took place upon the appearance of Gatanothor; the master of all darkness which Gijera and Zoiger bowed to. Tiga was defeated by the evil lord and was petrified once again. But Tiga was revived by the hopes of the children of the world which transformed them into beings of light to merge with the Titan. This rejuvenation allowed Tiga to transform into his Glitter form with tremendous power and destroy the evil god and now Tiga's time on Earth was done. However, Tiga's victory came at a cost: Daigo lost his power and couldn't transform to Ultraman Tiga anymore after the Spark Lens disintegrated into dust after his final battle. But with this, Daigo tells Rena he believes that every human could also become light with their own power. To the Shining Ones

Ultraman Tiga: The Final Odyssey

Decision and the Ancient Awakening

Two years after Tiga defeated Gatanothor, Daigo and Rena had become engaged with the date of their marriage fast approaching. However, due to TPC's folly the Dark Giants had awoken. Upon the intervention of Camearra, Tiga's former comrade, Daigo began having visions and nightmares until one where he was beaten by the human forms of the three Dark Ultras until he was given another Spark Lens and told to go to R'lyeh where Camearra and her loyal partners waited. The spirit of Yuzare explained to Tiga what became of the giant's civilization, Camearra, Tiga and the other two dark giants had caused a civil war amongst the Earthbound Ultras, having them destroy themselves until only a few were left. She explained Camearra's plan, the three were trapped behind a barrier on R'lyeh that would hold for a century but if he used the power of darkness the barrier would shatter. Daigo decided to deal with his past life's unfinished business and set out for R'lyeh Island with GUTS and his wife arriving shortly after him.

Battle Against the Dark Giants

Once there Daigo used the Black Spark Lens, transforming into Tiga but due to the Black Spark Len's power he transformed into Tiga's original form; Tiga Dark, a warrior of Darkness. This transformation broke the pyramid of Light that bound the Dark Giants to the island, but before they enjoyed their freedom, they were pitted against their former friend. Tiga fought against his two past partners, Hudra and Darramb. Refusing their offer to join them, Tiga fought them both, one at a time, and barely managed to defeat them both, after absorbing their dark energy, he was able to dispel portions of the the darkness inside him and achieve purer forms of himself.

Versus Camearra

'I have things I need to protect! All of my well as the person who is most important to me!'

―Daigo Madoka (as Ultraman Tiga) to Camearra, Ultraman Tiga: The Final Odyssey

After finishing off his former comrade, Tiga finally fought Camearra herself, who was not holding back against her old lover. GUTS arrived on the island to investigate shortly before and Rena, using GUTS Wing 1, entered the battlefield attracting Camearra's attention. Camearra was about to destroy the Jet, but Tiga shielded Rena with his own body. This act of benevolence dispelled the last of his darkness completely and he was returned to his normal form. But the battle wasn't over.

The Last Showdown

Enraged that her former lover had found a new beloved, Camearra awakened the Darkness from the depths of the island, and merged with it, becoming her ultimate form; Demonzour. The gaseous beast attacked Tiga, who was unable to fight back. After a short battle, Tiga was killed by Demonzour, and Camearra was ready to destroy the world. But the souls of the fallen warriors of R'lyeh Island gave their remaining power to Tiga, reviving and transforming him once again into his Glitter form. This time Demonzoura could not harm him so she grabbed him and absorbed him into herself where his Light was unleashed. Ultraman Tiga destroyed the beast, from the inside, and Camearra with it with Zera Death Beam. Later after Daigo had returned to human form he found the dying body of Camearra, who confessed that she once wished for the power of light as well. Daigo held her hand as the darkness's grip on her was relinquished and she died a pure soul. This was Daigo's final battle as Tiga, and the legacy of mankind's protector was passed onto Tiga's successor, Ultraman Dyna, to defend the Earth in Tiga's place. Ultraman Tiga: The Final Odyssey

Ultraman Tiga & Ultraman Dyna: Warriors of the Star of Light

Although Daigo doesn't appear in the movie, Tiga reappeared because of humanity's hope to save Ultraman Dyna, with both of the Ultra warriors managing to destroy Queen Monera. Tiga uses the Zepellion Ray and Dyna uses the Solgent Ray and Queen Monera is defeated. Ultraman Tiga & Ultraman Dyna: Warriors of the Star of Light

Ultraman Tiga, Ultraman Dyna, & Ultraman Gaia: The Decisive Battle in Hyperspace

Just like before, this Tiga alongside Dyna appeared due to Tsutomu's desire to save Gaia and to defeat King of Mons and his allies (Bajiris and Scylla). All of this came about by a sphere that granted wishes. Tiga battled Scylla and managed to destroy him with the Zepellion Ray. Both Tiga and Dyna vanished along with the sphere after Tsutomu wished it away. Ultraman Tiga, Ultraman Dyna, & Ultraman Gaia: The Decisive Battle in Hyperspace

Great Decisive Battle! The Super 8 Ultra Brothers

Main article: Ultraman Tiga (Superior Universe)

Ultraman Tiga appears as an alternate universe version of himself in this movie.Great Decisive Battle! The Super 8 Ultra Brothers

Ultraman Ginga

Dark Spark War

Prior to the Ultraman Ginga TV series, Ultraman Tiga participated in the Dark Spark War with other Ultras that came from other universes against the forces of evil. In the war, Ultraman Tiga faced Golza but in their midst battle, Dark Lugiel appeared and turned every Ultra alongside their allies, monsters and aliens into Spark Dolls. With the war over an unknown warrior appeared and faced Dark Lugiel but like the others he was also turned into a Spark Doll but he was kept within his Spark Device and fell alongside other Spark Dolls to Earth. It was revealed that Tiga was part of Dark Lugiel's collection.

The One Who Hates Dreams

At the end of the episode, Tiga's Spark Doll was shown to be held by Dark Lugiel. Dark Lugiel used the Dark Dummy Spark to corrupt Tiga's Spark Doll and turn him into his dark past self: Tiga Dark. Tiga Dark attacked Jean-Killer and severely damaged him so much that it made him revert back to his Human Host, Tomoya. At the moment Hikaru discovered that Tomoya was the one controlling the gargantuan robot, but while wondering who attacked him, Tiga Dark appeared before them. Taro told them it was Ultraman Tiga, Alien Valky tried to correct him, saying it was his 'cooler' form, Tiga Dark but his speech fell on deaf ears, as he said it too far away from them.

