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Fallout 2 edit edit source At the Golden Globes studio in New Reno. Worn by Chris at the Navarro gas station. Notes edit edit source In Fallout, robes can be used as a disguise in the Mariposa Military Base and the Cathedral. Robes would have been found in chests in the second level of Abbey's Cathedral in Fallout. Mage Robes Male Skyrim (Bethesda, Pinned Possible design for Magician Robe. Mage robes (TES) I love these robes's look in game, just wish they were armored Well I am a mage but have better things than the mage robes and staff m Cleric med armour staff symbol scrolls Community Forums: A glimpse at some of our NPCs. Skyrim Female Robes Mod; Ible.

Ballistic Weave Mod
Value20 (Mk1)
40 (Mk2)
60 (Mk3)
80 (Mk4)
100 (Mk5)
Editor IDmiscmod_mod_armor_Railroad_ClothingArmor
Base ID0020de42 (Mk1)
0022dc82 (Mk2)
0022dc83 (Mk3)
0022dc84 (Mk4)
0022dc85 (Mk5)

Ballistic fiber, the primary component used in the crafting of ballistic weave.

The ballistic weave mod is a armor modification which allows adding defensive stats to certain clothing items, including outfits, under armor, and head wear.


Offering superior defense despite its light weight, this modification adds protections to clothing while remaining inconspicuous. It was heavily utilized by the Defense Intelligence Agency before the Great War, and with the Sole Survivor's help, it could be introduced to the Railroad's arsenal in 2287 after Tinker Tom does some of his eponymous tinkering.


After aiding the Railroad enough, the ballistic weave modification can be added to select pieces of apparel (listed below). It simply involves taking that apparel to an armor workbench and installing the modification. Protection is offered in increments of 20 among the five ranks of armor: the first rank offers 20 damage and energy resistance, the second offers 40 damage and energy resistance, and so on.

Fallout 4 weapon texture mod
Head wear
Under armor
  • Agatha's dress*
  • Cabot's lab coat*
  • Casual outfit (check for both types)
  • Dirty trench coat*
  • Father's lab coat*
  • Feathered dress*
  • Geneva's ensemble*
  • Hooded rags*
  • Hunter's long coat*
  • Longshoreman outfit*
  • Lorenzo's suit*
  • MacCready's duster*
  • Maxson's battlecoat*
  • Mechanic jumpsuit (check for both types)
  • Red frock coat*
  • Red leather trench coat*
  • Rex's suit*
  • Submariner uniform*
  • Undershirt & jeans*

Bhs game farmhome. * check for mod


NameEffectComponent costRequirementsBase ID
Ballistic Weave'Adds Damage and Energy Resistance.'4x Adhesive
8x Ballistic fiber
6x Fiberglass
Ballistic Weave Mk2'Improved Damage and Energy Resistance.'5x Adhesive
9x Ballistic fiber
7x Fiberglass
Armorer I0022dc82
Ballistic Weave Mk3'Better Damage and Energy Resistance.'6x Adhesive
10x Ballistic fiber
8x Fiberglass
Armorer II0022dc83
Ballistic Weave Mk4'Superior Damage and Energy Resistance.'7x Adhesive
11x Ballistic fiber
9x Fiberglass
Armorer III0022dc84
Ballistic Weave Mk5'Exceptional Damage and Energy Resistance.'8x Adhesive
12x Ballistic fiber
10x Fiberglass
Armorer IV0022dc85
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