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Mexican Units Pack Mod for Empire: Total War. Keep up the good work! Reply Good karma Bad karma +2 votes. MikeAlvcha96 Jan 17 2021. Thank you very much, I would like to make uniforms for the great Colombia but I have not found information about how their uniforms were in 1830/40. Not to be confused with General's Bodyguard (Eastern) or General's Bodyguard (Indian) or Chief's Bodyguard General's Bodyguard is a type of melee cavalry in Empire: Total War. These tough warriors and soldiers have only one task: keeping their commander alive and well in the swirling chaos of battle. A general can only do his duty properly if these men keep rough and unpleasant fellows from. For other uses of this term, see Light Infantry. Light Infantry are a type of infantry in the Total War series. Empire: Total War edit edit source. In Empire: Total War, light infantry are skirmishers that can fight in both loose and dense formations.They utilize their superior range to protect the rest of the army from other long range troops, as well as to harass shorter-ranged troops.

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Empire: Total War Strategy Guide

Originally posted 27 May 2009

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Strategy Guide

To help you in your quest for world domination, the Empire: Total War team has put together a list of tips to give you the upper hand in battle!

Naval Battles

Maintain station! - Grouped ships will try to maintain relative positions and follow the lead ship around. So, if you group your ships in a line they will then move in a line around the map.

Fire! - The stern is the weakest part of the ship, so concentrating fire on this weak spot will deal the greatest damage to an enemy ship. But conversely, this is the weakest point on your own ship and must be protected at all times.

Chain Shot! - Using Chain shot to take out the sails of the first ship in an enemy line will slow down the whole line as they regroup.

Beware the Broadside! - Try to keep your fleet to the stern or the bow of enemy ships, all their fire power rests in their broadsides.

Boarding! - Don’t board a ship until you are absolutely sure that it is no longer a threat. Also, make sure that you have taken care of any other threats from the enemy before beginning the boarding process.

Concentrate Fire! - By holding down the Alt key and clicking on an enemy ship you can order any ships you currently have selected to concentrate all their fire on that one ship.

Divide and Conquer! - When commanding a large naval force it is advisable to split it into three separate groups; one to approach the enemy fleet’s port side, one to approach from starboard and a third to cover any gaps which may appear.

Stay upwind! - Always try to keep your ships upwind of the enemy. It will give you the upper-hand and allow you to maneuver into position much quicker than your enemy.

A Whiff of Grapeshot! - After dealing some damage to an enemy ship’s hull with regular shot, draw in close and use grapeshot for maximum damage. The holes created in the hull expose the crew to incoming fire.

Lay alongside! - When firing grape shot, line your ship no more than a ship’s width away from the enemy hull. This will allow the shot to spread effectively and dispatch the maximum amount of enemy troops.

Come about! - When using line astern make a conscious effort to turn ships around periodically, in an attempt to distribute hull damage equally. If one side is allowed to take the bulk of the damage, the ship will go down.

Land Battles

As one! - When you group units they remember the relative position of each other so, when you give them a move order, they will reform in the same positions at your chosen destination This, in combination with the new rotate/move buttons on the HUD, allows you to quickly and easily move groups and even to break off parts of a formation into a new group.

At Ease! - Hitting the enter key deselects all the troops you currently have selected.

Flanking Fire! - Forming a horseshoe around enemy units will give your men maximum coverage and increase enemy casualties. Positioning Light infantry in trees to the left and right of your main force will give them the opportunity to get a couple of rounds off before the enemy even knows they’re there.

Form Line! - Drawing your men out into long thin lines will increase the area of battlefield covered by their field of fire. So, no matter where the enemy comes from you will have men covering it (unless they outflank you!)

Deploy defenses! - When defending an area which has limited routes in and out, it is often best to deploy chevaux de frise, followed by a line of earth works. This will protect your army from cavalry and infantry and create an easily defendable position.

Dogfight 2&& try the games

Hold it! Hold it! FIRE! - Canister shot is an excellent shot type to use in close range combat. Taking your cannons off fire at will when this shot type is selected will allow you to hold your men until the last minute and release the canister shot just as the enemy reaches you for maximum effect.

To the last man! - When presented with the choice to end the battle or continue, it is often better to continue and wipe out the entire army to prevent them reappearing on the campaign map. Cavalry are particularly effective in this mopping up role.

Skirmishers! - When confronted by a complex enemy formation use Light Infantry to lure enemy units out. Once this is achieved, your light infantry can skirmish away from the attackers, leaving supporting units to deal with them piecemeal.

To me men! - If your men are losing their resolve and routing from the field, send your General and his Bodyguard unit to boast their moral and bring them back to the cause.

Dig in! - Earthworks are particularly effective against an enemy which is heavy on Line Infantry. Your men will be safer from the barrage of bullets.