Tiga Dark attacked the trio with a Light Bullet, but Ultraman Taro managed to use Ultra Psychokinesis to deflect the attack, which fell on Valky knocking him out. Ultraman Taro told the duo to run as quickly as possible but as they argued and did not take notice when Tiga fired another Light Bullet. This time, Taro noted was too strong to deflect. As such Taro teleported the three away to safety.

Tiga Dark was not seen again until after the rematch between Jean-Killer and Ginga, a battle Ginga won by destroying Tomoya's Dummy Spark, rendering Jean-Killer immobile. Tiga appeared and began to fight Ginga, who was able to barely match him. To uneven the odds, Tiga transformed Valky into a giant to do battle with him. Together they began to overpower Ginga, until Tomoya reactivated Jean-Killer as Jean-Nine. Ginga and Jean-Nine eventually overpowered the two, finishing them off with their finishers and returning them to Spark Doll form. Tiga fell, but he fell in his purified form. The Dream Battle

Ultraman Ginga: Theater Special

Tiga appears in this special. He was shown in trailers fighting Tyrant. Hikaru UltraLives into him after witnessing Alien Icarus living several monsters and himself into the powerful kaiju. Tiga begins to fight with the monster avoiding being cut by Tyrant's mace and tail. He then uses the Zepellion Ray, but only for Tyrant to use his Bemstar gorge to absorb it all until he couldn't do it no more, his timer also started to flash. Then Jean-Nine comes and rushes Tyrant and aids in helping Tiga. When Jean-Nine's cannon was caught by the monster, he slashed at Tyrant's Barabba Whip and cuts it of, knocking him of balance. The robot then handed Tiga the hook which he then turned into energy and threw it at Tyrant's chest. Weakened Jean-Nine used the Jean Stardust and launched it at Tyrant. Tyrant then was defeated and the Spark Dolls returned. Ultraman Ginga: Theater Special

Darkness and Light

Kenta UltraLived into Tiga along with Seiichiro and Chigusa, who UltraLived into Seven and Ultraman to assist Jean-Nine in restraining Super Grand King so Hikaru could get through to Misuzu. Despite their efforts, Super Grand King ultimately defeated them. Darkness and Light

Your Future

After Ginga defeated Dark Lugiel, Tiga is assumed to have returned to normal and went back to his universe in the form of a ball of light like the other Spark Dolls. Your Future

Friends Left Behind

Tiga returned when Kenta and Chigusa sought a way to stop Alien Magma, who had DarkLived Zetton. With Kenta as his host once more he fought together with Ultraman on the moon. Despite their best efforts, both monsters easily overpowered them. Moreover, both Tiga and Ultraman's Color Timers began to blink. Fortunately, Ginga appeared in the nick of time and defeated both Alien Magma and Zetton. Ginga then transported Tiga and Ultraman back to Earth before they reverted back to Kenta and Chigusa.Friends Left Behind

Ultraman Ginga S The Movie: Showdown! The 10 Ultra Warriors!

Tiga was among the Heisei Ultras imprisoned by Etelgar and Arena in the Evil Mirror. After being freed by UPG, he and the Heisei Ultras teamed up with Ultraman Ginga and Victory. He regroups with Ultraman Dyna and Gaia, facing an Eteldummy of the chimeric monster Five King that manifested from the combined form of their traumas against past monsters (in Tiga's case, Golza and Melba). Tiga turned into Power Type with Dyna in his Miracle Type and Gaia in his Supreme Version. Eventually, the three managed to defeat the ferocious monster with their combined attacks of Tiga's Delacium Light Stream, Dyna's Revolium Wave Attack Type, and Gaia's Photon Stream. Ultraman Ginga S The Movie: Showdown! The 10 Ultra Warriors!

Ultraman X The Movie: Here Comes! Our Ultraman

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An alternate Ultraman Tiga was revealed to be one of the ancient Ultra Warriors that sealed the Devil Beast Zaigorg in the Baraji Ruins in the ancient times. In the present day, a statue of him was shown in the same ruin as well and his Spark Lens was picked up by Yuuto Tamaki, the son of an archaeologist named Tsukasa Tamaki. However when a greedy adventurer named Carlos Kurosaki stole the blue stone that was used to seal Zaigorg, the monster reawakened once more. Tiga's statue was scanned by Dr. Guruman of Xio, who planned to create his Cyber Card alongside that of the original Ultraman. Tiga was reawakened once more in the modern times when Yuuto's will to save his mother activated the Spark Lens, allowing Yuuto to use Tiga's power and join Ultraman X and the original Ultraman to fight against Zaigorg. Tiga faced against Gorg Antlar and joined X in a formation of Beta Spark Armor. After the battle was over, Tiga disappeared, having finished his duty.Ultraman X The Movie: Here Comes! Our Ultraman

Ultraman Orb

Despite not appearing in the series, Ultraman Tiga was the one that sealed away Magatanothor, the King Demon Beast of Darkness, in ancient times. Tiga's Ultra Fusion Card was collected by Gai Kurenai after the defeat of the monster and was used in present times to assume Ultraman Orb's Spacium Zeperion form.

He did manifest in the real world via his Ultra Fusion Card for Spacium Zeperion's real-time transformation and also to help Orb finish off the Ultimate King Demon Beast, Magata no Orochi, by firing his Zepellion Ray.The Wandering Sun



  • Home World: Unknown
  • Height: Micro ~ 53 m
    • Glitter Tiga: 120 m
    • Tsubasa Madoka ver.: 20 m
  • Weight: 44,000 t
    • Glitter Tiga: 100,000 t
    • Tsubasa Madoka ver.: 17,000 t
  • Age: 30 million years old
  • Time Limit: approximately 3~5 minutes (It is implied in the Gaiden that the time limit is based on the individual/host and/or their will power.)

