Vident Ilink400 Scan Tool User Manualauto Diagnostic Tool

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  1. Vident Ilink400 Scan Tool User Manual Auto Diagnostic Tools

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Vident ilink400 scan tool user manual auto diagnostic tool repair

Vident iLink400 is a cost-effective full-system OBDII scan tool. It can Work on both OBDI and OBDII cars, SUVs, minivans, light-duty trucks sold worldwide, Supports Ford, GM, Opel, Holden till year 2019. ILink400 offer 3 Years Free Update: Internet updatable via USB. Full range of OBD scan tools suitable for workshops, home mechanics and car enthusiasts. From engine code readers, multi-system diagnostics to professional bi-directional coding and programming scan tools. Enjoy 3 YRS free software on all Vident Scan Tools backed with1 year limited warranty.


Received VIDENT iLink400 and updated with no issues. VIDENT iLink400 is an awesome tool works on my 2010 Dodge Ram & my wife's 2015 Jeep Wrangler. both were throwing codes which my OBD2 was no help for. This tool showed me the live data as well as the saved data from when the first error was seen. Has live testing where you can from inside the vehicle check to make sure everything works. Highly recommend!! save yourself time and money using this tool then going to a dealership.
Support abs bleeding on a 1999 ford e350 super duty.
You can run programs to test certain things such as injectors, abs, tps ect. You can pay for other manufacturers programs too. Each additional one is 60 dollars but it comes with 1 for free.Tool
My only concern is case being tight when trying ot put cable inside. Unit works well and saves data from vehicle. Powers on with OBD or USB port connected.
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VIDENT iLink400 has no key program key function.

Vident Ilink400 Scan Tool User Manual Auto Diagnostic Tools