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I just spoke to Slingbox support in the US to ask about the chances of a version of SlingPlayer for Web compatible with macOS Catalina. I was told that the chances were very slim at best. Studio 5 4 mobile al ain. I then enquired into the situation regarding future versions of iOS and got a similar answer. SlingPlayer is the screen interface software that works hand-in-hand with the hardware inside the Slingbox to make your TV viewing experience just like that at home. It features an array of innovative features and controls, including a favorites bar, customizable remote controls, and the best streaming video money can buy.

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As Apple delivers its MacOS 10.15 Catalina operating system, many folks will be shopping for an external webcam compatible with MacOS Catalina. Or, they may be wondering if their existing USB web camera will function properly under the latest version of OSX.
The UVC - USB Video Class device specification is firmly entrenched in the low-level software code of all major operating systems: Not just OSX, but Windows, Linix and Android OS as well. As such we expect that vast majority of more recent UVC compatible web cameras to work on the 10.15 version of Catalina MacOS without a hitch.
If there's any quirks about MacOS Catalina webcam compatibility, we'll note it on this website. As more app developers and end users deploy their webcams under the Beta and full release of Catalina we'll be sure to hear of particular cameras that exhibit any problems or issues.
There may be much older web cameras with outdated UVC device implementations that aren't up to snuff and may be problematic for use on MacOS Catalina, However most modern webcams should work on a Macs running Catalina just fine.