Body Features

  • Tiga Crystal (ティガクリスタルTiga Kurisutaru): The crystal on Tiga's forehead, it is required for Tiga's type changes. It is also used to manipulate light energy for various other techniques. Tiga's Type Change process usually takes only 0.5 seconds.
  • Tiga Eyes: Tiga possesses natural night vision as he can see just as clearly in the dark as he can in bright light.
  • Protectors (プロテクターPurotekutā): The yellow bands on his upper body, they are indestructible pieces of armor, the sturdiest portions of his anatomy. They are also used to perform the Tiga Slicer implying they can charge and manipulate energy.
  • Tiga Ultra Armor: Tiga's skin can withstand high heat environments and low temperatures. It is does not show scratches and is resistant to fire and beams.
  • Arms: While Tiga's techniques mostly require energy to be emitted from his arms, they are also excellent for defense. His bare hands can catch energy bullets and he once caught energy bullets from Zoiger and Enomena and threw them back. These same properties make them excellent for defense because Tiga can block energy blasts with his bare hands.


Daigo Madoka raises the Spark Lens to the sky and activates it. When gripped tightly the Spark Lens wing like 'appendages' then unfold and light shines from it, transforming Daigo into Tiga. Daigo has another transformation that he brings the Spark Lens close to his chest and presses the small gold button, Daigo and the Spark Lens merge with the Spark Lens turning into Tiga's chest crest and Color Timer. The Spark Lens will not work if shrouded by any form of intense darkness. Sometimes, if in near death situations he is able to transform without it. During the series finale, the Spark Lens disintegrated into dust perhaps due to Tiga being transformed into a statue again. In later media, after activating the Spark Lens, Daigo shouts 'Tiga' before transforming.

The Spark Lens open
Daigo transforms
Tiga's first rise, first appeared in episode 4
Tiga's second rise w/ red background, only in episode 14
Tiga's regular rise, first appeared in episode 16
Tiga's rise from Great Decisive Battle! The Super 8 Ultra Brothers! and beyond

Appeared only in Ultraman Tiga: The Final Odyssey. The Black Spark Lens is a dark version of its light counterpart. As Tiga was originally a dark Ultra, it stands to reason that this may have been the original form of the Spark Lens. When gripped tightly and raised to the sky the wing like appendages unfold, dark energy shines from it and Daigo will transform into Tiga Dark. What became of it after the battle with Camearra is unknown, it possibly disappeared or may have turned into a new Spark Lens like the original given that Daigo's son recognized an ancient version of his father's device, regardless Daigo's days as an Ultra warrior were over as he never transformed again.

Black Spark Lens activation.
Daigo transforming

Spark Doll

Ultraman Tiga became a Spark Doll in the conclusion of the Dark Spark War due to the Dark Spark's powers. His Spark Doll was kept in Dark Lugiel's collection. Dark Lugiel later DarkLived Tiga's Spark Doll into Tiga Dark to punsish Tomoya for his betrayal and kill Hikaru. After his defeat, Tiga Dark was reverted back to his normal form and has been kept by Hikaru.

After Dark Lugiel's defeat, it is assumed Ultraman Tiga's Spark Doll is likely to have reverted back to its original form and depart Earth to return home.


  • In the first Theater Special, when Hikaru UltraLives into Tiga to face Tyrant.
  • In episode 10, where Kenta Watarai UltraLives into Ultraman Tiga to stop Super Grand King alongside Ultraman and Ultraseven. Darkness and Light
  • After the series' end, Kenta uses Tiga Spark Doll once again to fight Alien Magma and Zetton. Friends Left Behind
Tiga being UltraLived with the Ginga Spark by Hikaru.
Hikaru UltraLiving Tiga's Spark Doll with the Ginga Spark
Kenta UltraLiving with Tiga's Spark Doll with the Ginga Light Spark


Multi Type (マルチタイプMaruchi Taipu) is Tiga's default form, which has equal parts of strength and mobility. Despite the fact that Tiga is a physical fighter, this is where his energy manipulation abilities were best demonstrated. It is designed for melee combat despite his psychic abilities. In the 4Kids dub, it is known as 'Omni Mode'. Its body colors are red, purple, and silver.

  • Flight Speed: Mach 5
  • Running Speed: Mach 1.5
  • Underwater Speed: Mach 1.5
  • Burrowing Speed: Mach 1.5
  • Jumping Distance: 800 m
  • Grip Strength: 50,000 t
  • Crossover Formation (クロスオーバーフォーメーションKurosu Ōbā Fōmēshon): A momentarily power boost utilized along with other Heisei Ultras to destroy Eteglar's castle.
  • Power Transfer: Tiga can donate his powers to the Ultra Fusion Brace along with other Heisei Ultras to allow Ultraman Ginga Victory to use his powers.
Power Transfer

  • Zepellion Ray (ゼペリオン光線Zeperion Kōsen): Ultraman Tiga's signature move in Multi type, used as a finishing skill against most monsters. It is performed when Tiga makes V-shaped arm cross arm formation, charged using the arms by spreading them open and drawing them backwards, creating a line of light to consolidate energy before he performs an L-style beam. It is twice as powerful as Dyna's Solgent Ray. It can destroy monsters in one shot. It is also called the Zeperion Ray by some sources. In newer media, the Zepellion Ray has a blue light to it. Tiga had used an orange variant of the Zepellion Ray against Demonothor. On the official English site, it is referred to as the Zeppelion Beam.
    • A non-charged variant can also be fired where Tiga uses the same actions he uses to charge the Zepellion Ray but without making the V-shaped arm cross formation, or even without need charge in some instances. One of the examples was shown against Galra, although the monster's destruction may be attributed to Tiga attacking its weak spot. It is less powerful than the standard Zepellion Ray.
    • There is also a modified version of the Zepellion Ray whereby Tiga charges his hands and places it at his protectors before firing the ray. Used on Evil Tiga to revert him back to Keigo Masaki.
    • Powered-Up Zepellion Ray: A stronger version of the Zepellion Ray, performed in Crossover Formation.
  • Timer Flash Special (タイマーフラッシュスペシャルTaimā Furasshu Supesharu): Tiga unleashes intense light from his Color Timer. First used on Abolbus and then the monster Bakugon. In UFE3, it's revealed that this move is more powerful than the Zepellion Ray.
  • Specium Ray (スペシウム光線Supeshiumu Kōsen): Tiga can fire his own version of the Specium Ray. Due to the nature of events, it is unknown if this is canon. Used in New Century Ultraman Legend. It is silver like the original Ultraman's.
    • Multi Specium Ray (マルチ・スペシウム光線Maruchi Supeshiumu Kōsen): Tiga can fire the Specium Ray using the same stance as Ultraman. However, he fires it in the form of multiple energy blasts. First used in episode 41.
  • Tiga Slicer (ティガスライサーTiga Suraisā): An energy wave that can cut through things like the Ultra Slash. Tiga performs it by placing his arms on his shoulders, then quickly thrusting them forward along with the Cutter Beam.
  • Hand Shooter: A beam from both hands shot forward. Used twice while flying. Used to cut off Magnia's beam attack on the GUTS mecha in episode 22.
Zepellion Ray (Orange Variant)
Zepellion Ray (Modified)
Timer Flash Special
Multi Specium Ray
Hand Shooter

