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Gamesfree Games And Softwares To Download !

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Computer Game: Windows
Type: Arcade
Control a plasmaworm through twenty increasingly difficult levels of play.
Games free games and softwares to download pc

Plasmaworm is the fiendishly addictive arcade game of weird worms eating random probability eidolons in a tank of otherspatial plasma. Wait, what happens where? Fret not, it's a fairly straightforward game that can be enjoyed by gamers young and old alike.

One or two players (on the same computer, in either co-op or deathmatch mode) control a plasmaworm through twenty increasingly difficult levels of play. The worm starts off as tiny fellow, gliding merrily along in its pulsating plasma tank by your control, on the prowl for the eidolons that randomly spawn. Players then guide their plasmaworm to the eidolon, gobbling it up. With each probability snack the worm grows longer. The object of each level is to devour a certain number of objects without crashing into the walls, or yourself, which is usually easier said than done!


Games Free Games And Softwares To Download Pc

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Plasmaworm also features several cool elements not often seen in Snake-style games, such as shooter elements in some of the levels, and an end game boss, the Plasmangler! While we wouldn't want to ruin the surprise of facing the Plasmangler, we will mention that it involves a tentacled beak, multi-layer destruction, and Plasmoidians. You can never have enough Plasmoidians in your game!