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Heretic overview

ESRB Rating:Teen
Release Date: 12/23/1994
Developer: Raven Software
Publisher:id Software

Heretic is a first-person shooter developed by Raven Software and published by id Software in 1994 for the PC and Mac. The game was published by the prestigious American company id Software, responsible for several masterpieces such as Wolfenstein 3D (1992), Doom (1993), and Quake (1996).

Introduction and gameplay for Heretic, Dos PC game produced by Raven Software Corporation in 1994 - Playing the first two stages of this Doom clone where. Based on the DOOM engine, Heretic was only mildly popular on its release because there were so many copycat 3D-shooting games released around the same time. However, Heretic is one of the better shooting games released in the pre-Quake era.

Heretic takes the player to a twisted medieval dimension where the player must fight undead creatures and bestial horrors. To fight these creatures, you will gain access to ungodly weapons, such as the Firemace, Hellstaff, and numerous spells and potions. Your goal is to seek vengeance upon the creatures who have slaughtered your entire race.

System Requirements:Microsoft Windows - Apple - Linux

Windows System Requirements
Operating System:MS-DOS 5.0, Windows 95, Windows 98
Processor:Intel 486DX 33 MHz
Memory:4 MB RAM
Graphics Card:VGA graphics, 256-colors capable
Sound Card:Sound Blaster compatible sound card
Hard Drive Space:15 MB
Drives:3.5″ Floppy drive, 2X CD-ROM
Controls:Keyboard & Mouse
Joystick optional
Multiplayer:Multiplayer Deathmatch and Co-Op play
Internet (via Modem), LAN or IPX-compatible connection required
Apple System Requirements
Operating System:macOS 7.1.2 or later
Graphics Card:
Sound Card:
Hard Drive Space:
Controls:Keyboard & Mouse

This game is not available for Linux. Consider using Wine to run Windows programs and games.

Heretic cheats

  • IDDQD - Instant Death
  • IDKFA - No Weapons/Ammo
  • COCKADOODLEDOO - Turns yourself into a chicken
  • ENGAGExx - Level Warp (episode/map)
  • GIMMExx - Artifacts (a-j) (1-9) [″D″ does not work]
    • A - Ring
    • B - Mask (Invisibility)
    • C - Potion
    • D - Mystic Urn
    • E - Spell Book
    • F - Torch
    • G - Hour Glass (Time Bomb)
    • H - Eggs (Turn People into Chickens)
    • I - Golden Wings
    • J - Chaos Device
  • KITTY - Toggle Clipping
  • MASSACRE - Kills ALL monsters on level
  • PONCE - Full Health
  • QUICKEN - God Mode
  • RAMBO - All Weapons/Ammo
  • RAVMAP - Changes Map Mode [must be in map mode]
  • SHAZAM - Toggles Weapon Power
  • SKEL - All Skeleton Keys
  • TICKER - Display fps dots

Heretic II overview

ESRB Rating:Teen
Release Date: 10/31/1998 (PC), 11/15/1999 (Linux), 1/1/2002 (Mac)
Developer: Raven Software (PC), Loki Software (Linux), MacPlay (Mac)

Years after the original Heretic, Heretic II sets you upon an epic quest across an entire continent to cleanse the world infected with a deadly magical plague.

As Corvus, the character from Heretic, you perform a variety of acrobatic, swimming, and climbing maneuvers to penetrate the mystery of the plague. During your exploration you explore swamps, canyons, and dungeon levels using a variety of offensive and defensive spells to defeat a multitude of insane plague-ridden denizens.