  • Ultra Head Butt: A self explanatory technique.
  • Tiga Multi Punch: A technique of multiple punches dished out at close quarters, the purpose of this technique is to determine the opponent's weakness.
    • Ultra Light-Knuckle: Tiga can charge his fists with energy for a more effective attack.
  • Tiga Multi Kick: A variation of the Ultra Kick, can be a roundhouse kick, straight kick, high kick, double kick etc.
  • Tiga Multi Chop: A series of chops, the purpose of this technique is to break through the opponent's touch skin, but it has never been used successfully.
    • Slap Shot: Tiga jumps towards the enemy and his energized hand cut through the enemy via a chop. Used to save Rena from Deshmonia.
      • Ultra Brain Chop: Similar to the Slap Shot but with a normal chop, it is none the less very powerful as it wounds can be fatal. Used on Evil Tiga.
  • Tiga Tornado: Tiga spins at high speeds to repel attacks. Used on the Alien Raybeak soldiers.
  • Ultra Jumping Knee Drop: A flying knee strike.
  • Ultra Cross Barrier: Tiga crosses his arms, somehow able to stop enemy beams. He placed his hands on his crystal similar Type Change.
  • Ultra Singled Outtakes: A technique for catching a sword between one's hand. Used against Sakuna Oni.
  • Ultra Whipper: A throwing technique that has the enemy raised over Tiga's shoulders.
    • Ultra Leg Whip: A throw technique using the opponent's leg.
  • Ultra Power: A technique to summon great strength. Used to throw Kyrieloid II into the air.
  • Flushing Attack: A super-charged dash in which Tiga charges himself with energy and tackles his foe. Can destroy monsters in one hit.
    • Ultra Heat Hag: Tiga can charge his entire body with energy to heat himself up to staggering degrees. He then grabs hold on his enemy, causing them to explode.
  • Energy Implant: Tiga can implant his foot with energy to energize Tyrant's Barabas Whip towards Tyrant's body, destroying him.
Ultra Light-Knuckle
Slap Shot
Tiga Tornado
Ultra Singled Outtakes
Ultra Heat Hag

  • Timer Flash: A flash of light from his Color Timer that erases illusions.
  • Ultra Fix: Tiga can fire a beam from his palm that will hold an enemy in place; it freezes them movement wise.
  • Cell Change Beam One: Charged the same way as the Zepellion Ray, Tiga emits a ray from both hands that calms the monster.
    • Cell Change Beam Two: Tiga can generate a sphere using the crystal on his forehead that changes a monster into a normal creature. However, it is not one hundred percent effective and it uses a lot of energy.
  • Ultra Psychic: After touching the stone on his forehead, Tiga can emit a beam from his middle and index finger to levitate objects and telekinetically control them as they are surrounded by a green aura.
  • Crystal Power: Raising his hands to beside his forehead crystal and then to his side Tiga can fire a beam from the crystal on his forehead to recharge another Ultra. Used to save Ultraman Dyna from Queen Monera.
  • Forehead Prison: Tiga can emit this beam by first placing his index fingers in his forehead, and then extending his fingers to release the beam. This encases the foe in an orb.
  • Tiga Catch: Tiga can catch an energy blast and cup it into an energy ball. Usually, Tiga throws back the energy ball to the opponent.
Timer Flash
Cell Beam Change One
Ultra Psychic
Forehead Prison

  • Combo Ray: Tiga can combine his Zepellion Ray with Ultraman's Specium Ray.
  • Ultra Double Slicer: With Dyna, both Ultras fire their Beam Slicer and Hand Slash, respectively on an enemy.
  • Flying Double Punch: With Dyna, both can perform a flying punch on the enemy.
  • TD Special (TDティーディースペシャルTī Dī Supesharu): Tiga and Dyna fire their Zepellion Ray and Solgent Ray simultaneously, which converge into a single, more powerful beam.
Combo Ray
Flying Double Punch

In Power Type (パワータイプPawā Taipu), Tiga becomes more red in coloration. This form is called upon when Tiga wishes to exert more physical power, but the cost is speed and agility. It is designed for high power and combat in high pressure environments. In the 4Kids dub, it is also known as 'Power Mode'. He got his strength from Darramb's power. Its body colors are red and silver.

  • Flight Speed: Mach 3
  • Running Speed: Mach 1
  • Underwater Speed: Mach 1
  • Burrowing Speed: Mach 1
  • Jumping Distance: 500 m
  • Grip Strength: 70,000 t
  • Super Strength: In Power Type, Tiga's body boasts incredible brute strength, being able to pick up and toss monsters with little difficulty. His endurance is also increased.
Super Strength

  • Delacium Light Stream (デラシウム光流Derashiumu Kōryū): Power Type's finishing move. Tiga can gathers heat energy by spreading his arms apart, coming together at his chest as he holds the energy in a ball form. He then tosses the gathered energy as a beam from his right hand while his left is balled up into a fist. It can destroy monsters in one blow. In the twelfth episode, Tiga used it to reduce Leilons caught by Miracle Balloon Ray to return to the sea.
  • Zepellion Ray (ゼペリオン光線Zeperion Kōsen): In this mode, Tiga is able to fire an orange version of the Zepellion Ray by spreading his arms apart like the pose of Delacium Light Stream to gather heat energy, Tiga then fires in L-shape. Used when Tiga couldn't afford to change types.
Zepellion Ray

