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Feel annoying with those Spotify ads while streaming Spotify Music? Are seeking a great way to remove Spotify ads? Here this article will introduce the best way to remove ads from Spotify music free.

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Spotify provides users with three ways to enjoy music: Free, Premium and Family. Each has its relative strengths and limits. Spotify Free model is the most restrictive one among three ways. In Free model, users don’t need to spend money to stream Spotify music. But they must tolerate the disturbance of advertisements while streaming Spotify songs, which is a terrible experience. You can also pay $9.99 per month to be Premium user or $14.99 per month to be Family subscriber, which will enjoy high quality audio without advertisement. But even the Premium and Family users can’t stream Spotify music on all of their devices as they want, such as transfer to USB for playing in the car, or burn them to a CD for enjoying.

Ad Studio helps you be heard by the right Spotify listeners with audio and video ads — plus, it’s easy. Promote your music. Give listeners a taste of your sound on a platform where they’re already listening and discovering new music. Simply upload your ad or use our free creative tools and services to create an audio ad from scratch. Update: as of the addon does not work with the latest version of spotify, just wait for an updated adblocker or avoid updating spotify for now. Hey, I've been using the 'host blocking' method but it's an easy one to get out of date, so I discovered a new way to block ads.

To remove ads from Spotify music free or the limits from Premium and Family plan, a powerful Spotify Music Converter is needed. NoteBurner Spotify Music Converter a professional Spotify Music Converter, which can directly record Spotify music and convert them to DRM-free format like MP3, AAC, FLAC, AIFF, or WAV. The following is a detailed tutorial about how to remove Spotify ads from Spotify music. Please download this useful tool on your computer first before getting started.

While Spotify is letting us listen to streaming music completely for free, it's at the same time appending some restrictions to our listening experience. One of the most annoying things could be the ads that will randomly appear in the songs during the playback. To get ad-free music, Spotify encourages us to upgrade from free to its premium service by paying $9.99 monthly. In fact, except for subscribing to Spotify premium, there are more ways to block Spotify ads. Here are the top 4 Spotify ad-blocking methods you can follow.

Method 1. Block Ads on Spotify by Upgrading to Spotify Premium

Spotify Ads

The most popular way to remove ads on Spotify is to upgrade Spotify free account to Premium version, which will requires $9.99 monthly subscription fee. After subscribing to Spotify Premium, you'll be able to listen to any Spotify track, album and playlist without ads in 320kbps high quality, as well as to download Spotify music offline on any device.

Tutorial: How to Get Spotify Premium

Step 1. Go to homepage of Spotify official site. Find 'Get Spotify Premium' option from the page and click it.

Step 2. Spotify offers a 3-month trial plan that costs $0.99 a month for you to try the service before you decided to keep the premium subscription. Choose your payment method and enter the info and details as it requires.

Step 3. Click 'Start My Spotify Premium' button at the end of the page to complete the subscription.

Note: You can cancel the premium membership anytime during the 3-month trial. If you don't cancel before the trial ends, you will be charged $9.99 + applicable tax each month by Spotify.

Method 2. Download Spotify Songs with Spotify Ad Blocker

Thanks to the fast growth of some 3rd-party Spotify music downloading services, blocking ads in Spotify has become possible and easy even without getting Spotify premium account. In other words, with these powerful tools, you'll be able to download ad-free Spotify music offline with even free account.

Spotify Advertise

TunesKit Spotify Music Converter is such a smart ad blocker for Spotify that can remove the ads from Spotify songs while downloading Spotify music as MP3. It works with both free and premium users and only needs a few clicks to download any Spotify track, album or playlist offline. Besides, while removing ads, it also keeps the original sound quality and ID3 tags, including 320kbps bit rate, artist, title, date, etc. of every piece of Spotify songs.