System Requirements:Microsoft Windows - Apple - Linux

Windows System Requirements
Operating System:Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT 4 with Service Pack 3
Processor:Intel Pentium 166 MHz with 3D hardware accelerator
Intel Pentium 233 MHz with no 3D hardware accelerator
Memory:32 MB RAM
Graphics Card:SVGA graphics, 256-colors capable
Some 3D accelerator graphics cards are supported
DirectX:DirectX 6.0
Sound Card:Sound Blaster compatible sound card
Hard Drive Space:360 MB
Controls:Keyboard & Mouse
Joystick/Gamepad optional
Multiplayer:TCP/IP connection required for Network or Internet play
1 - 32 player support
Apple System Requirements
Operating System:macOS 8.6 or later
Processor:Power Mac G3 233 MHz
Memory:64 MB RAM
Graphics Card:OpenGL supported display
Sound Card:
Hard Drive Space:
CD/DVD Drive:
Controls:Keyboard & multiple-button Mouse (recommended)
Heretic Dos GameRoland ED SC-D70 Music Packs (HQ music for source ports) tip

Heretic Dos Game Download

Linux System Requirements
Operating System:Linux kernel 2.2.x and glibc-2.1
Processor:Intel Pentium 166 MHz with 3D hardware accelerator
Intel Pentium 233 MHz with no 3D hardware accelerator
Memory:32 MB RAM
Graphics Card:16-bit color capable, 800 x 600 resolution
XFree86 version 3.3.x or later
Sound Card:OSS compatible sound card
Hard Drive Space:260 MB
Controls:Keyboard & Mouse

Heretic 2 cheats


To utilize the cheats below, the user must press ~ key (above the Tab key) to access the console. Within the console, type the commands below:

  • angermonsters - Monsters get angry
  • meatwagon - Kill all non-boss monsters
  • playbetter - God mode on/off
  • twoweeks - Power-up on/off

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The world has been attacked by the three Serpent Riders from the Abyss. Their mysterious power makes people obey and follow them like sheep. Only the ancient Sidhe elves are immune to the Riders’ influence, which led to them being branded heretics. With most of their work done, the two elder Riders leave, leaving only D’Sparil, the youngest and weakest Rider, behind to oversee the oppression. He sends the armies of the Seven Kings against the Sidhe, who have no choice but to extinguish the Seven Candles, vanquishing the armies. The retribution is swift and hard, and most of the elves are destroyed. Now, one of the last remaining Sidhe must take the fight to D’Sparil himself, being the only hope his world has left.


Heretic is the first game in the Heretic / Hexen franchise. It uses the engine from id Software’s DOOM and transplants that game’s first person shooter gameplay into a fantasy setting.

Like DOOM, Heretic consists of three distinct episodes, playable in any order, the first being available as shareware. The hunt for D’Sparil begins in the City of the Damned, continues in the alternate dimension of the Hell’s Maw and comes to an end in The Dome of D’Sparil. Every episode consists of nine levels, one of them a hidden one. The goal in each level is to find the exit, killing everything standing in one’s way. Zd soft screen recorder Keys must be found and buttons pressed to advance. Enemies include gargoyles, golems, undead knights, sorcerers, ophidian beasts and more. Most enemies exist in several varieties: some have additional range attacks, others have ghost forms and are impervious to certain weapons.

The weapon arsenal is large and varied: the basic weapons are a wooden staff and the Elvenwand that shoots low-damage magic bullets. More powerful equipment must be found: the Ethereal Crossbow dispenses a spread of arrows doing high damage, but at a low firing rate. The Dragon’s Claw and Hellstaff shoot with a higher frequency: the Claw hits enemies instantly, the Staff’s energy bullets need to travel to them first. The Phoenix Rod fires explosive charges and must be handled with care. The Firemace unleashes steel metal projectiles that bounce across the room towards the enemy. A better melee weapon than the wooden staff are the Gauntlets of the Necromancer, which dispense deadly energy.

Heretic goes beyond DOOM in certain aspects. The engine has been enhanced with the ability to look up and down and the ability to fly, and wind currents pushing the player in (often unwanted) directions have been added. Also new is an inventory system. Many different power-ups can be collected and then be used at the correct time. These include health flasks, invisibility and invincibility upgrades, time bombs, and torches to light dark rooms. The Morph Ovum transforms enemies into chickens for easier dispatching, the Wings of Wrath allow one to fly, and the Tome of Power gives all weapons a substantial upgrade: projectiles become more powerful or split up upon impact; the Phoenix Rod becomes a flamethrower and the Gauntlets remove life force from an enemy and transfer it to the player.

Game Info

Heretic Dos Full Game

  • Genre: Action
  • Publisher: id Software
  • Year: 1994

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Heretic Dos Game

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