Map Packs For Starcraft Brood War Map

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So a few years ago I had downloaded a large map pack, probably close to 100 maps. It was all of the maps Blizzard made officially for SC/BW beyond the original SC/BW map packs, with 2-8 player maps. Some of the maps I remember for sure came from this map pack:
(8)Tropical Seas
I have been trying to locate the map pack again, but unfortunately it's gotten much harder to search for SC map packs without getting a billion fucking SC2 pages -_-; I remember when I posted screen shots of Tropical Seas games a few years ago, WaxAngel remembered the map, so I know that there are others out there who have seen it >_<
If someone knows where I can find it, or has the map pack and can upload it, I'd be very appreciative! Thank you!
  1. Map Packs For Starcraft Brood War Maps
  2. Map Packs For Starcraft Brood War Maps Download
  3. Map Packs For Starcraft Brood War Map
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  • Note: The Protoss Nexuses are used in many of these enlarged view maps. The Nexus was found to reduce the file size of the map as well as making the starting positions easier to spot because of their yellow color. Original StarCraft Enlarged Map Images Only Non Trigger-driven maps are listed. Maps with links for names are Maps of the Week.

Map Packs For Starcraft Brood War Maps


Map Packs For Starcraft Brood War Maps Download


Map Packs For Starcraft Brood War Map

Starcraft 2 - Brood War Maps. Overview File Image Relations Dependencies Dependents Follow. Brood War - Fighting Spirit.

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