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Important info: to get the debug menu press esc + s at same time or roughly at same time, one used said 'i had to hold down esc and s for a couple of second.

Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ
Corey Feldman Interview

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat Artifact List (Table, Guide) Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Misery: The Armed Zone V1.7.4 'Full version' Mod Posted almost 5 years ago; 214 downloads; This mod builds upon the great 'Misery' mod. It overhauls weapons found in that mod and really makes it like a totally new mod, versus a addon. There are dozens of new weapons added by this mod. Check out the home page for more info. Currently in-progress, this will soon be a complete list of console commands with descriptions. In it's current state, it's far more exhaustive than the previous list. If you would like to add/update any commands, please be sure to follow the current structure- an example is given below in the Notes section. Derjyn 23:27, 17 June 2008 (EEST. It's been a busy couple of months! Our eagle-eyed users may have noticed the lack of a November announcement in the We The Players event, so we're declaring the winners from both November and December today, which brings the year-long event to a close.

Extra ending sequences

The ending you get is determined by actions you take over the course of the game. Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock an extra sequence of the ending you normally would not see:

    1. Get the 'Battle Systems Master' achievement.
    2. Get the 'Courier Of Justice' achievement.
    3. Get the 'Detective' achievement.
    4. Get the 'Friend Of Stalkers' achievement. Prevents ending #8.
    5. Get the 'Friend Of Duty' achievement. Prevents endings #6 and #9.
    6. Get the 'Friend Of Freedom' achievement. Prevents endings #5 and #9.
    7. Get the 'High Tech Master' achievement.
    8. Get the 'Kingpin' achievement. Prevents ending #4.
    9. Get the 'Man Of Balance' achievement. Prevents endings #5 and #6.
    10. Get the 'Mutant Hunter' achievement.
    11. Get the 'One Of The Lads' achievement.
    12. Get the 'Pioneer' and 'Research Assistant' achievements.
    13. Get the 'Trafficker Of Information' achievement.
    14. Get the 'Battle Systems Master' achievement, but not the 'High Tech Master' achievement.
    15. Get the 'High Tech Master' achievement, but not the 'Battle Systems Master' achievement.
    16. Do not kill Noah.
    17. Vano survives.
    18. Zulu survives.
    19. Strider survives
    20. Strelock survives.
    21. Finding out about the fate of Barge and Joker for Cardan. Allows the combination sequence for ending #1 and #7.
    22. Find all six documents in the X8 Lab.
    23. Restore the Gauss Rifle to operational. Changes the combination sequence for ending #1 and #7 to the best outcome.
    24. Find the Compass artifact for Beard.
    25. Leave on the choppers at end of game.
    26. Do not leave on the choppers. Prevents endings #1 through #25.
Easy money

Once technicians are friendly to you through quests, you can repair items for cheaper. If you bring back all the weapons and items you loot from ten people, you can repair, break them down (silencers and scopes), unload, and sell the ammo, weapons, and attachments for more money.

How To Get Stalker Misery 2.1 Cheat Menu Working - YouTube

Controller support? :: S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl ..Early Vintar BC Sniper Rifle

Immediately after you start the game, go to the burnt farmstead. There is a burnt piece of wood leaning against the wall of the ruined house on the top right. Walk up it, and you can follow the roofs to the left to get a Vintar laying on the roof of the building on the far left.

Early Velez detector

When you start the game, try to get 6000 RU as soon as possible. Go to the Burnt Farmstead, and get the Vintar sniper rifle. Go to the pilot in Skadovsk, and ask him to take you to Yanov. When you get there, go to Kopachy. There are about eight Zombies here. Go to the back of the house, and snipe them with the Vintar. At the front of the house is a construction crane. Inside is a stash with a Velez detector. Take it, then have the pilot take you back to Skadosk. It will now be much easier to get artifacts to get money for better armor and upgrades.


When making your first trip through the Bloodsucker's lair with Grouse, you will exit through a tunnel. If you follow the tunnel the other direction, there is a stash containing Anabolic drugs, which are the earliest ones you can find. They will help against emissions. Use three Antibiotics during emissions to be immune. You can also get an Anabiotic at the cave northeast of the burnt farmstead after you kill the controller.

