How To Change Bmw Vin By Ediabas Tools32auto Diagnostic Tool

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In this article include:INPA ediabas 6.4.7 donload,INPA ediabas 5.02 download,INPA 5.0.6 ediabas downloadINPA 6.4.3 ediabas download,BMW INPA 5.02 and Ediabas 6.4.7 download,all of the can work with BMW INPA K+CAN Cable.

Im really excited to get this to work. Been trying since Jan. Lol BST 212 will work on 64bit OS. I also PM'd you a version of my INPA, SPDatens 51.3, NCSExpert, which is also 64bit ready and already has 51.3 SPDatens installed. (, 23:44 PM)bmwstone Wrote: Thanks man, I really appreciate this. So last question. If I only need e90 support, I can just use INPA and EDIBAS that comes with the above posted BST 2.12???

Bookmark File PDF Ediabas Toolset 32 Manual Change BMW VIN with Tool32 software (FAQ) - OBDII365 BMW INPA Ediabas Full English Version installation Guide-UOBD2 Bmw Inpa Ediabas User Manual - BMW INPA Download & Install on Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8/ 10. Ediabas Toolset 32 Manual - mangaphori Page 2/26. So, you’ve just purchased a second hand DME / ECU and you want your own VIN coded to it right? Well, luckily for you this is a very simple process using the rather awesome ‘Tool32’ program, which is provided as part of the BMW Standard Toolset. First things first, you’ll need the following: A laptop with a working installation of INPA and Tool32 An OBD2 cable that works with INPA.

I have been told I need to download and install the first version (3.01) before I can upgrade to others, but my car is a 1998 e38, so I've been told 3.01 is the best copy I'll need anyway. This doanload also comes with Ediabas 6.4.3.

Select your relevant Fxx car. In my example it is F10, so I press F3. The Script selection window will appear.

Delivery package RUNTIME SYSTEM.20 Files for WIN32..20



Change BMW VIN with Tool32 software (FAQ) How to change bmw VIN? Any troubles in bmw tool32 change vin? Here are frequently questions and answers help those newbies and ones are puzzled by this issue. Model: BMW E46 EDC16 DDE 5.0 Ediabas toolset 32 manual of vin change on BMW E46here you go Question: Can I use BMW INPA cable for updating ECU with WinKFP for updating the VIN too?

'thanks for the great write up! I have the bmw toolpack version 2.11 installed. NCSEXPERT works fine, but INPA does not (v5.0.6). Using the write up in this thread, i think i have successfully moved all of the 5.0.2 files into the 5.0.6 folders that is described in the first post.


Select your relevant Fxx car. I.e F10, press F3. The Script selection window will appear.


How To Change Bmw Vin By Ediabas Tools32auto Diagnostic Tool

Now to test if your cable installed correctly. Plug it into the vehicle's OBD port and open INPA. You should look like this. If not follow the above steps again and correct your error. STEP 6: SPDATEN FILES Download and install SPDaten files of your choice (always recommend the latest) in this case it is 51.2.


• NFS - New Flash System. System Documentation.

AIF schrieben (use data which you’ve got while reading but insert your new vin inspite of one you’ve read before). You can see the meanig of arguments in job-info window. Question: J ust write new vin to the result window? Answer: Not only vin. Look at argument field (VIN/ZUSB/date of progand so on) VIN in ECU solved!!!! Succeed to change VIN in dashboard dump.

BMW Standard Tools 2.12 includes INPA 5.0.6 for diagnostics, NCS-Expert 4.0.1 for coding, WinKFP 5.3.1 for flash reprogramming, and a host of other BMW Group plant support tools. The software was not intended to be used by your neighborhood BMW dealer.

The API function apiResultBinary 12 4.3. Application example 12 5. THE TMODE FUNCTIONS 15 5.1. Overview of all TMODE functions 16 5.2. INITIALISIERUNG 16 2 EDIABAS - TRANSPARENT MODE 5.3. SETZE_INTERFACE_ZURUECK 17 5.4. SETZE_SG_PARAM_ZURUECK 17 5.5.

EDIABAS location: NFS location INPA location NCS Expert location: 8.This part of the setup creates a folder in the start menu to gather all launchers 9.Data backup is optional. You can leave the box to avoid a warning message. Pcagmesdoworld. Then it will create the icons on the desktop and in the Start menu. 10.You are asked to choose your interface type, STD: ODB for this procedure with K+ DCAN cable. 11.You are asked to choose the serial port to choose com1 and checked the USB box 12.The next program will bring the previous settings information, click “Install” to begin the installation process.

