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Download for free WordWeb Pro English thesaurus and dictionary for Windows (free version does not have the word list, search, anagram, or customization features. Paid version costs only $18) - Download from Tucows. Download english to english dictionary pc for free. Education software downloads - Concise Oxford English Dictionary by Oxford University Press and many more programs are available for instant and free download. HinKhoj free English to Hindi and Hindi to English you dictionary and translator with OFFLINE support. Free downloads for android phones. Download our completely free largest hindi english dictionary with more than 500000 Hindi and English words. Meaning of words are provided with definition, synonyms, antonyms, word usage, example sentences and translation for better understanding. We also provide pronunciation of Hindi. The Oxford English Corpus.Collection of texts (written or spoken) in electronic form.Traceable language usage.Provides evidence of real-life usage (correct and incorrect).Precise and meaningful dictionary entries: –Most common uses –Incorrect uses –New uses –New words –Oxford 3000 word list. Study Buddies: The 8 Best Dictionary Apps for English Learners 1. Price: $2.99 Available for: iOS, Android. The Vocabulary.com dictionary app is excellent for English learners because it has very easy-to-understand definitions. The site says it’s “as if your favorite teacher were explaining it to you.”.

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(1) ‘I am just a widower looking after his three children; a poor labourer who gets by picking olives and minding the vegetable patch,’ he told reporters.(2) a farm labourer(3) Mr Rooney was a labourer , with little employment to be had around Croxteth.(4) He became a press operator and then moved into the building trade as a labourer until an industrial injury on a building site left him unable to continue.(5) Through the Bootham-based Youth Enquiry Service he has the chance of a room in a shared house, which could lead to employment as a labourer .(6) Only the large and very large farms, 17 per cent of the total, were large enough to require the employment of a permanent labourer .(7) A construction labourer was killed and another sustained injuries when a private bus hit their motorcycle in Vazhapadi here on Sunday.(8) Authorities say the trio offered the day laborers work and then drove them to secluded areas to rob them at knifepoint.(9) They say the system is broken and it is creating hardship for day laborers and their families.(10) Industrial and agricultural child labourers work long, monotonous hours, with few breaks.(11) a farm laborer(12) By industry and thrift, labourers would have the chance to buy their own land.(13) The indigenous Irish community were to be employed as labourers in the colony.(14) It also employs labourers to help clear sites, providing pay that enables Afghan men to put food on the table for their families.(15) This law excluded Chinese laborers , both skilled and unskilled, from entering the United States for ten years.(16) The work of construction laborers is closely related to other construction occupations.
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kvalificēti strādnieks
nekvalificēts strādnieks
dienas strādnieks
zilo apkaklīšu strādnieks

English Dictionary Free Download Pdf

ostas strādnieks
English to Latvian Dictionary: labourer

Meaning and definitions of labourer, translation in Latvian language for labourer with similar and opposite words. Also find spokenpronunciation of labourer in Latvian and in Englishlanguage.

What labourer means in Latvian, labourer meaningin Latvian, labourer definition, examples and pronunciationof labourer in Latvian language.

Merriam Webster online dictionary is one of the richest places for English learners on the web. It is much more than a dictionary – it is an English language central arena!

Let's start by saying that it offers help for people of all English levels:
Kids, learners and the advanced:
  • For kids

  • For learners

  • Visual Dictionary

WordCentral – For Kids

The WordCentral for kids contains:
  • A simplified dictionary (not simple enough in my opinion, though)
  • A thesaurus
  • A rhyming dictionary
  • Interactive language games
  • Resources for teachers

Here are some example definitions:

Abolish = to do away with completely; put an end to.
Electricity = a form of energy that is found in nature but that can be artificially produced by rubbing together two unlike things (as glass and silk), by the action of chemicals, or by means of a generator.
Utensil = a device or container used in a household and especially a kitchen.

Merriam Webster's Online Dictionary – For Learners

Merriam Webster's Learner's Dictionary is actually quite good for the more advanced learners. The definitions are rather simple and it has many many example sentences.
Here is a list of other cool features:
  • An 'Ask the Editor' blog
  • Word of the day
  • Language practice (you can build your own personal dictionary, learn the 3,000 most commonly spoken words in English, pronunciation, exercises and quizzes)
  • Language help (common word usage problems, words often confused, grammar glossary)

And here are some example definitions:

Abolish = to officially end or stop (something, such as a law); to completely do away with (something).
Electricity = a form of energy that is carried through wires and is used to operate machines, lights, etc.
Utensil = a simple and useful device that is used for doing tasks in a person's home and especially in the kitchen.
You can also purchase the Merriam Webster's Advanced Learner's Dictionary.

Merriam Webster's Online Dictionary – Visual Dictionary

Merriam Webster's Visual Dictionary has over 6,000 images categorized in 15 major themes.
You simply choose a a major theme and dig into to get to a more specific subject. Then you reach a very detailed picture, with words describing the different details. Each word has its definition down the page, too.
It's a very cool resource.
You can also purchase the hardcover version here.

English Dictionary Software Download

Feeling advanced enough?
Merriam Webster Online Dictionary

This is the Merriam Webster Online Dictionary – with not further words in the title :)
As good and extensive as it is, it's definitely NOT for beginners. I wouldn't even recommend it for the advanced. Maybe for the super super advanced ;)
Just to illustrate this point,
here are some example definitions (compare them to the ones above):
Abolish = to end the observance or effect of; annul.
(Observance = to behave according to a particular law or custom,
annul = to cancel something legally)
Electricity = a fundamental form of energy observable in positive and negative forms that occurs naturally (as in lightning) or is produced (as in a generator) and that is expressed in terms of the movement and interaction of electrons.
(Observable = that can be observed)English To English Dictionary Downloadeverstore
Utensil = an implement, instrument, or vessel used in a household and especially a kitchen.
(Implement = a tool,
vessel = a container for liquids)
household= the people living together in a single home)

Free Spanish English Dictionary Download

Pretty challenging, isn't it? ;)

English Dictionary online, free download

Like the other, this dictionary is available for purchase as well.