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I have killed my share of Sixth House minions, bosses, and outside beasts.lots of good set pieces, only 2 scraps to make the robe. Edited by drakhan2002ESO on May 29, 2017 9:34PM #3. In the main room, you will find a bell puzzle. The solution to the puzzle is on the wall in front of the puzzle, and each letter will illuminate after the correct bell is rung. To solve the Sixth House bell puzzle, you must spell the word 'DREAMS' out of the Daedric tiles. From left to right, the letters are as follows: D-R-A-E-S-M (1-2-4-3-6-5). 1 day ago  We're so excited! We're so excited! Peacock's Saved By the Bell reboot has been renewed for a second season, NBCU's streaming service announced Tuesday morning, Jan.

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Sixth House

Smaller Bases:

Lord High Councilor:

Ash Vampires:

Favored Attributes:
Friends & Foes:
Camonna Tong-1
Fighters Guild-3
House Hlaalu-3
House Redoran-3
House Telvanni-3
Imperial Cult-3
Imperial Legion-3
Mages Guild-3
Thieves Guild-3
Tribunal Temple-3
'Pity Dagoth Ur and the Sixth House. All they do, all they are is foul and evil, but they began in brightness and honor, and the cause of their fall was their loyal service to you, Lord Nerevar.' — Peakstar

House Dagoth or simply the Sixth House is the defunct sixth Great House of the Chimer led by Voryn Dagoth, later known as Dagoth Ur. All records of the house's existence were destroyed following the Battle of Red Mountain and its members were either killed or absorbed into the remaining houses. Unbeknownst to all, Lord Dagoth had survived and spent centuries slowly building his strength and influence from within Red Mountain. This culminated with Dagoth's attempt to re-create the Dwemer god-construct Numidium in order to overthrow the Tribunal and conquer Morrowind.

Actions within the Game[edit]

The game starts in 3E 427. They like us, they really like us!. The Player's shipment to Morrowind is probably the Emperor's response to the Sixth House's assassinations. In that case, the Empire likely sought House Dagoth as the responsible party, learned their history and accompanying myths, and acted to exploit those myths. A parcel in the game indicates that the Emperor found these myths extremely convincing on the advice of several counselors.

During the Player's time on Vvardenfell, the Sixth House gains strength in two ways. First, as the Player levels, an increasing percentage of the creatures carry the blight disease. Secondly, as the Player pursues the Main Quest, Dagoth Ur's dreams spread, creating more Sixth House dreamers throughout the game. Both of these effects boost the nominal strength of House Dagoth, but other than having more blighted beasts and Sixth House dreamers to confront, very few game effects result.

The Sixth House is destroyed when the Player defeats Dagoth Ur, by shattering Kagrenac's enchantments on Lorkhan's Heart. To do this, the Player has to use the basic physical principle of resonance, hitting the heart several times with Sunder and Keening. The Heart itself appears to be destroyed when its enchantments are destroyed. It is not known whether this means the actual destruction of the heart itself; Vivec merely says that the enchantments enabling the use of the heart are destroyed.


Dagoth Ur's progress with Sunder and Keening is unknown. It was not sufficient to create Akulakhan. However, Dagoth Ur claimed that he was a god. Furthermore, he had one of Vivec's godly properties -- when he was killed, he reappeared right back at his central focus, and no time appeared to have elapsed at all.

This suggests he found a way to wield Sunder and Keening for the brief steps required to do this. Of the three steps, the first two do not require extended contact with Sunder and Keening; it is not known whether the third step does.

However, it is also possible that Dagoth Ur's research, even possibly before obtaining Sunder and Keening, was sufficient to confer that sort of immortality. In addition, it might have happened even earlier, during the War of the First Council.