Answer: Yes, INPA DCAN cable with WinKFP you can make it Question: But is the cable fast enough for programming? Answer: Yes, enter your new VIN to WinKFP, and program an update or reprogram the existing file and it will change the VIN.

INPA_Fxx_v.2 – Install Second • Copy INPA_Fxx_v.2 folder to C: EC-Apps INPA_Fxx_v.2 and EDIABAS to C: EDIABAS overriding existing EDIABAS Folder. • Run INPALOAD.exe from INPA_Fxx_v.2 BIN folder (C: EC-Apps INPA_Fxx_v.2 BIN INPALOAD.exe). • Note: DISABLE WINDOWS FIREWALL ANY ANY VIRUS SOFTWARE. • Note: For Exx connection, you will need to change EDIABAS.ini file to “INTERFACE = STD:OBD” and edit OBD.ini Com Port settings accordingly to match you PC’s Com Port settings. Note: BMW INPA software 5.0.6 for INPA Cable from customer share at, thanks for customer share, TRY ON YOUR OWN RISK! For further questions about BMW INPA software for BMW INPA Cable BMW INPA K+DCAN Interface with INPA Software Download, don’t hesitate to contact us. Focus On OBD Tool Since 2008 Follow Us: Skype:eobdtool02 WhatsApp:(+3411 Email:[email protected] Website.

How To Change Bmw Vin By Ediabas Tools32auto Diagnostic Tool Download

The Job main menu will appear. Select F2 - Identifikation (Fig. Here you can see the result of my car (Fig. Note I have highlighted in yellow the SGBD column. This is the SGBD name and the.PRG file name that you will need to open in Tool32 for working on your modules. Start Tool32 by right-clicking tool32.exe file and selecting 'Run as administrator'.

Double-click on 'USB Serial Port (COM3)' to open the device properties. Click on the 'Port Settings' tab and then click on the 'Advanced' button to display the Advanced Settings for COM3. Change the COM Port Number to COM1 and the Latency Timer to 1 msec and click 'OK.' The USB Serial Port should be set to COM1. Close Device Manager. Install BMW Standard Tools 2.12.

• Ediabas Instruction and all necessary tools included. • Added components (32-Bit & 64-Bit) • Included: ISTA User Manual EN,DE, IT,PL,RU,TR,CZ,ES,FR,JP,KR,NL,SE • NET Framework 4.6 + Updates • Java Runtime Environment 8 • DirectX 9.0c Extra files • General runtime files • Microsoft Visual C++ Runtimes (v2005 - v2015) • Microsoft Visual J# 2.0 SE • Microsoft Silverlight 5 • Adobe Flash Player (Opera, FireFox, Internet Explorer) • Shockwave Player 12 (Internet Explorer Plugin • Ediabas • Suitable for BMW Motorcycle • BMW ISPI ICOM-FW 03-15-00 • BMW ISPI ICOM-Next-FW 03-15-00. • Module (ECU) errors reading and clearing • Gearbox (transmission) and engine adaptations erasing • Fuel injectors control, correction amount real-time viewing, injector registering • Engine mountings testing • Mass air flow (MAF) testing and registering. Whole air system testing • EGR system control and testing • Turbocharger and related components control and testing • Diesel particulate filter regeneration (DPF) • Battery replacement • Oil change and service interval reset • Wiring diagrams live data, repair instructions, technical documents etc • And much more other functions. Dealership BMW ISTA-P - ISTA / P (Integrated Service Technical Application Programming) a system of integrated services and software is application software complex ISPI and replaced the old regime Progman. ISTA / P includes data for programming and coding of vehicles.

Thank you, perhaps you can share your dropbox links? The INPA scripts and configuration files are not operating system specific.

Bmw Tool32 Download

I have also downloaded BST 2.12 and NCS Expert. Im really excited to get this to work.

This manual describes how to operate the EDIABAS (Electronic Diagnostic Basic System). Contents: Contents....2 1. Revision history...5 2. Introduction...6 2.1.

Configuration overview..37 4.5.3. Select the hardware interface..39 4.5.4. MS-WINDOWS...39 4.5.5. SCO-UNIX...40 4.5.6. QNX...40 4.5.7. Directory of ECU description files..40 4.5.8.

I used WinISO to edit the ISO image. Replace the word 'Retail' with 'OEM' in the sources ei.cfg file.

