How To Tune Off Facebook Auto Play

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Next butta love mp3 downloadzerodigital. Following in Facebook’s footsteps, Twitter introduced autoplay videos on Wednesday — a big day for social media advertisers, but not so much for all those ad-unfriendly users out there.

How to Turn Off Location on Facebook. This wikiHow teaches you how to prevent the Facebook mobile app from accessing your geographic location. Facebook posts created on desktop will, by default, not access your location. The next screen lets you choose to turn auto-play videos off or on: It's that simple! Shut off Auto-Play Videos on Your Mobile Device. It's probably most annoying on your smartphone when Facebook videos autoplay. These videos will quickly consume all your data if you're not careful. Here's how I shut down auto-play videos on my Android device. On the iPad, disabling or enabling autoplay in Apple Music is the same as on the iPhone. Get to the Now Playing screen, switch to the Up Next list, and then tap the Autoplay icon to disable. If you find the Facebook Auto-Play of videos annoying in general, there is a way to turn it off within the browser application as well. The settings are a bit more buried. First click on the little dropdown (triangle) icon and choose “Settings.”.

Twitter’s autoplay feature has begun rolling out on iOS and web with Android to follow, which means that video ads, GIFs or Vines on your timeline will automatically load and play (while muted), according to post on Twitter’s blog. Like Facebook’s autoplay videos, which were introduced in December 2013, Twitter’s feature will likely be a big boost to the company’s bottom line — but also a big drain to some users’ data plans and battery life.

Luckily, both Facebook and Twitter have made it easy for mobile users to disable or limit auto-play. Here’s how:

  • For web, it’s even simpler: just go to Facebook’s Video Settingsand Twitter’s Settingsto turn-off autoplay videos.

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Do you use Facebook’s mobile app? Have you noticed your phone bill increasing? If you haven’t checked your monthly reminder, then you should probably do that now. Users have been voicing out that their data usage is being devoured from Facebook’s autoplay video function.


Facebook’s autoplay feature is when you see a video automatically start playing in your news feed. Facebook’s reasoning is that they don’t want users to wait to see a video, they want it to stream seamlessly in the news feed. The only problem with this is that Facebook pre-loads those videos before you even start to scroll.

Not to fear, there’s a solution:

Here’s how to turn Facebook’s autoplay feature off:

I’ll start with the Android users first:

  1. Launch your Facebook app and access your options menu on the upper right hand corner.
  1. Under the “Help and Settings” option, scroll down and click on “App Settings”.
  1. Select the “Video Auto-Play” selection
  1. Click on the “Wi-fi” option. This way, videos will only autoload over a wi-fi network as opposed to using your cellular data. You can even go a step further by eliminating autoplay videos entirely.

Here’s how to turn it off for the iPhone:

How to turn off facebook autoplay videoHow To Tune Off Facebook Auto PlayHow

How To Tune Off Facebook Auto Play Online

  1. First thing, launch your phone’s setting. We’ll get to the Facebook setting in a bit.
  1. Swipe down all the way down and tap on “Facebook”

3. Tap on “Settings” again

  1. Look for the “Video” feature under “Auto-Play”

5. Click on the “Wi-fi” option. This way, videos will only autoload over a wi-fi network as opposed to using your cellular data. You can even go a step further by eliminating autoplay videos entirely.

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