Ordinary Differential Equations Pdf Books

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Author : Vladimir I. Arnold
Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
Release : 1992-05-08
ISBN : 9783540548133
Language : En, Es, Fr & De

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An introductory course of ordinary differential equations (ODE): existence theory, flows, invariant manifolds, linearization, omega limit sets, phase plane analysis, and stability. These topics, covered in Sections 1.1–1.8 of Chapter 1 of this book, are introduced, together with some of their im.

Few books on Ordinary Differential Equations (ODEs) have the elegant geometric insight of this one, which puts emphasis on the qualitative and geometric properties of ODEs and their solutions, rather than on routine presentation of algorithms. From the reviews: 'Professor Arnold has expanded his classic book to include new material on exponential growth, predator-prey, the pendulum, impulse response, symmetry groups and group actions, perturbation and bifurcation.' --SIAM REVIEW

Ordinary differential equations pdf books pdf

Ordinary Differential Equations Pdf Books

  • Written in a clear, logical and concise manner, this comprehensive resource allows students to quickly understand the key principles, techniques and applications of ordinary differential equations. Important topics including first and second order linear equations, initial value problems and qualitative theory are presented in separate chapters.
  • Unlike most texts in differential equations, this textbook gives an early presentation of the Laplace transform, which is then used to motivate and develop many of the remaining differential equation concepts for which it is particularly well suited.