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Next → The seventh season of the series is directed by Shinji Ishihira and produced. Like the rest of the series, it follows the adventures of and of the fictional guild Fairy Tail. The season contains three.

The first 27 episodes continue the 'Grand Magic Games' ( 大魔闘演武編, Dai Matō Enbu-hen) arc, which adapts material from the beginning of the 36th to the middle of the 40th volume of the Fairy Tail manga. Focusing on Natsu and the others who have been frozen in time for seven years on Sirius Island, the members continue to participate in the Grand Magic Games, an annual competition to decide the Kingdom of Fiore's strongest guild.

However, they encounter a conspiracy involving a called Eclipse and the imminent destruction of the kingdom. The next 24 episodes form an original storyline called 'Eclipse Celestial Spirits' ( 日蝕星霊編, Nisshoku Seirei-hen), in which the twelve celestial spirits of the Zodiac rebel against their owners Lucy and Yukino after being transformed by Eclipse's. The remaining 39 episodes contain the 'Tartaros' ( 冥府の門 ( タルタロス )編, Tarutarosu-hen) arc, which adapts material from the rest of the manga's 40th volume to the middle of the 49th volume, depicting Fairy Tail's battle with a dark guild of Zeref's demons who aim to resurrect E.N.D., their master and Zeref's ultimate creation. The season ran from April 5, 2014, to December 26, 2015, on.

235Fairy Tail Ep 235 DubFairy tail ep 235 eng dub

The first DVD compilation was released with the first issue of Fairy Tail Monthly magazine on July 17, 2014, renumbered as 'Vol. [ ] The season is simulcast by North American licensor, subtitled in English on their website,.

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Fairy Tail Ep 235 Eng Dub

Fourteen pieces of theme music were used for this season: seven opening and seven ending themes. For episodes 176 to 188, the opening theme is titled 'Masayume Chasing' and performed. For episodes 189 to 203, the second opening theme is 'Strike Back' performed by Back-On. For episodes 204 to 214, the third opening theme is 'Mysterious Magic' performed. The fourth opening, used from episodes 215 to 226, is 'Break Out' performed.

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Tartaros Chapter, Prologue – Fairies vs. Netherworld.
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Fairy Tail Ep 235 Dub

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Laxus defeats Tempester before the demon can kill Yajima. Mortally injured, Tempester's body disintegrates to be reconfigured at Tartaros's headquarters, leaving behind a cloud of toxic Devil Particles. Laxus inhales most of the particles to keep his friends from being contaminated, but he is unable to save the town, which is quarantined. After Laxus and Raijin Tribe are brought to the guildhall to recover, Natsu furiously declares war on Tartaros to avenge their friends. The guild sends several teams to the surviving ex-council members' homes to protect them; Natsu's team meets Michello, who thinks that Tartaros is after something called 'Face'. Jackal detonates Michello's house, but Natsu consumes the explosion and faces the demon.

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