Dragoons! Flanking Manoeuvre! - Dragoons provide an excellent opportunity to outflank an enemy. Ride your dragoons around the back of the enemy and once there, dismount and begin firing into his rear.


Take Cover! - Deploying your men behind walls will provide essential cover from enemy bullets.

Form Square! - Square formation is particularly effective against Dragoons and other cavalry units.

Cannon fodder - If you’re willing to lose men for the greater good, send your militia or a similar unit down the centre of a battlefield to draw enemy fire. Then bring your better troops around the sides to deal a devastating blow to the enemy front ranks whilst they’re engaged.

The General has fallen! - Killing an enemy general will decrease the moral of any remaining troops, making them more likely to rout.

Up close and personal - Press the Insert key with a unit selected to get a first-person view of the battlefield!

Campaign Map

Raiding trade routes - Raiding an enemies’ trade route will cripple their economy. If a trade route is shared by an enemy and an ally you will only raid enemy ships and never those of your allies or countries you are not at war with.

Foreign policy - If your Rake succeeds in an act of sabotage, the faction you attack will automatically blame their greatest enemy and the relationship between those two nations will suffer as a result.

Clamor for reform - Enlightenment technologies naturally lead to a more enlightened populace. However, an enlightened people often chafe against the bonds of their lot in life, leading to unrest. In order to restore order in regions affected by such dissatisfaction it may be necessary to increase your military presence, or even destroy educational buildings.

A nation of Trenchermen - Not using a character to his full potential will result in them gaining a negative trait. If you have a 9 star general but leave him to fester in some back water province he will gather negative traits and slowly slide into obscurity. Making sure your best generals and agents are in constant use will see them improve and result in a much more effective character.

Money makes the world go round - So, when offering any diplomatic proposals, sweeten the deal with a little cash incentive.

History repeats itself - Saving your campaign before beginning a battle will allow you to replay the battle, should you be displeased by the outcome. It also gives you the opportunity to try out a variety of tactics on the same battlefield to discover what works best for you.

Quick reference - For those wondering what happened to double right-click zoom-to camera functionality, this has now moved to double mouse-wheel-click.

White gold - Trade is an essential aspect of a successful campaign. By sending trade ships to the various trade theaters around the world you will significantly increase your country’s economy. The best strategy to adopt in relation to trade theaters, is monopolization. It is much better to have a single ship in each of the Trade Posts in a theater, rather than having three ships on a single post.


Mark O’Connell

External links

Retrieved from ‘https://wiki.totalwar.com/index.php?title=Empire:_Total_War_Strategy_Guide&oldid=15471’

Empire might not be one of the most recent Total War titles, but it’s still a fan-favorite among many players (including myself).

Empire was an iconic title that brought us countless days of joy as well as rage thanks to its toxic online community(which game isn’t) and extremely fun gameplay.

I decided to give it another go a few days ago and made a point to install a few mods to see which ones were better, as I was looking to spice things up a bit.

I came across some fantastic mods and I rediscovered some mods that I used years ago, such as DarthMod; easily one of the best gameplay enhancers that I’ve come across.

So to help other players I made this list so you can check out some of these fantastic mods that I came across.

Be sure to back up your saves, though, and I would recommend you starting new games whenever you install multiple larger mods at the same time.

They can mess with your saves or simply not work in your current ones since the game is quite a few years old. But don’t let that stop you from having some fun!

15. Imperial Destroyer Project

The mod adds a fair few new regions to the world map to make everything feel a tad newer and reinvigorated.

You’ll have the chance to play and conquer new regions using new units that the mod adds.

The unit models are not too well-made, which is why this mod isn’t ranked higher on this list.

14. Regiments of American Revolution

Just like the mod says, it adds a bunch of new units from the American Revolution to Empire.

It contains both British and American units, so you can experience a true clash of powers during your ETW campaign!

13. Colonialism 1600 AD

Travel back to the 17th century with the Total War engine and become a truly colonial power during the early days of the world’s colonization.

The mod takes you back a few years and changes the shape of the world map to make it more historically accurate to its new age.

You will also experience new religions and units to fit the theme. Perfect!

12. Empire Total Chaos Mod

Alright, so this is not a serious mod.

In fact, this is the closest you will get to utter madness in Empire: Total War.

It changes certain units to make them far more powerful, with mortars being incredibly lethal and soldiers such as the grenadier having explosive rifles.

If you’re up for a bit of non-historically accurate fun, you need to check this one out – I had a blast with it.

Just don’t start a campaign because it’s going to suck.

11. Nec Pluribus Impar

This mod is a complete overhaul of the French armies, but it only focuses on the French.