  • Tiga Head Crusher: Tiga can grab the opponent, holding it upside down and then with all his might slams them head first into the ground. This can leave the opponent trapped with their head in the ground.
  • Tiga Blitz Punch (ティガ電撃パンチTiga Dengeki Panchi): A straight punch using unleashed stored up energy. There is an explosive discharge on impact.
    • Tiga Power Punch (ティガ・パワーパンチTiga Pawā Panchi): Instead of using the gathered energy to perform the Delacium Light Stream, Tiga can absorb the energy into his body, this is performed to charge up for a powerful punch that dishes out all power of the body concentrated into the arms.
  • Tiga Blitz Kick (ティガ電撃キックTiga Dengeki Kikku): A powerful kick charged with energy, upon impact the energy is discharged into the target.
    • Dropped Tiga Power Heel: An axe kick from 500 meters after a jump. The technique requires the foot be held high.
  • Ultra Power Chop: A chop using stored up energy.
  • Ultra Back Breaker: A bear hug that breaks the enemy's spine. Used on Fire Golza.
  • Ultra Lifter: A skill for lifting and throwing heavy opponents, used on Gakuma.
    • Ultra Whipper: A skill to throw the opponent a great distance.
    • Ultra Swing: A skill where the enemy is swung around and thrown using their legs and/or tail.
  • Tiga Holder: When Tiga crosses his arms, he can easily hold enemy's physical and projectile attacks.
  • Ultra Spin Attack: Tiga runs towards his opponent and somersaults forward landing on them they brought down with the head caught between his legs. Only used once in episode 22.
  • Tiga Burning Dash: The Power Type version of the Flushing Attack. An airborne ramming technique where the right arm is clenched outward. Can destroy monsters in one hit.
Tiga Blitz Punch
Tiga Blitz Kick
Ultra Lifter
Ultra Spin Attack

  • Miracle Balloon Beam: Tiga's hands come together at his chest, cupped, to create a huge bubble, and then hurls it with both hands still cupped at his foe. This move can encase monsters in a huge bubble. It can also change a monster that was once an animal into the creature it was before mutation.
  • Energy Pulse: In Power Type, Tiga can send energy pulses throughout his body to shock anything that has latched on to him.
  • Tiga Hold Light Wave: Tiga can create strings of energy, going from one finger to the other. His fists then come together to release the waves at his opponent. These waves, when used, can stop a monster from trying to disappear. It can also be used to catch enemy fire and return it back as well as reversing a teleportation.
  • Tiga Catch: Tiga uses his hands to catch an enemy's attack and deflect it back at them. Used against Zoiger.
Miracle Balloon Beam
Tiga Catch

Sky Type (スカイタイプSukai Taipu) is Tiga's indigo form where he trades much of his strength for great speed and agility making him much faster than any of his other Types. It is lavender in coloration theme. It is designed for high speed melee combat and aerial combat. In the 4Kids dub, it is known as 'Speed Mode'. He got his speed from Hudra's power. Its body colors are silver and purple.

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  • Flight Speed: Mach 7
  • Running Speed: Mach 2
  • Underwater Speed: Mach 1
  • Burrowing Speed: Mach 1
  • Jumping Distance: 1,000 m
  • Grip Strength: 30,000 t
  • Super Speed: In Sky Type, Tiga's body boasts incredible super speed, being able to get out and run from any tight situation with little difficulty. Tiga also can combine his attacks with the form's speed.
  • Healing Ability: Like any Ultra Tiga bleeds light, not blood, making easier for him to recover. But in Sky type, any injury, even those prior to using that form will be healed in thirty seconds.

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Healing Ability

  • Ranbalt Light Bullet (ランバルト光弾Ranbaruto Kōdan): Sky Type's finishing move. Tiga can unleash a powerful blue energy arrow by crossing the arms in front of the chest and then spreading his arms upward to gather energy, then coming together at his left side, he puts both hands on the left hip, his left hand cupped, and his right hand open over it, Tiga then tosses the gathered energy at his foes with his right hand. It can destroy monsters in one blow.
  • Zepellion Ray (ゼペリオン光線Zeperion Kōsen): Never used, but in theory, just like Tiga Power Type, Tiga Sky Type also can fire his own version of Zepellion Ray.

  • Tiga Machine Gun Punch: Tiga can hit his opponent ten times in one second.
  • Ultra Body Attack: When flying Tiga can use his body as battering ram at high speeds without ill effect on himself, his fists are charged with energy. Used against the first Gazoto to bring it down.
  • Tiga Sky Kick (ティガ・スカイキックTiga Sukai Kikku): A jump kick designed to take down airborne enemies, it flies upward instead of down. Used to down Melba.
    • Ultra Drop Heel: A kick technique using rotation to add power, used on Kyrieloid.
  • Tiga Sky Chop: A powerful chop dished out using timing and speed, can be used continuously.
  • Ultra Whipper: A throwing technique similar to Ultraseven's Flying Mare.
    • Ultra Leg Whip: A throwing technique using the opponent's legs and/or feet.
  • Tiga Sky Dash (ティガスカイダッシュTiga Sukai Dasshu): The sky type version of the Flushing Attack. An airborne ramming technique where the left arm is extended outward. Tiga can hit his opponent using his own body without fear of damage. Used to down Alien Regulan.
  • Sky Thunder Dash: When faced with multiple enemies in episode 38, Tiga moved at incredible speeds more so than any known Ultra while continuously attacking. Unfortunately his opponents were illusions.
Ultra Body Attack
Ultra Drop Heel
Sky Thunder Dash

  • Tiga Freezer: By putting his hands together in a similar fashion to the Ranbalt Light Bullet, Tiga fires a beam above his foes which explodes into a thick mist that freezes the target completely.
  • Flash Bomber: Tiga can cross his hands and place them forward releasing a powerful energy stream, its strength is unknown as it was only ever used to counter enemy attacks.
Flash Bomber

Glitter Tiga (グリッターティガGurittā Tiga) is Tiga's Final Form. This form achieved when humans or any other beings (i.e. Giants of Light) give their inner Light of Hope to Tiga. In his fight against Gatanothor, He simply appears as he does Multi Type, most probably due to CGI limitations at the time. This form is also called Final Version (ファイナルバージョンFainaru Bājon) in some older merchandise.

