Srm The Remote Server Returned An Error (503)

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The earliest video gamesthe history of video games. Aug 19, 2018 Created on August 15, 2018 The remote server returned an error: (503) Server Unavailable. Some parts of the Admin Portal This error is appearing in some parts of the admin portal, security and compliance centre, trust centre and other areas. A 503 Service Unavailable error is an HTTP response status code that indicates that the server is temporarily unable to handle your request. This issue may occur due to many reasons. To resolve this issue follow the VMware KB that explains 503 Service Unavailable.

  1. Check the services on the SRM server to be sure that the Site Recovery Manager Service is running. Alternatively, you can change the stored password from the command line. For example: cd C: Program Files VMware VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager bin Run the command: srm-config.exe -cmd updateuser -cfg. Config vmware-dr.xml -u.
  2. The Server Hostname could not interpret the client’s request. (The remote server returned an error: (503) Server Unavailable.) Connecting Usually when I see this, I simply restart the SRM service however on this occasion the SRM service would start and stop after a few seconds. This led me to review the SRM logs which are available here.
I have performed patching activity on my ESX servers. I have installed ESX patches using esxupdate and rebooted the ESX servers. After the reboot . The server came up and responding to ping reply. But i am unable to connect my ESX server neither by vSphere client nor with vCenter server

Srm The Remote Server Returned An Error (503) Error

.When i am trying to connect via vSphere Client , I am getting the below error message.
The server could not interpret the communication from the client. (The remote server returned an error: (503) Server Unavailable.)
As a first resort, I tried restarting My Management agents, vpxa agents and management network on ESX servers mutiple times using the below commands
Service mgmtvmware restart (VMware Management agents)
Service network restart (management network)
As a last resort, I have restarted my ESX server also. But still i am not able to connect my ESX server via vSphere client.This issue occurs not only for one ESX server but also for all of the ESX servers. In addition to that , I have to install ESX 4.0 Update 4 on my ESX servers along with the multiple patches. I have placed my ESX host into maintenance mode(If you want to know how to place ESX server into maintenance mode, Please refer my Blog post on Maintanence Mode ) and installed ESX 4.0 Update 4 and rebooted my ESX host . Once the server came up, I tried to install other patches using esxupdate utility. I was getting another error
description = ‘Maintenance mode is not enabled or could not be determined.’

I have found the below error in hostd.log under /var/log/vmware in my ESX server
Connection to localhost:8307 failed with error N7Vmacore15SystemExceptionE(Connection refused)

I have referred the following KB Article 1014270 from VMware and Since, this occurs on all of the ESX servers in my environment, I suspect that the issue may be because of my configured DNS servers under /etc/resolv.conf entry . My ESX servers are completely in DMZ environment and don’t have a network path to access the configured DNS server. So i have Comment out the DNS server entries by placing a # in front of the DNS server IP address in /etc/resolv.conf and Saved the file. This prevents my ESX servers from attempting to contact the configured DNS servers and allows it to boot.

After comment out the DNS entries and i have restarted my management agent using the command “service mgmtvmware restart”. Within a few seconds, My ESX server connected back to my vCenter server and also i am able to connect via vSphere Client.

Srm The Remote Server Returned An Error (503) Windows 10

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