Downed UAV

At the northwest corner of the Jupiter map is a UAV crash in a crater. You can loot the computer and have Nitro decrypt it for you. It gives you the locations of the three stashes containing Strelok's notes which can be used to complete the 'Keeper of Secrets' achievement and also to acquire Strelok Lucky SGI5K, which is the best AR in the game because it can hold a silencer, m203, and all Susat scope models.

Stalker Misery Console CommandsbaldcirclekidzMarked By Zone side effect

After surviving three emissions, if you are in good health you can survive emissions without the aid of Anabolics due to the effects of using the drugs.

Extra Compass artifacts

Sometimes when you kill Noah, he will drop two Compass artifacts.

Defeating Bloodsuckers

Sometimes when fighting Bloodsuckers, if you sprint away and turn around they will follow you in a straight line. This makes it easy to hit them while they are invisible.

Easy 'Friend Of Duty', 'Friend Of Freedom', and 'Man Of Balance' achievements

It is possible to complete the 'Monolith Fighters' and 'Guarding the Bunker' quest without having the 'Friend Of..' achievement for either faction. Flint, Magpie, or Soroka must be turned into the appropriate faction you want to be friends with, but not get the achievement. This allows you to have that faction guard the scientist bunker, and recruit the Monolith fighters as well. The faction you want to assign those tasks to must have green (friendly) status towards you. If you still want to get the 'Man Of Balance' achievement, tell whoever about Flint, then sell the two required PDAs for either faction to Owl. You can still tell Gaunt about Flint. All this can be done without missing any quests, and you will still get your discounts from the Yanov merchants.


Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement:

    Battle Systems Master: Bring Cardan all three toolsets.
    Courier Of Justice: Successfully complete the 'Magpie/Flint/Soroka' quest line.
    Diplomat: Solve Mitay and Vano's quest lines without killing the bandits.
    Detective: Successfully complete the 'Missing Stalkers' quest line.
    Friend Of Stalkers: Successfully complete all Stalker related quests, including those required for One of the Lads.
    Friend Of Freedom: Tell Loki about Flint and give General Tachenko's and Morgan's PDA to him.
    Friend Of Duty: Tell Shulga about Flint and give General Tachenko's and Morgan's PDA to him.
    High Tech Master: Bring Nitro all three toolsets.
    Keeper Of Secrets: Give any information concerning Strelok to him.
    Kingpin (Unconfirmed): Successfully complete Stalker quests in favor of Sultan.
    Leadership: Recruit a full squad including, Zulu, Strider, Vanov, and Sokolov for the Pripyat Underground Mission.
    Marked by Zone: Survive three blowouts using Experimental Anabolic drugs.
    Man Of Balance: Sell General Tachenko's and Morgan's PDA to Owl.
    Mutant Hunter: Successfully complete all the mutant related quests given by Gaunt and Trapper. This includes Bloodsucker Lair, Bloodsuckers in the Swamp, Unknown Mutant Den (Burers), Wounded Chimera, and Nocturnal Chimera.
    One Of The Lads: Successfully complete Yanov and Skadovsk quest lines in favor of Stalker faction.
    Pioneer: Plant scanners in all anomalies and complete the 'Rotten Grove' quest.
    Research Assistant: Successfully complete all Scientists quests and deliver Oasis to them.
    Artifact Hunter: Collect one of each artifact in the game, this includes, compass, oasis, wheel, and spiral.
    Seasoned Stalker: Visit every anomaly in the game, and certain points of interest.
    Trafficker Of Information: Sell Owl any nine pieces of information.
    Wealthy: Collect 100,000 RU during the game.

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Many people ask how to add stuff to the trader, change prices or they have some other reason to ask for the trader files. Now this post will explain exactly how the trader files work.


The files can be found in gamedataconfigmisc . There is a file for every trader:In this tutorial I will use Sidorovich's file, to make things easier for me.