  • Flight Speed: Mach 10
  • Running Speed: Mach 5
  • Underwater Speed: Mach 5
  • Burrowing Speed: Mach 5
  • Jumping Distance: 1,500 m
  • Grip Strength: 100,000 t
  • Glitter Zepellion Ray (グリッターゼペリオン光線Gurittā Zeperion Kōsen): Tiga's 'L' Style finisher. It is an upgraded version of his Multi Type finisher.
  • Timer Flash Special (タイマーフラッシュスペシャルTaimā Furasshu Supesharu): Tiga can fire a rainbow-colored beam from his Color Timer. It is an upgraded version of his Multi Type's finisher. This attack is very strong, as it can defeat Gatanothor in one hit.
  • Glitter Bomber: Tiga gathers energy into his Color Timer and can fire energy beams from his hands. This is powerful enough to knock monsters like Gatanothor off the ground, and possibly even destroy him.
  • Glitter Vanisher: Tiga gathers energy into his Color Timer and can fire energy beams from his feet. This is powerful enough to knock monsters like Gatanothor off the ground, and possibly even destroy them.
Timer Flash Special
Glitter Vanisher

  • Glittering Shield: A yellow shield that covers Tiga and gives the appearance that he has turned yellow. This will give Tiga a strong resistance to most enemies' attacks. Was only used when Tiga merged remaining energy from the Giants Of Light, but appears briefly on this form's first activation.
    • Zera Death Beam (ゼラデスビームZera Desu Bīmu): Tiga gathers energy by crossing both arms in front of the chest, turn the Glittering Shield into a super-destructive ray and shoot it to detonate his enemies. This is powerful enough to destroy monsters like Demonothor.
Zera Death Beam

Tiga Dark (ティガダークTiga Dāku) was Tiga's original form in ancient times, where it was colored black and gun-metal grey. He abandoned this form when he turned to the light. Millennia later however when the Dark Giants awakened again, Camearra gave Daigo the Black Spark Lens and he was reborn once more. Due to Daigo's lack of an evil heart, he could not demonstrate the full power of this form, being only able to use about half of this form's true potential. The form was introduced during a vision induced by Camearra, Daigo first appeared as Tiga Multi Type but was quickly turned into Tiga's dark form. It appeared again in Ultraman Ginga after his Spark Form was DarkLived by Dark Lugiel.

  • Flight Speed: Mach 2.5
  • Running Speed: 900 km per hour
  • Underwater Speed: 900 km per hour
  • Burrowing Speed: 800 km per hour
  • Jumping Distance: 400 m
  • Grip Strength: 30,000 t
  • Attack Absorption: If Tiga Dark is hit with dark light energy, he can convert it into pure light energy, and rid himself of some of the darkness inside him, which was how he became Tiga Tornado.
  • Power of Darkness: It has been stated by Camearra that Tiga wielded a greater power of darkness than any of the other Dark Giant, even Camearra herself, implying that Daigo never used his full potential as Tiga, aside from Glitter mode. During their fight Darramb said that Daigo was only using half of his true power, though he may have been comparing Tiga Dark to Tiga Multi type. The original Tiga was also able to steal the abilities of his fellow Dark Giants.

  • Dark Zepellion Ray: Although not seen, it is believed that Tiga Dark could fire the Dark Zepellion Ray at equivalent power level to Multi Type's.
  • Hand Slash: Tiga Dark fired a black light bullet similar to the Multi Type's Hand Slash. Used in Ultraman Ginga.
  • Dark Vision: Tiga can fire a dark energy from his eyes, to make another being become a giant. Used in Ultraman Ginga on Alien Valky.
Hand Slash

  • Dark Whipper: The same as the Ultra Whipper.
  • Dark Mare: The same as the Flying Mare.
  • Dark Swim: Tiga could swim at 900 km per hour in the Dark Water dimension despite the great pressures.
  • Dark Power: Tiga Dark summons all his strength. While inferior, it allowed for Daigo to keep up with Darramb.
  • Dark Punch: A quick counter punch.
  • Dark Kick: A powerful straight kick, is able to strike with super speed and stun the enemy.
Dark Swim
Dark Kick

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Moments after absorbing Darramb's Fire Magnum, Tiga Dark became Tiga Tornado (ティガトルネードTiga Torunēdo). Moments later, Tiga charged and fired the Delacium Light Stream, firing into Darramb’s chest and killing him instantly. As Tiga left the Dark Water, Hudra attacked him and after a vicious struggle, Iruma detonated a huge cache of explosives, blowing both heroes out of Hudra's dimension. Hudra tried to blast Tiga with the Hugust, but Tiga Tornado absorbed it to become Tiga Blast.

  • Flight Speed: Mach 3
  • Running Speed: 800 km per hour
  • Underwater Speed: Mach 1
  • Burrowing Speed: 900 km per hour
  • Jumping Distance: 400 m
  • Grip Strength: 60,000 t
  • Super Strength: Due to absorbing Darramb's power, Tiga Tornado has the same power as Power Type.
  • Attack Absorption: If Tiga Tornado is hit with dark light energy, he can convert it into pure light energy, and rid himself of some of the darkness inside him, which was how he became Tiga Blast.

  • Delacium Light Stream (デラシウム光流Derashiumu Kōryū): Tiga Tornado had the same signature finisher at Tiga Power Type, where Tiga gathers heat energy by spreading his arms apart, coming together at his chest as he holds the energy in a ball form. He then tosses the gathered energy as an energy ball from his right hand while his left is balled up into a fist.
  • Hand Slash: A standard technique of Tiga, where he fires an energy blast from his hand.
Delacium Light Stream

  • Tornado Breaker: Same as the Ultra Back Breaker.
  • Tornado Lifter: Same as the Ultra Lifter.
  • Tornado Swing: Same as the Ultra Swing
  • Tornado Punch: Same as the Tiga Power Punch.
  • Tornado Kick: Hit the opponent in the abdomen with the Knee, there is also an axe and jump kick version.