Tutorial: How to Get Spotify Ad Free with TunesKit Spotify Ad Blocker

Step 1. Download and install TunesKit Spotify Music Converter on your computer. It works with the latest Mac and Windows OS, as well as the most up-to-date Spotify app.

Step 2. Open the program and it will launch Spotify app simultaneously. After that, browse the Spotify account and drag any track/album/playlist to TunesKit interface.

Step 3. Click 'Preferences' from top menu bar and select the output format as MP3 or AAC, WAV, FLAC, etc. Make changes to the bit rate, sample rate, audio channel if you like.

Step 4. Click 'Convert' button and wait for a while till the process completes. Then you'll be able to enjoy the ad-free Spotify songs offline on any MP3 player or mobile device.

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Method 3. Block Spotify Ads with Free Spotify Ad Blocker

In case you are looking for free ways to skip ads on Spotify, we also provide two most popular Spotify ad blocker freeware that you can have a try.

1. EZBlocker

Rather than a free Spotify ad blocker, EZBlocker is more like an ad muter for Spotify which blocks ads on Spotify from loading. To be specific, whenever an ad loads upon the playback of Spotify track, EZBlocker will pause Spotify in the background until the ad is over. As a pure ad blocking tool for Spotify, EZBlocker only mutes the ads without affecting other sounds at all.

There's no setup required. To use the app, you can simply drag it to any folder and run. The following guide will show you how to install EZBlocker on your computer in order to mute ads in Spotify.

Tutorial: How to Remove Ads on Spotify with EZBlocker

Spotify Ads Playlist

Step 1. Download EZBlocker from its official site. Make sure you are running Windows 8/10 or Windows 7 with .NET Framework 4.5+.

Step 2. Right click the EZBlocker.exe and select 'Run as Administrator'.

Step 3. Then it will start Spotify app automatically. You can start playing any track and it will then mute the ads from Spotify music in the background.

Tips: Although EZBlocker is free in blocking Spotify ads, it sometimes may not work as stably as expected. For instance, it might accidentally mute a song instead of ad.

2. StopAd

As another free ad blocker for Spotify, StopAd is able to block ads in Spotify desktop app on Windows and Mac, as well as in Spotify web player. But it currently doesn't block audio advertisements in the Spotify mobile app yet.

Tutorial 1: How to Block Ads in Spotify Desktop App

Step 1. Download and install StopAd application on your computer.

Step 2. Open the program, navigate to 'Settings' in the bottom left corner of StopAd main window.

Step 3. Click 'Applications' > 'Search app'. Then enter Spotify.

Spotify Music Ads

Step 4. Check-mark it and then click 'Add to filtering'.

Spotify Music Ads Removerlasopatriple

Tutorial 2: How to Block Ads in Spotify Web Player

Step 1. Install Web Assistant from StopAd.

Step 2. Launch the app, click on the green/grey hand at the bottom left corner, on the right from 'Ad Blocker' click on the green button and enable 'Ad Blocker'.

Step 3. Then you can add or remove any site like Spotify from the list so that it will block the ads for Spotify web player when you are using it.

Method 4. Block Ads in Spotify by Modifying Host File

Another popular way to block ads for Spotify is revising the host file on your Windows or Mac.

Step 1. If you are using Windows OS, go to C:WindowsSystem32driversetchosts. For Mac users, you should open the host file in Terminal by typing vim /etc/hosts or sudo nano /etc/hosts.

Step 2. Open the host file and then paste this list at the bottom of the file. Save the edited file.

Step 3. Launch Spotify and start playing the track or playlist with no ads.

Conclusion & Suggestion

All those 4 methods work great in helping you remove ads from Spotify music. If you don't mind paying extra money, upgrading to Premium or buying TunesKit Spotify Music Downloader is highly recommended as you are able to enjoy the extreme high quality of the Spotify music without ads. But if you prefer to free solutions, the EZBlocker and StopAd could be better options.

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Or do you have any other app or software that could block Spotify ads efficiently? Why not share it in comments here?

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