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This is a utility with a graphical user interface and a command line interface that can be used to view and extract the contents of an MSI file.

Download the Zune software to your PC to play and organize media, discover new tunes, share music throughout your home, and sync to your Zune device. « SSuite Office - Personal Edition 4.4.1 Microsoft Zune Software 4.8.2345.0 Disk Health Monitor 2.0.12 ». Connect my device, let windows update download latest mobile device updates. Double click zune setup package. Without interacting with main installation, go to folder that was created by the zune setup package. Should be something like 'c:guid' 4. Go to x64/packages/ and double clicke the en-us.msi package.

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  2. Download Latest Version (105.66 MB) Advertisement Zune software is a digital media jukebox that enables you to organise your favorite music, videos, and pictures.You used to be able to use Zune software to locate music on Zune Music & Video Marketplace - but Zune Marketplace now no longer supports rental and purchases.

To use it, after downloading the zip file, double-click lessmsi.exe to run the application and you should see a screen like the following:

Mysql x64 msi

You can also extract files from the command line. This has been used in automated scripts to extract files or information from an MSI. To extract from the command line:

For more information on command line usage see the Command Line documentation.

Windows Explorer Integration

Lessmsi also integrates with Windows Explorer so that you can right-click on a Windows Installer file (.msi file) and select 'Extract Files' to extract it into a folder right there:

Just select Preferences from the Edit menu to enable (or disable) the explorer integration:


MSI Table Viewer

Windows Installer files (.msi files) are based on an internal database of tables. lessmsi features a viewer for those tables. This is useful for people who work a lot with installers.

If you have a problem please submit it by clicking in the Issue tracker and I'll look into it when I can.

Pull requests are welcome! Just make sure the Travis-CI build (compile only) passes and you run unit tests and I'll merge your contributions ASAP! The Issues app has an indication of some of the plans.

Originally from Scott Willeke's blog. Previously hosted at google code ( It was also called Less Msiérables as well as lessmsi.

Zune is a freeware media player software download filed under mp3 player software and made available by Microsoft for Windows.

The review for Zune has not been completed yet, but it was tested by an editor here on a PC and a list of features has been compiled; see below.

ZuneGet music on your Zune MP3 player

Zune is the iTunes of the Microsoft world and allows owners of Zune devices to download and synchronize music with the Windows PC and their portable music device.


Microsoft Teams X64 Msi

Available usage of this program includes using the 'Unlimited Pass' to download as much music as you want, downloading movies and television programs for your device and accessing as much content from the Microsoft Zune store as you would like.

Note that this program may track your usage and information will be sent back to the Zune services in order to provide you with better personalization of content.

The primary usage of this software is now for Windows phones only as sales of Zune MP3 players has been discontinued.

Features and highlights


Zune Software 64 Bit Download

  • May be used with your Xbox 360 live account
  • Works perfectly with Windows mobile phones
  • Interface features music, videos, pictures, social, radio, podcasts, games and settings
  • Zune supports Windows DRM content rights management
  • Zune players have been discontinued, but still works with Windows phone

Zune 4.8.2345 on 32-bit and 64-bit PCs

Download Powershell 7 X64 Msi

This download is licensed as freeware for the Windows (32-bit and 64-bit) operating system on a laptop or desktop PC from mp3 player software without restrictions. Zune 4.8.2345 is available to all software users as a free download for Windows.

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Mysql X64 Msi

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