After absorbing Hudra’s Hugust, Tiga Tornado became Tiga Blast (ティガブラストTiga Burasuto) and fired the Ranbalt Light Bullet, killing the second giant. Soon, Tiga Blast confronted the last Dark Giant, Camearra herself and the fight began. While Camearra gained the upper hand, Rena soon arrived to back up Tiga. But as Camearra tried to kill her with her energy whip, Tiga jumped in front, absorbing the energy to fully purify himself of the Darkness, which was how he became Ultraman Tiga once more.

  • Flight Speed: Mach 7
  • Running Speed: Mach 1.5
  • Underwater Speed: 800 km per hour
  • Burrowing Speed: Mach 1
  • Jumping Distance: 900 m
  • Grip Strength: 25,000 t
  • Super Speed: Due to absorbing Hudra's power, Tiga Blast has the same power as Sky Type.
  • Attack Absorption: If Tiga Blast is hit with dark light energy, he can convert it into pure light energy, and rid himself of some of the darkness inside him, which was how he became Ultraman Tiga.
Attack Absorption

  • Ranbalt Light Bullet (ランバルト光弾Ranbaruto Kōdan): Tiga Blast had the same signature finisher at Tiga Sky Type, where Tiga unleashes a powerful blue energy arrow by spreading his arms upward to gather power, then coming together at his left side, his left hand cupped, and his right hand open over it. Tiga then tosses the gathered energy at his foes with his right hand.

  • Blast Kick: Same as the Tiga Sky Kick.
  • Blast Chop: Same as the Tiga Sky Chop.

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Ultraman Tiga Wiki

Standard Abilities

Powers and techniques Tiga can use in all of his forms.

  • Hand Slash: An energy blast fired from his hand. Just a standard energy blast, performed by cupping one hand to his side, and using the other to toss the energy, like a disc, or a slash from his head.
  • Ultra Growth: Tiga can change his size at will with his maximum height being from 53 meters.
  • Tiga Teleporting: Tiga is able to teleport anything he wants to anyplace he wants. This move uses an amount of energy depending on what he teleports and where.
  • Tiga Barrier: Tiga can create a powerful barrier with his both palms extended outward. This can stop any energy based attacks.
  • Tiga Pitfall: Tiga can quickly gather energy into his right fist and blast it at the ground underneath foes, creating a pit that his enemies will fall into exploding only seconds later. However, this reverts any Type back to Multi Type.
  • Extraordinary Jumper: Tiga can leap to great heights and distances.
  • Type Change: Tiga can switch between any of his three other Type: Power, Sky and Multi.
  • Size Change: Tiga can become human sized even after Daigo transforms into Tiga. Revealed in episode 13.
Hand Slash
Tiga Barrier
Type Change (Multi Type to Power Type)

Tiga Barrier
Size Change

Tiga Barrier
Type Change


  • Camearra: Former lover
  • Hudra: Former Brother in arms
  • Darramb: Former Brother in arms
  • Yuzare: Past lover
  • Companions: Brothers in arms
  • Ultraman Dyna: Brother in arms, Successor

Other Media

Ultraman Hit Song History New Hero Hen

'Believe in yourself, Zero!'

―Ultraman Tiga, along with Dyna and Gaia, supporting Zero
He reappeared in this movie along with Ultraman Dyna , Ultraman Gaia, Cosmos, Nexus, Max, Mebius and Ultraman Zero. He appeared with Dyna and Gaia after Zero was nearly killed by Yapool.

Tiga Manga

Main article: Ultraman Tiga (Uchūsen Manga)

Tiga also stars in a manga drawn by Tony Wong and published by Dark Horse Comics.


