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The Physics of LASERs, Teacher Edition 3 Teacher Introduction Summary for all Lessons These lessons were written to celebrate the 50th birthday of the LASER. The first working LASER was created on May 17, 1960. This set of three laser lessons introduces students to the properties of lasers, the fundamental components of a laser,. Laser notes pdf 1. Subject: Engineering Physics (PHY-1) Common For All Branches Unit: 2.1 LASER Syllabus: Spontaneous and stimulated emissions, Laser action, characteristics of laser beam-concepts of coherence, He-Ne and semiconductor lasers (simple ideas), applications. Portfolioashley danielle designs clothing.

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These unique characteristics of laser have made it an important tool in various applications. The initial notable application of laser was made c on the lunar ranging experiment of Apollo II Mission of 1969, when an array of retro reflectors was mounted on the surface of the moon and pulses from a ruby laser were sent from the earth. The reflected beams were received by suitable detectors and by measuring the time taken by the pulses in going from the earth to the moon and back, the distance of the moon from the earth was calculated to an accuracy of 15 cm.Introduction to laser physics pdfLaser
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Introduction To Laser Physics Pdf Free

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