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Olympic Games London

1 day ago  GENEVA (Kyodo) — Keith Mills, deputy chairman of the London Organizing Committee for the 2012 Olympic Games, told the BBC Tuesday he would be preparing for cancellation if he was in charge of. London, United Kingdom become the first city that will host Olympic games for third time. Games of the 30 Olympiad,2012 - Interesting Facts The Openig ceremony of the Games of the 30 Olympiad began at 20:12 local time at the new 80,000-seat Olympic stadium in Stratford and Her majesty Queen Elizabeth II officially opened the 30th jubilee. The ancient Olympic Games included several of the sports that are now part of the Summer Games program, which at times has included events in as many as 32 different sports. In 1924 the Winter Games were sanctioned for winter sports. The Olympic Games have come to be regarded as the world’s foremost sports competition.

Olympic Games London

London 1908

1 day ago  London 2012 chief Sir Keith Mills has poured fresh doubt on whether the delayed Tokyo Olympics will take place, insisting rising coronavirus rates. GENEVA (Kyodo) — Keith Mills, deputy chairman of the London Organizing Committee for the 2012 Olympic Games, told the BBC Tuesday he would be preparing for cancellation if he was in charge of.

Amid volcanic explosions, London steps in to save the day

London 2012

Truth be told, London was never meant to host the Olympic Games in 1908. The huge volcanic eruption of Vesuvius in 1906 saw the Italian government pull Rome from hosting the Games amid fears of spiralling costs and, at the 11th Hour, London stepped in to save the day. The new 68,000-capacity White City Stadium, considered in the day a technological marvel, was built at a cost of £60,000 – compare that to the £537m spent on the new Olympic Stadium in Stratford! – and the organising committee held a further budget of £15,000. The hastily built stadium had a 535m track (three laps to the mile) inside which there was a swimming pool and raised platforms for wrestling and gymnastics.

The 1908 Games started in spring and ran all summer, from 27 April to 31 October, with 22 nations contesting 22 sports, including events long gone from today's Olympic programme – such as Polo, the Standing Long Jump and Tug-of-War. One similar venue to the London 2012 Games was used, with the All England Club in Wimbledon hosting the Tennis (or Racquets) competition. The spirit of the Games was evident in the Tug-of-War final, which saw a team of Liverpudlian policemen beat the Americans, while there was controversy in the 400m after a lane dispute saw three US runners boycotting a re-run of the four-man final, allowing Briton Wyndham Halswelle to win the only ever Olympic walkover in history. Halswelle that ends well, as they say.

One history-changing moment occurred during the London 1908 Games involving the Marathon event, which until 1908 had habitually been a race of 25 miles – the exact distance between Athens and Marathon in Ancient Greece. There was a slight snag, however, for the London 1908 Games: the race was to start at Windsor Castle and end at the White City Arena, a length of 26 miles; what's more, King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra – who had set the route in the first place – stipulated that the race was to finish under the Royal Box at the stadium, adding on a further 385 yards. As a result, the modern-day Marathon distance of 26 miles, 385 yards was born – although it was not to the liking of all competitors. Italian confectioner Dorando Pietri was leading the race as it entered the stadium, but he collapsed five times on the closing lap in the uncharacteristically hot British summer sun. It took him 10 minutes to complete the final 350 metres, and he only completed the race after bring practically dragged over the line by race officials. Pietri was disqualified after the American team of the runner-up lodged a complaint – although he did pick up a silver cup as consolation prize awarded by the Queen one day later.

Olympic Games London 1948

Incidentally, the host nation won 99 more medals than their nearest opponent in the overall medal table, the USA. Great Britain's tally of 146 medals included 56 golds. Battlefield 3 patches downloadwestcoastfree.