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Cobra has officially launched its new line of Radspeed products (drivers, fairways, hybrids and irons) for 2021, which will replace the popular lineup of King SpeedZone products the company. Founded in 1973 by club designer and former Australian golf champion Thomas Crow, Cobra Golf is now an international company that sells golf clubs and equipment online and in store at over 7,800.

A Relative Newcomer with an Impressive Reputation – Cobra Golf

Founded in 1973, Cobra Golf is one of the world’s most distinctive manufacturers of golf clubs. April 2010, saw the company being purchased by Puma, leading to the new brand Cobra Puma Golf. We’ll be featuring lots of Cobra golf club reviews in the future, but here we’ll be looking at the company in general.

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Cobra is currently one of the fastest growing golf brands in the world today. They are presently experiencing an increase in their market share of the metal woods and irons category. The company’s mission is to make the game of golf more enjoyable, by offering a range of products that use innovative technology to give quality performance at a price that won’t break the bank. Cobra golf clubs are designed with the average, avid golfer in mind, and have performance goals of greater accuracy, distance and improved forgiveness.

King Cobra Golf Company

Cobra Golf’s journey

An Australian, named Thomas Crow, is responsible for founding Cobra Golf back in 1973. He was a former amateur champion in Australia, and had spent some time working for Precision Golf, another well-known Australian brand. However, he was unsettled there, and began tinkering with his own designs. He decided to up sticks and move to America, where he settled in San Diego, and founded Cobra Golf.

Cobra Golf’s first product was released in 1975. It was called The Baffler, and is still made today, although in a hugely different form. This first club was a persimmon 7-wood, with a 23-degree. The company marketed it as a utility club, and many consider it to be the forerunner of today’s hybrids.

Cobra Golf grew steadily over the next few years, with Crow at the helm, and introduced a 46 inch driver in 1979 that was designed to give more speed and distance for golfers who played for recreation.

Cobra gained a reputation over the years for game-improvement clubs as they brought many exciting innovations to the industry. They were the first manufacturer in the US to offer graphite shafts, back in 1985. And in 1992 the first full set of oversized irons was introduced. They developed the autoclaving manufacturing process that allows graphite shafts to be much stronger. In 2000, they developed the first graphite shaft that weighed less than 50 grams. It was called the Airweight shaft.

King Cobra Golf Company

Greg Norman became a partial owner in 1991, in exchange for his endorsement of their products, and he also helped to design Cobra’s first set of forged irons. He also eventually became full owner of the company’s Australian dealership.

King Cobra – A name that’s synonymous with over-sized irons

In 1992, Cobra introduced golfers to the first set of over-sized irons. King Cobra golf clubs became the performance standard, in 1994, and were their best selling irons. A whole new category of irons was introduced, and Cobra became the leader. In 1996, Cobra introduced their biggest ever line of new products, that included the King Cobra II irons, as well as Ti Offset woods. The King Cobra II irons used an integrated Quad system. Four technological features were combined to create longer, more accurate shots. Needless to say King Cobra golf clubs reviews all sang their praises. The features that became so popular were a new heel-weighting hosel, dual-purpose sole, reinforced shaft tip shape, and optimal progressive weight.

King Cobra drivers were re-launched in 2001, with the introduction of King Cobra SS driver and metals. The SS stands for ‘Sweet Spot’. This innovative driver has a thin, hot oval beta titanium insert that’s surrounded by an even thinner titanium ring. The new technology meant that players could produce more distance, enjoy more forgiveness, experience a solid feel and sweet sound.

2002 saw the release of King Cobra SS oversize irons. These feature a thin face, oversize cavity back, and perimeter weighting. A heightened sweet spot, greater accuracy and distance are what you can expect is you play with one of these. A tungsten insert has been added for higher trajectory, and a cavity ‘muscle arch’ for a more solid feel. And whatever your lie the new skid sole design provides solid contact.

In January 2003, further improvements were made to the King Cobra range when SS-I irons were introduced. The improved design, softer 431 alloy and undercut cavity back design filled with urethane, serve to enhance the feel.

The King Cobra range just gets better and better

2003 was a great year for innovation in the world of Cobra Golf. Not only did they introduce King Cobra SS-I irons, but also their drivers became a No 1 selling model, In October was the debut of King Cobra SZ “Sweet Zone” Drivers, offering an expanded, hotter clubface, improved 9 hot points across the clubface, leading to improved accuracy and greater carry distance.


King Cobra Golf Club Set

November was the month for King Cobra SZ fairway metals to hit the stores. These have a larger volume and face area, and are more forgiving.

Things didn’t slow down going into 2004, when the /king Cobra COMP 454, 414, and 414 Tour were launched. These state-of-the-art drivers feature a lightweight carbon composite crown, increased head volume and clubface area. This new range of drivers also feature the industry’s lightest shaft, to help increase swing speed and add extra carry distance.

Cobra introduced a number of new clubs over the next few years, and have helped to make the game of golf much easier. If you choose to play with one or more of Cobra’s range you’ll never be able to blame your tools for a bad game.

King Cobra Golf Club Covers

Things don’t seem to be slowing down for Cobra. In April 2010, PUMA AG bought Cobra Gold and created a new company Cobra-PUMA Golf. Now PUMA footwear, accessories, and apparel designs perfectly compliment Cobra Golf’s advanced range of golfing equipment. Something for everyone, regardless of your skill set and experience.

King Cobra Golf Club Reviews

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