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  • Designer: Hiroshi Maruyama.
  • Ultraman Tiga is the first Ultra to have the ability to change forms, something that became extremely common with Heisei Ultras.
    • When Tiga changes types, he usually places his hands over the crystal and then changes his body color and fighting prowess to his preferences. However, episode 1 was the only time his crystal lights up the color Tiga wants to change into before placing his hands over it.
  • The crystal on Tiga's forehead was meant as a trademark to reflect the sunlight during lighting effect.
  • Tiga was originally intended to use his protectors and Tiga Slicer as a boomerang just like Ultraseven's Eye Slugger. However, it was scrapped for unknown reason.
  • Ultraman Tiga has more than three versions of his transformation scene, which makes him the second Ultra who has more than one scene. The first one is Ultraman 80.
  • Ultraman Tiga is the first Ultra never speak physically beyond grunts, the speaking has been done by his human hosts.
  • Ultraman Tiga was also the first ancient Ultra to awake in the modern world.
  • Tiga was meant to have a total of four companions instead of two, being planned to have five statues in the pyramid instead of three. When two of them were crushed by Golza and Melba, the other two would fuse with Tiga to provide him with the Type Change ability. Had this plan went on in the series, the story of Tiga stealing the Dark Giants' powers would never have come about.
  • Ultraman Tiga was originally proposed to be called Mountain Gulliver by Munakata, but was rejected by the GUTS members due to them thinking the name was stupid. The name was later to be used for the giant robot in Ultraman Dyna.
  • Tiga Dark, Tiga Tornado and Tiga Blast were meant to have different mask designs, separated from Tiga's Type Change forms but because of time constraints, they were forced to scrap these and have them recolored from original costume designs.
  • Unlike Showa Era series, Ultraman Tiga's aerial combat scene was done with Chroma key special effects instead of doll props.
  • Besides the original Tiga's human form, all of Tiga's human hosts were descendants of the original Tiga, with Daigo being implied to be the original Tiga's reincarnation.
    • Something to note, despite having ultimately three people take up the mantle of Tiga, his actual strength is unknown as the original Tiga himself was never shown fighting. It is known that when Daigo or the other two transformed, they themselves controlled the Ultra, so the real Tiga's fighting skills were never truly demonstrated.
      • In Ultraman Ginga, when Tiga was Dark Lived into Tiga Dark, he did so without a host. Here he was presented as being powerful enough to counter Ultraman Ginga who has been presented as being a powerful Ultra.
  • The name Tiga in both Malaysian and Indonesian languages, means the number three, possibly to reference the three forms of this Ultra.
    • In Indonesian subtitles, Ultraman Tiga has been mistakenly written as 'Ultraman 3'. And in some English translations that are based on Bahasa or Malay, Ultraman Tiga was mistakenly referred to as 'Ultraman Three'.
  • In the beginning of the show, Tiga's rise was not shown very much. Instead it would show Tiga growing to full height, a bit like Ultraseven, or an entirely different transformation sequence. This was probably because Tsuburaya wanted to try new transformation sequences or they thought that viewers would not like the rise.
  • Ultraman Tiga's form colors are said to be based on the wave lengths and strengths of the visible spectrum of light, with the purple spectrum of light which carries little energy (weak), to red side which carries large amounts of energy (strong).
  • Tiga's Multi Type figure from the 2009 Ultra Hero Series line was mistakenly painted Blue and Red instead of Purple and Red.
  • Ultraman Tiga's Color Timer sound is a modified of Zearth's.
  • Designs based on Tiga's color timer were made for Ultraman Cosmos and Ultraman Max'scolor timers.
  • Ultraman Tiga is the Malaysians' favorite Ultraman because his name Tiga has a meaning in their language and the colors of his Multi Type correspond with their national flag's colors.
  • In Ultraman Tiga: The Final Odyssey trailer and the opening of the movie, where many of Tiga's old battles reappear in the flashback, all of Tiga's grunts were dubbed by Hiroshi Nagano instead using Yuji Machi's - Ultraman Tiga's voice actor in the TV series. This was because Yuji Machi contract ended and he was replaced by Hiroshi Nagano since this movies until Great Decisive Battle! The Super 8 Ultra Brothers. This gave Tiga's voice a smoother transition between grunts and dialogue .
    • This means Ultraman Tiga: The Final Odyssey and Great Decisive Battle! The Super 8 Ultra Brothers are the only times Ultraman Tiga's grunts were voiced by Hiroshi Nagano instead of Yuji Machi.
    • However, in some instances in Great Decisive Battle! The Super 8 Ultra Brothers, such as when Tiga flew and chased Alien Hipporito, his grunt was reused by Yuji Machi's. His grunts are the exact same ones used in Ultraman Tiga & Ultraman Dyna: Warriors of the Star of Light.
    • Also, during the time Hiroshi Nagano was the voice actor for Ultraman Tiga, all of Tiga's attack sound effects were different from the old series, such as the Zepellion Ray. The sounds when Daigo transforms into Tiga are different too.
    • Hiroshi Nagano was meant to voice act for Ultraman Tiga in the movie Ultraman Tiga Gaiden: Revival of the Ancient Giant but due to him being busy at the time, Tiga reused Yuji Machi's low pitched grunts instead.
  • In The Final Odyssey, Tiga's grunts and voices were provided by Hiroshi Nagano in conjunction with Daigo's speaking voice but when the movie was featured in episode 8 of Shin Ultraman Retsuden, Tiga's scene was re-dubbed with Yuji Machi's grunts instead.
  • It is popular fan debate that Tiga is stronger than Dyna, even possibly that Tiga might be Dyna's mentor. It may be possible as the dialogue in the Final Odyssey implies that the original Tiga was at least twice as powerful as what Daigo demonstrated.
  • Tiga is the first Ultraman to have multiple human hosts. All but one of them isn't part of the Madoka family line. His Spark Doll users do not count.
  • In the original plan of Ultraman Ginga, Tiga Dark was meant to be used by Tomoya's father instead of being a corrupted version of himself.
  • Tiga Dark's grunts in Ultraman Ginga are the low pitched versions of Ultraman Tiga's voiced by Yuji Machi - Ultraman Tiga's first voice actor. His grunts are the exact same ones used for Evil Tiga in Ultraman Fighting Evolution 3.
  • Chronologically speaking, Tiga is the first evil Ultra to appear in his series. However, he was evil long ago during the time of the ancient civilization long before Evil Tiga. Also, Tiga was then purely evil, rather than Evil Tiga who was good but corrupted by Masaki's impure heart.
    • Tiga is also the first Ultra to defect from the side of evil.
    • Tiga is also the first Ultra to be redeemed from darkness. However, his redemption is off-screen.

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  • In Great Decisive Battle! The Super 8 Ultra Brothers, Tiga seemingly changed into Glitter Form without outside help. The other Ultra Brothers also transformed, including Mebius from the Showa universe, leading some to be seen as a sign of the full potential of the power of Ultra realized. Many people believe that Tiga and the other Ultras transformed due to the hope of the people nearby that they protected and inspired.
  • The reason why Glitter Tiga's Glittering Shield only appeared during the form's second appearance is because of the limitations of special effects during the previous and first demonstration of Glitter Form on television. It is considered canon that Glitter Form is marked by the presence of the Glitter Shield.
  • In Great Decisive Battle! The Super 8 Ultra Brothers, if watched closely when Tiga was flying to the air and use Zepellion Ray to finish Alien Hipporit, we could see that he performed the charging maneuver very quickly.
  • Ultraman Tiga was the first Giant of Light to interfere with mankind's decisions.
  • On the back of the Ultra Act Glitter Tiga and Camearra set box, it stated that Glitter Tiga is 120 meters tall.
  • Tiga made an appearance in an Indonesian commercial for carrier network; Bolt ULTRA LTE, where it demonstrated the strength of the network carrier as having similarities to Tiga's form types.
  • In the video game Super Hero Generation, Tiga is the first character that players get to control. He's also the only character with ability to switch forms on the tactical map.
  • After Great Decisive Battle! The Super 8 Ultra Brothers, Hiroshi Nagano's contract voicing Tiga ended and Tiga's grunts in the media later was reused (or stock grunts) from Yuji Machi (Ultraman Tiga's first voice actor). However, his grunts are different from the original series, such as when Tiga grunts when he fires Zepellion Ray to his enemies in Ultraman Ginga: Theater Special and Ultraman X The Movie: Here Comes! Our Ultraman. Actually, Tiga reused the grunts when he fires Delacium Light Stream in Power Type.
  • According to the movie pamphlet, Ultraman Tiga was meant to fight against Gorg Fire Golza instead of Gorg Antlar in Ultraman X The Movie: Here Comes! Our Ultraman.

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