What are you trying to do? NCS Expert is for coding modules. It doesn't do diagnostics. For that you need INPA or DIS or, better still, ISTA Rheingold. INPA is very clunky, though quite useful if you can get it recognise all the modules in your car. I can't even get it to talk to my DDE, so it's not much use to me.

If you need any help let me know and I will assist you the best I can. Please press the and buttons if you found this helpful.

Because the latest INPA scripts are available in German metric only, the DIY preserves the English metric scripts (*.IPO files) from INPA 5.0.2. The latest SP Daten files are German metric.

Which.prg file should you choose for Fxx Jobs in Tool32? This is a short guide of how & which.PRG file to load into Ediabas Tool32 based on your current car. Disclaimer: The write-up was made by a Swiss BMW expert. Try at your risk.

PE (Password Editor)...51 5.3. DEVCLOSE...52 5.4.

Below are instructions I made up on the fly. If I made a mistake or missed a step or have something to add let me know and I will make the appropriate changes. Helpful links: Links are directly to my Mega Server. Please be so kind to give a quick and I would greatly appreciate it . INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO INSTALL!! STEP 1: INSTALLING BMW STANDARD TOOLS Download and install BST 212 from this thread.

Free download BMW INPA 5.0.2 software crack on Mega: Free, Crack, No pass, Worked INPA 5.0.2 vs. INPA 5.0.6 There is almost no differences.Update and script files are the one that matters The biggest difference is that INPA 5.0.6 is less translated from German language There is no English version of 5.06, 70% is in german INPA 5.0.6 supports F series, m54 and n54 engine Inpa 5.0.2 version 100% tested with K+DCAN cable switch mode: Cars prior to 03/2007 still used K-line. Then BMW switched to DCAN. Therefore DCan cable does not work E9X-s prior to 03/2007 and vise verca. DCAN is fast CAN.

Bmw Tool 32

SCO-UNIX...44 4.7.4. QNX...44 4.8. Protection mechanism...45 4.9. Remote diagnostics...46 4.9.1. EDIABAS.INI on the local PC..46 4.9.2. EDIABAS.INI on the remote-controlled PC.48 4.9.3.

This manual describes the interface of the EDIABAS transparent mode. It has been written for use by developers of diagnostic software who work with the API interface, and is based on the API Interface Description [1] and the EIDBSS documentation [2]. API functions and interface functions are only detailed so far as is necessary for an understanding of the transparent mode. The emphasis is on descriptions of the individual TMODE functions. These functions are the jobs provided by the special description file for the transparent mode with the name 'TMODE'. You will find general information about EDIABAS and control unit description files in Reference [4]. UPDATE HISTORY 5 2.

Files for WIN16..22 Files for WINCE..22 Files for SCO-UNIX..23

Click 'Next.' Click 'OK' to acknowledge that the backup wizard has been deactivated. When the Hardware Interface Settings screen appears, select 'USB to serial adapter' then click 'Next.' Click 'Finish' to complete the BMW Standard Tools setup and restart your computer. Please note: This section of the DIY could be improved for neophyte Windows users. It assumes that you understand command line syntax.

Control...10 5.1. EDIABAS configurations for simulation..10 5.2. Interface simulation file..10 5.3.

QNX...32 4.3. Installing for the first time..33 4.3.1. MS-WINDOWS...33 4.3.2. SCO-UNIX...33 4.3.3. QNX...34 4.4.

Forms of Payments.

Anyone have a valid site or file sharing I can use to download? I have been told I need to download and install the first version (3.01) before I can upgrade to others, but my car is a 1998 e38, so I've been told 3.01 is the best copy I'll need anyway. This doanload also comes with Ediabas 6.4.3. Any help is appreciated.

(, 20:47 PM)bmwstone Wrote: A few more questions. So will both NCS Expert and BST 2.12 run on win7 64 bit? Any leads on where to find updated Datens or INPA? I have PMed the OP and waiting his response.


How to change bmw vin by ediabas tools32auto diagnostic tool kit

Now that I've successfully coded my 2009 E92, I want to share what I've learned with the community. My goal was to simply code my car as described in xxxjecxxx's NCS Expert DIY which can be found here (shout out to Junior for the great DIY! ): This DIY describes how to capture the latest English metric INPA scripts and configuration files from INPA 5.0.2 and manually integrate them along with SP Daten 50.2 for a fully functional installation of BMW Standard Tools 2.12. This approach is necessary for 3 reasons. 1) BMW Standard Tools includes INPA, but it does not contain any INPA scripts or configuration files.

