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Java throw keyword is used to throw an exception explicitly (manually). The throw keyword must be in try block. When JVM encounters the throw keyword, it stops the execution of try block and jump to the corrosponding catch block.

Java keywords with examples

The throws keyword in Java. The throws keyword is generally used for handling checked exception. When you do not want to handle a program by try and catch block, it can be handled by throws. Without handling checked exceptions program can never be compiled. The throws keyword is always added after the method signature. Let us now implement a Java program to demonstrate the “throws” keyword. In this program, we have a class Examplethrow in which we have a method testMethod. In the signature of this testMethod, we declare two exceptions IOException and Arithmetic Exception using the throws keyword. In the Java programming language, the keyword static indicates that the particular member belongs to a type itself, rather than to an instance of that type. This means that only one instance of that static member is created which is shared across all instances of the class. The concept in Java Programming Language A Keyword in Java programming language, like any other programming language, is a reserved word with a special meaning. Keywords are reserved for internal processes and have some predefined actions. In Java, if the keywords are used otherwise, the program or code will encounter a ‘Compile Time Error’.


Java Throw Keyword

Throw keyword in java program

Java throw keyword is used to throw an exception explicitly. The throw keyword must be in try block. When JVM encounters the throw keyword, it stops the execution of try block and jump to the corresponding catch block.

Example of throw keyword in java

In the above example, statement 1 is validating the value of b, if b is zero then, throw an exception otherwise show the result.

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Every time, when an exception occur, try block throws an exception to corresponding catch block. When we need a method to throw an exception, we use throws keyword followed by method declaration.

When a method throws an exception, we must put the calling statement of method in try-catch block.

Keyword In Java Program

Abstract Keyword In Java Program

Example of throws keyword in java

In the above example, division() method is throwing an ArithmeticException, therefore, we have written the calling statement of division() method in try-catch block.

Java Finally Keyword

Finally block is used to cleanup resources allocated by try block, such as closing file, closing database connection, etc. The catch block is executed when the exception occur in try block. The finally block is used to execute a given set of statements, whether an exception has occurred or not. We can have only one finally block for each try block. It is not mandatory to have a finally block after try-catch block.

Example of finally keyword in java

Keywords are words that have already been defined for Java compiler. They have special meaning for the compiler. Java Keywords must be in your information because you can not use them as a variable, class or a method name.


Keywords In Java Programming

Java Reserved Keywords List

You can't use keyword as identifier in your Java programs, its reserved words in Java library and used to perform an internal operation.


Java Programs For This Keyword

true, false and null are not reserved words but cannot be used as identifiers, because it is literals of built-in types.

Final Keyword In Java Program