Morrowind Sixth House Bell Hammer

Character NameSpeciesTypeRankingLocationComments
Dagoth UrN/ASpecial CreaturesLord High CouncilorDagoth Ur, Facility Cavern
Dagoth AraynysAsh VampireAsh CreatureAsh VampireMamaea, Sanctum of Black Hope
Dagoth EndusAsh VampireAsh CreatureAsh VampireEndusal, Kagrenac's Study
Dagoth GilvothAsh VampireAsh CreatureAsh VampireDagoth Ur, Lower Facility
Dagoth OdrosAsh VampireAsh CreatureAsh VampireOdrosal, Dwemer Training Academy
Dagoth TureynulAsh VampireAsh CreatureAsh VampireTureynulal, Kagrenac's Library
Dagoth UtholAsh VampireAsh CreatureAsh VampireKogoruhn, Charma's Breath
Dagoth VemynAsh VampireAsh CreatureAsh VampireVemynal, Hall of Torque
Dagoth FandrilAscended SleeperAsh CreatureAscended SleeperTureynulal, Bladder of Clovis
Dagoth FelmisAscended SleeperAsh CreatureAscended SleeperVemynal, Hall of Torque
Dagoth GarelAscended SleeperAsh CreatureAscended SleeperVemynal, Outer Fortress
Dagoth GoralAscended SleeperAsh CreatureAscended SleeperEndusal, Kagrenac's study
Dagoth HlevulAscended SleeperAsh CreatureAscended SleeperAssemanu, Shrine
Dagoth IrvynAscended SleeperAsh CreatureAscended SleeperDagoth Ur, Inner Tower
Dagoth MalanAscended SleeperAsh CreatureAscended SleeperNowhere
Dagoth MolosAscended SleeperAsh CreatureAscended SleeperTureynulal, Kagrenac's Library
Dagoth RatherAscended SleeperAsh CreatureAscended SleeperDagoth Ur, Inner Facility
Dagoth RelerAscended SleeperAsh CreatureAscended SleeperKogoruhn, Dome of Urso
Dagoth TanisAscended SleeperAsh CreatureAscended SleeperFalasmaryon, Lower Level
Dagoth UlenAscended SleeperAsh CreatureAscended SleeperKogoruhn, Vault of Aerode
Dagoth UvilAscended SleeperAsh CreatureAscended SleeperKogoruhn, Temple of Fey
Dagoth VanerAscended SleeperAsh CreatureAscended SleeperDagoth Ur, Outer Facility
Dagoth AladusAsh GhoulAsh CreatureAsh GhoulNowhereRepairs, Merchant
Dagoth BalerAsh GhoulAsh CreatureAsh GhoulKogoruhn, Hall of the Watchful TouchRepairs, Merchant
Dagoth DaynilAsh GhoulAsh CreatureAsh GhoulKogoruhn, Charma's BreathRepairs, Merchant
Dagoth DelnusAsh GhoulAsh CreatureAsh GhoulKogoruhn, Hall of PhistoRepairs, Merchant
Dagoth DralsAsh GhoulAsh CreatureAsh GhoulDagoth Ur, Inner FacilityRepairs, Merchant
Dagoth DravenAsh GhoulAsh CreatureAsh GhoulSubdun, ShrineRepairs, Merchant
Dagoth ElamAsh GhoulAsh CreatureAsh GhoulKogoruhn, Bleeding HeartRepairs, Merchant
Dagoth FalsAsh GhoulAsh CreatureAsh GhoulTureynulal, Eye of DugganRepairs, Merchant
Dagoth FervasAsh GhoulAsh CreatureAsh GhoulKogoruhn, Charma's BreathRepairs, Merchant
Dagoth FovonAsh GhoulAsh CreatureAsh GhoulHassour, ShrineRepairs, Merchant
Dagoth GalmisAsh GhoulAsh CreatureAsh GhoulTureynulal, Eye of Thom WyeRepairs, Merchant
Dagoth GanelAsh GhoulAsh CreatureAsh GhoulFalasmaryon, Lower Level
Dagoth GaresAsh GhoulAsh CreatureAsh GhoulIlunibi, Soul's Rattle
Dagoth GirerAsh GhoulAsh CreatureAsh GhoulKogoruhn, Dome of Pollock's EveRepairs, Merchant
Dagoth IenasAsh GhoulAsh CreatureAsh GhoulDagoth Ur, Outer FacilityRepairs, Merchant
Dagoth MendrasAsh GhoulAsh CreatureAsh GhoulEndusal, Kagrenac's studyRepairs, Merchant
Dagoth MulisAsh GhoulAsh CreatureAsh GhoulNowhereRepairs, Merchant
Dagoth MulynAsh GhoulAsh CreatureAsh GhoulFalasmaryon, Sewers
Dagoth MuthesAsh GhoulAsh CreatureAsh GhoulDagoth Ur, Lower FacilityRepairs, Merchant
Dagoth NilorAsh GhoulAsh CreatureAsh GhoulVemynal, Outer FortressRepairs, Merchant
Dagoth RalasAsh GhoulAsh CreatureAsh GhoulKogoruhn, Nabith WaterwayRepairs, Merchant
Dagoth SolerAsh GhoulAsh CreatureAsh GhoulVemynal, Hall of TorqueRepairs, Merchant
Dagoth VelosAsh GhoulAsh CreatureAsh GhoulYakin, Shrine
Character NameRaceClassRankingLocationComments
Dreamer ProphetDunmerDreamerDreamerVivec, Foreign Quarter's UnderworksHas key to cell in Mamaea
ZulaDunmerDreamerDreamerMamaea, Shrine of Pitted Dreams
Hanarai AssutlanipalDunmerAgentSleeperAld'ruhn, Hanarai Assutlanipal's HouseShort Blade,Light Armor,SneakTraining


Eso Wakeners Hall Bells

Several items associated with House Dagoth, both historical and 'reawakened' can be found in-game. Among these are: the Sixth House Bell-Hammer, Dagoth Dagger, 6th House Amulet, Amulet of Heartfire, Amulet of Heartheal, Amulet of Heartrime, Amulet of Heartthrum, Belt of Heartfire, Blood Ring, Heart Ring, Soul Ring, House Dagoth Cup, and Ash Statues.


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