BMW INPA Software Download Work With INPA Cable BMW INPA software new update, BMW INPA Cable with BMW INPA Software for BMW E serial share full BMW INPA software 5.0.6 download BMW INPA software for F and E series models. 5.0.6 do not test, pls try it for INPA cable by your own risk. BMW INPA software download, free: BMW Standard Tools and INPA 5.0.6 Download Link (unknown security) BMW INPA software 5.0.2 (tested without issues, safe to use) BMW INPA Software Download Compatible Hardware: BMW Interface How to installed the BMW INPA Software? BMW Standard Tools 2.12 – Install First • Includes (EDIABAS v.7.30, Tool32 v.4.03, BMW INPA Software v.5.06, WinKFP v.5.31 & NCS Expert v.4.01).

ECU simulation file..10 6. Error messages...11 7. Syntax and contents of the simulation files..12 7.1. Syntax...12 7.2.

Here is the tutorial of set up WinKFP& importing SP-daen files and programming E46 ECU using WinKFP software. Tools needed: BWM ICOM ISTA-D/P Rheingold engineering software WinKFP or cheap Step 1: Set up Winkfp and import Sp-Daten files 1) Download SP-Daten to your PC in order to update WinKFP databse with the daten files. Here is the free SP-daten V50.2 free download resources. Make sure download all files. 2) You will notice the files you downloaded earlier have a ‘.rar’ extension; we need a program called WinRar to extract the daten files from the.rar archives. Bellow is a link to a trial version of WinRar: 3) Then extract the archives 4) Update SP-daten. Usually we use BMW Coding Tool to update the SP-daten.

EDIABAS program paths..35 4.4.1. MS-WINDOWS...35 4.4.2. SCO-UNIX...35 4.4.3. QNX...35 4.5.

You should now have a fully operating PC with the latest BMW Standard Tools and programming/coding files. I also posted some documents to the thread as well in case you are unsure or if my instructions were unclear. Enjoy:thankyou: Cheers! Best Regards, Mike Attached Files BST 212.txt File Type: Downloaded: 3,674 times Size: 70 bytes NSCExpert_ENG.txt File Type: Downloaded: 2,498 times Size: 73 bytes How_to_start_WinKFP.pdf File Type: Downloaded: 2,153 times Size: 764.61 KB Guide to BMW Coding (2011.04.23).pdf File Type: Downloaded: 2,117 times Size: 193.18 KB. (, 11:40 AM)bmwstone Wrote: This is awesome. By far the simplest NCS expert setup on the net. Question though since Im new to this and Im just trying to reprogram for a different battery.

If thats it, then I can go ahead and install this puppy. INPA that comes with BST 212 is blank. No scripts and no IPO files.

INPA/NCSExpert didn't work =) NCS Expert said 'Chassis is faulty' and throws an error if I try to load chassis again; INPA throwed another error. Everything seemed fine, but something told me that probably SP-Daten weren't installed correct. I used BMW coding tool to transfer SP-Daten files. Also, LADEN.BAT seemed strange to me. If I would run it in CMD it would give an error accessing NCEXPERT/BIN folder.

Tool32 should load. Select File->Load SGBD, Group file. Browse to the EDIABAS ECU folder, and search for the file name based on the listed yellow column entry. In this example, I'm loading the AIRBAG module file, named ACSM3.PRG (Fig. Once loaded, You will see on the left a list of Jobs available for your module. I have launched the fs_lesen job which is to read the fault memory either double-clicking on it or by selecting it & pressing F5. The Job Results will appear in the window below (Fig.

So please make sure that you check all spam and junk folders in your email client, including Gmail and Hotmail addresses. • Our programs help you to understand the trouble code better and suggest the need for treatment. • You will be sure exactly what kind of repair needs your car to prevent getting ripped off by Your Mechanic.

Im really excited to get this to work. Realtek audio driver windows 10 64 bit. Been trying since Jan. Lol Here's 2013 sp daten 2.51.2 full package for all cars (torrent download). Torrent files are split by chassis number so you can choose to download part or all of the archives.

Select the 1st option on the right – FUNCTIONAL JOBS (Fig. The Select series (Baureihenauswahl) window will appear. Select F1 (Fig.

Limited use on newer cars. You should install the package that comes with your cable as it'll contain most of the ipo files needed to communicate with your car.