[trader] The info portions that control the changes

Every trader file starts with a [trader] section (I will call everything that has [around] it a section). This first section contains info portions that tell the game which sections to call next. Info portions are used by STALKER to control many things. They are given to you (silently) when you advance in the game. Sid's [trader] section looks like this:

This means:

  • the buy condition is always trader_generic_buy
  • the sell condition is trader_start_sell as default and trader_after_fabric_sell, if the info portion esc_kill_bandits_quest_done is given. That is the case, when you've killed the bandits that keep the rookie stalker captive.
  • the buy_supplies are supplies_start as default and supplies_after_fabric after the same info portion is given.

Barkeep even has a second info portion, so his stuff is changed after X18 and then again after X16.

Now what do these different sections mean? Read in the next parts..

[trader_generic_buy] What the trader buys from you, for how much

From now on, you will find items listed in every section. They usually have two numbers behind them, but those numbers have different meanings for every section. In this first section you will find something like this:

Don't care about such things. They are Cyrillic comments. Everything behind a ; in any .ltx file is a comment or something that someone has deactivated. If a ; is in the middle of a line, the line is active but everything behind that sign will be ignored.

Then there is also something like this:

It means you can't sell a dog tail to Sid, because Sid doesn't care about dog tails! He hasn't fixed a price for it.

Finally there will be something like this: Do more with membership dues.

It means Sid will give you money for a silencer. How much? Well, you have to do some math, to read it: 0.7 + 0.2 = 0.9 -> 0.9 / 2 = 0.45 -> 0.45 45%So he will pay you 45% of the base price. The base price is set in the other ltx files, that define the properties of weapons, suits, etc.Why so complicated? Don't ask me, I'm not GSC. They probably wanted to calculate it different first, but then just made it this way.

[supplies_start] What the trader has to offer

Let me say this right at the beginning: If you add things here, you'll also have to add/edit the same thing in the corresponding sell section. Explained in part 4.

So, this is where you can add stuff that the trader should sell to you. Since this is the [supplies_start] section, he will offer it right from the beginning - but he will offer it only until the next section becomes active ([supplies_after_fabric]). If he should offer it then also, you'd have to add/edit it there as well.

Let's say you want to buy a Gauss rifle from Sid, you'd put:

The first 1 means he could have one Gauss rifle in stock. The second 1 means the chance he will actually have it in stock is 100%.

To make things a bit more difficult, you want to add the gauss ammo, too:

He can have 10 boxes of ammo, but only with a possibility of 30% for each box!

Like I told you, this isn't everything: When adding stuff to the supplies, you have to add or edit the same stuff in the corresponding section ..

[trader_start_sell] What the trader sells

In this section it is defined for how much the trader will sell his supplies to you - if he sells them.

For example:

Misery - Spawning NPCs For Testing :: S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call Of ..

He will sell you his Vodka for twice its base price! Obviously the price calculation is done like explained in part 2 of this guide.

But many stuff isn't for sale:

MISERY Mod For S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call Of Pripyat - Mod DB

Maybe Sid does care about dog tails, because he doesn't sell them either! He likes to keep them obviously!

If you want to be able to buy your Gauss rifle and ammo at start, you have to add it somewhere in this section [trader_start_sell]. If you want to be able to buy it for literally no money, you could add it like this:

The Gauss base price is 25000, so this would sell it for 0.004 % = 1 RU.The ammo base price is 550. Sid throws it out for 0.2 % - around 1 RU.

Of course it would be much easier to edit the base price, than making this complicated rocket-science percentage calculations.

Also, usually prices that traders sell their stuff for, are higher than 100% - because they want to make profit. So the numbers would look like in the Vodka example.

Misery 2.2 ! :: S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call Of Pripyat General ..

Important: If you want to add something that is already in the file (but has ;NO TRADE behind it maybe), then you have to edit the line instead of adding the same item again. Don't make duplicates in the same section!

Note: All price calculations are shown for items which are 0% damaged. If they are damaged, they price will be reduced of course.

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Quest items: If you want to sell or buy quest items, you have to set their quest item status to false.


That can be done in gamedataconfigmiscquest_items.ltx



Steam Community :: Guide :: Making Money In Misery

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