It adds a whole new lot of troops that are representative of the soldiers that fought for France during the Seven Years War, which allows a better transition between different stages of the game and a less radical one than the one presented originally in vanilla Empire.

10. No Protectorates Mod

Tired of every major colonial power having protectorates instead of direct control over their colonies? Install this mod.

Gone are the days of New Spain failing to stop insurgents or Americans gaining their independence from Britain.

It’s time to bring imperialism to a whole new level with this amazing mod and keep a better hold of the colonial world like never before in Empire: Total War.

9. Ottoman Overhaul Mod

This mod does bring a lot of positives to the table by improving the Ottoman faction.

But that’s not all – you also get a few cool additions made to the overall fighting system of the game.

It improves collisions, armor, morale, fatigue, and the quality of naval battles.We’re talking about a lot of minor changes that add up to something big.

It might not be an overhaul, but it’s still a fantastic addition to the game nonetheless.

8. Unit Size Mod

Oh man. I know this mod doesn’t really change much, but it’s still one of my favorite Empire mods of all time.

It makes regiments go from 120 units to 400, allowing you to unleash hell upon the battlefields and watch some fantastic battles come to pass.

If you’re a Total War player because of cinematic epicenes, do yourself a favor and check out the Unit Size mod. It’s brilliant.

7. A Proper Empire: Terra Incognita

Terra Incognita has been at the top tier of Empire mods for a few years.

It contains a bunch of new units, sounds, and a lot of different particles that truly enhance your Total War experience in a game that came out well over a decade ago.

It’s not truly an overhaul, but more of a set of improvements that is sure to change the game for the better.

If you want something more radical I’d suggest you check out the mod rated #2 further on this list.

6. Additional Units Mod

Friends, if new units is what you’re after please stop here. Take a minute of your time – breathe.

Now, check this damn mod out.

It adds a staggering number of units to the game, all of which are fully custom made and include regular army regiments as well as ships and even field marshals.

Those of you who like a bit of variety injected to the game should see this mod as a must-have.

It’s a fantastic overall addition to Empire and it’s sure going to make you feel like you’re playing a brand-new game.

5. Victoria: Total War

Victoria: Total War is a remaster of the original Empire: Total War game using the same base engine of Empire.

But it focuses on providing more content in the form of units, armies, and regions, related to the period that ranges between the second half of the XIX century up until the First World War.

This fantastic mod has been made for a long period of time, with the creator having worked on it for over 4 years. That’s some real commitment.

Right now the mod is still getting updated but the patches aren’t as constant as they once were.

In any case, it’s still very much an ongoing project that you can enjoy in the 2020s.

4. The Rights of Man

Alright, The Rights of Man doesn’t take the first spot on this list because of how tight the competition is.

This massive overhaul was released over a decade ago in 2009, but it adds so much to the game that it still stands as one of the best Empire: Total War mods in the history of the game.

New sounds, better gameplay, new units, more variety, better flags, improved smoke, realistic blood, and more historical events are added to the game…

This turns Empire into an even bigger masterpiece than it was years ago.

3. Imperial Splendour

Imperial Splendour is not as much of a massive overhaul to the game as other mods on this list.

But it does make some fantastic tweaks to the audio of Total War as well as bringing incredible improvements to the factions of France and Great Britain.

Plenty of work went into the creation of this mod, and you can tell how fantastic it is by simply looking at its changelog.

Tweaks to the tech trees as well as the Philosophy trees make the game better, more enjoyable, and keep the essence of Empire intact in the process.

2. DarthMod Empire

Empire Total War Cheats

The DarthMod is a complete overhaul for various aspects of Empire: Total War.

Not only will you be able to play with hundreds of new and different units, but the game is completely improved in terms of gameplay.

The AI will no longer move pointlessly across the maps (the campaign map as well as the battle maps). You will be faced with a far more challenging experience should you install DarthMod.

If you’re a Total War veteran, I do recommend you try it out.

I’ve been playing this game for years and I can’t get a hold of combat against the computer in max difficulty with DarthMod installed.

Good luck, commander.

1. The American Revolution Mod

This absolutely amazing mod turns the game into a massive American Revolution Total War title.

With this you’ll be able to experience the most iconic battles of the American Revolution, or play through a campaign where you’ll be in charge of changing the shape of history according to how things go by your command.

It’s a fully customized mod that even comes with the DarthMod AI, which can make the battles extremely challenging. Which means more fun, right?

It also comes with a separate launcher as well as full compatibly with the regular Total War campaigns.

This mod takes the first spot for three reasons:

Empire Total War Darthmod

  • How complete it is
  • How much it adds, and
  • How popular it is amongst Empire fans!

Total War

Absolutely giving this a gold seal of approval. Totally worth checking out if you have the time.

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