Mspp V18 Test Successfully Opel Ecu Listauto Diagnostic Tool

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The AutoScannerOpel program is designed for OPEL cars diagnostics. The program supports majority of electronic control units (ECU), installed on Opel cars in 1987-2005 years. The program supports majority of electronic control units (ECU), installed on Opel cars in 1987-2005 years. 2021 popular Ranking Keywords trends in Automobiles & Motorcycles, Car Diagnostic Cables & Connectors, Air Bag Scan Tools & Simulators, Auto Key Programmers with opel diagnostic tool and Ranking Keywords. Discover over 1854 of our best selection of Ranking Keywords on with top-selling Ranking Keywords brands. This is part of the MPPS V18 car list, saying Opel Astra EDC16C9 is supported- ok to read, write, checksum Also, you can write Opel EDC16C9 with other tools yourself, like kess v2, Fgtech Galletto v54, Carprog, etc good luck! Description Opel car systems Programming CAN BUS opcom opel Dignostic tool Op Com is a PC based diagnostic program.It covers almost all for Opel cars, even new cars with CAN-BUS based diagnostic, such as Vectra-C, Astra-H, Zafira-B.The program let you to read out and clear fault codes, shows you live data, lets you to perform output test, and supports remote, and key programming.

The AutoScanner OpelCAN was developed for electronic system diagnostics of Opel cars from 1987 to 2015 (and later) model years - it supports the models:
Antara (2007-), Agila (1998-2006 ), Ascona (1987-1989), Astra-F (1992-2002), Astra-G (1998-2006), Astra-H (2004-), Calibra (1990-1997), Corsa-A/Combo (1987-1993), Corsa-B/Vito (1993-2000), Corsa-C (2001-2006), Corsa-D (2007-), Frontera-A (1992-1998), Frontera-B (1999-2005), Kadett-E (1987-1991), Meriva (2003-2006), Omega-A (1987-1994), Omega-B (1994-2003), Senator-B (1987-1993), Sintra (1997-2000), Speedster/VX220 (2001-2006), Tigra A (1995-2000), Tigra B (2005-), Vectra-A (1989-1995), Vectra-B (1996-2001), Vectra-C/Signum (2002-), Zafira A (1999-2005), Zafira B (2006-) [almost all systems, exepting the engines C16NZ and Isuzu engines] and other more new models of Opel, futher it supports some GM concern models as Suzuki Grand Vitara New (2005-) , Saab 9-3(2002-), Saab 9-5 (1998-) and some others.
The mayority of vehicles supports the diagnostic of all systems with auto diagnostic functions, as engine, automatic gear box, ABS-ESP, cruise control, instrument panel, body control systems and all other systems installed on the Opel cars for all model years.

ECU Programmer software and file for free download.

Please note,anti-virus software can flag up this product software as having a virus. This is a false positive and is due to the software containing the application file like .exe. So Before setup the device software, please disable/uninstall anti-virus software or install a more reliable virus scanner! Our product software is completely safe and virus free and all other virus scanners confirm this.

free. download full UPA Scripts Collection for UPA USB 1.3:

Password: fiaz3099upa

Download UPA Script for Toyota Corolla 2013 93C66 Denso

(Newly added):

Free download MPPS V18 Software Patch+ Installer:

Free download MPPS V18 Software Automatic Installer for WIN7 32bit:

Free download MPPS V18 Software Automatic Installer for WIN7 64bit:

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Kess V2 Ksuite 2.53 free download:

Kess V2 free downloadon Mega:!8QgwSboa!XLUqAJBt6ISsL4ijpdxZ68emHJa8EMAvwLAq_ZRlZPg

Password: laura168

Firmware Version: V5.017, Software Version: V2.47 (Newest)
Update: By link


OS: Works on Win XP / Win7 32 bit, Win 8, etc.
Language: English/ German/ Spanish/ Italian/ Portuguese/ French
Car Models: For Multi-cars and trucks, no year limited

Ktag 2.25 free download on Mega:

Hardware Version: V7.020, Software Version: V2.25

Update: By CD or Download link only

O.S: Works on XP, WIN7 (Try on WIN8 WIN10 at your own lucky)

Language: Italian, Deutsch, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish

Works on almost all Kess master

But SE135 has a different driver as SE135-B1 and SE135-E, so their installation method is a little different.

FgTech free download on Mega:

Password: cooked2017 Internet explorer 8 download.

Firmware: FGTECH 0475, Software Version: V54 2012/02

Mspp v18 test successfully opel ecu list auto diagnostic tools

Update: By link

O.S:Windows XP, Windows 7 32-bit

Unlock version, can use directly, no need to activate.
Language: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Czech, Portuguese, Turkish

Car Models: Compatible for cars (12V), trucks (24V), motorcycles, Marine, BDM MPCxx, BDM Boot Mode, checksum.

V82 iProg+ Profree download link:

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V80 iProg+ Pro software, free download link:

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Iprog+ V77 ECU Programmer Free Download link:!hMxViSZJ!flDyz5MqXAhLHldDZ9EIII_b_CTPQj3Ansuraw12rP8

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Mspp V18 Test Successfully Opel Ecu List Auto Diagnostic Toolkit

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Mspp V18 Test Successfully Opel Ecu List Auto Diagnostic Tools

Free download Carprog 11.35 software:

Mspp V18 Test Successfully Opel Ecu List Auto Diagnostic Tool Download

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