Please be careful with running Jobs in Tool32. Some Jobs will literally wipe your ECU to a point that only the dealer or even worse - BMW Munich can recover, and to state that it wasn't your fault will be difficult. Some wording might not have the context you would expect so research jobs with words like: Initialisierung, Reset, Sperren, Default or Loeschen before you launch them.

The entire package is only 170MB!! No need to download 15GB of DATEN files. - System Environment PATH variables taken care of by the installer - USB Driver included and automatically installed (and figured out if you need the 32 bit or 64 bit driver by itself) The ONLY thing that users may need to do is reconfigure their COM port to be COM1 after the install, but a Readme file pops up after the install with simple instructions. Hopefully this is not against the rules posting a link. If it is, feel free to contact me to have it removed. What are you trying to do? NCS Expert is for coding modules.

I have launched the fs_lesen job which is to read the fault memory either double-clicking on it or by selecting it & pressing F5. The Job Results will appear in the window below (Fig. Please be careful with running Jobs in. Some Jobs will literally wipe your ECU to a point that only the dealer or even worse – BMW Munich can recover, and to state that it wasn’t your fault will be difficult. Some wording might not have the context you would expect so research jobs with words like: Initialisierung, Reset, Sperren, Default or Loeschen before you launch them. In the context of Fault Memory, the Job to clear it is ‘fs_loeschen’. Hope this helps.

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c. If Coding for an extended period of time (>30 minutes or so

How to install and configure BMW ENET E-sys software on MacBook Pro V10?

Here are the instructions for getting BMW ENET cable (Ethernet to OBD) Interface E-Sys F-series coding software running in a Virtual Windows environment running under MacOSX.

Please note that these instructions have been prepared from a MacBook Pro running MacOS version 10.7.4, along with VMWare Fusion version 4.1.2 (not in bootcamp mode), running Windows 7 (x86) SP1.

The configuration and instructions prepared for E-Sys can be followed exactly as they have been prepared for the Windows environment here within the virtual windows as well.

Please configure the VMWare Network Adapter to have a bridged connection to the OSX physical adapter, as in the following screenshot:

Note: at the time this screenshot was captured, the Ethernet wire was not connected to the car, hence it is shows a red circle in front of the title “Ethernet”. Once connected to the car (or any active ethernet wire), the circle will be green.

If disk space is of no concern, then the rest of the instructions below can be ignored. However, considering the size of the psdzdata folder (approximately 15 gigabytes and growing per release), and usually virtual machines do not have as much disk space available to them as the parent OS, one can store the psdzdata folder on the Mac side and allow E-Sys to see the files from within the virtual windows.

Ensure that Windows is able to see a folder on the MacOS environment as a standard shared resource. The easiest way to do this is to enable Shared Folders and Mirror the Downloads folder to be the same between the virtual Windows and MacOS:

How To Change Bmw Vin By Ediabas Tools32auto Diagnostic Tool Kit

Now, create a folder called “BMW” or anything else that is desired on the Mac’s Downloads folder. The contents of the MacOSX downloads folder will be available in Windows via Z:Downloads under Windows Explorer.

In the ~/Users/username/Downloads/BMW folder, create a folder called: “ESysData”, and copy the contents of the folder “C:EsysData” to the “Z:DownloadsBMWEsysData” folder. Now extract the entire downloaded “psdzdata” folder content in the psdzdata folder of the MacOS environment. Lastly, copy (not move) the contents of the following folder:


to the following folder within the EsysData folder structure created above:

How To Change Bmw Vin By Ediabas Tools32auto Diagnostic Tools


Please note that the “username” that appears in the above two paths will be the MacOS user’s username. Also, considering the fact that the Windows filesystem does not support case-sensitivity, the folder name cases specified above do not have any significance other than readability.

In E-Sys coding software, from the “Options” menu select “Settings…” and then select the “Program” tab. Ensure that the EsysData folder path is correctly specified with respect to where they are on the MacOSX environment and the Windows shared folder path. See screenshot:

The EST file also needs to be mapped to E-Sys, and this file can be stored on the Mac side as well. Although it does not have a significant file size, it is advantageous to have this file on the Mac side for those who use Time Capsule as a backup solution and would like these files to be backed-up. In this case, the following illustration shows where the location of the EST file can been configured:

The rest of the instructions that have been prepared for windows need to be followed in order to alter the coding of a BMW via E-Sys running in VMWare Fusion and MacOSX.