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The Yamaha XT 600 is a motorcycle manufactured by Japanese motorcycle manufacturerYamaha. It was built from 1984 to 2003 in different versions.

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Model history[edit]

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The XT 600 is considered to be an all-purpose Enduro, which is suitable for use on the road as well as off-road driving. Its disc brakes, four-valve engine, mono-shock absorber (mono Cross) and contemporary 12-volt electrics represented significant improvements over the 1975 model Yamaha XT 500.

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Yamaha Small Engine Manual Clutch

The first XT 600 was introduced in June 1983, the XT 600ZL Ténéré [34L] based on the XT 550 engine, kick start only, with the 30-Litre white tank. In 1984 the basic XT 600 was introduced to 'replace' the XT 550. In addition to the changes in design, the main difference was the use of the compact 11.5-litre tank in place of the 30-litre 'barrel' of the long-haul variant 600ZL Ténéré; the road model Yamaha SRX 600 was derived later. In 1991, the somewhat obsolete XTZ 600 Ténéré was replaced by the water-cooled Yamaha XTZ 660, which no longer had the same off-road capabilities of its predecessor.

Yamaha Small Engine Manual Clutch

Yamaha Small Engine Manual Clutch

Over the years, the XT was built in 600 different variants which, however, usually only look different. The most important change of the XT 600 which had only been using a kick starter was in 1990; the XT 600 E was presented as a new model with a more contemporary design, chrome-plated steel wheel instead of aluminum wheels, now without a tachometer, with the exhaust as the supporting frame member, a 13.9-litre tank and an electric starter. In addition, the oil tank, which was previously located under the left side cover, was moved forward behind the steering head between the frame and girder bridge. Due to high demand, the XT 600 K, which featured a kick starter, but was otherwise structurally identical to the XT 600 E model, was introduced to the market; the series ran until 1995. Due to more stringent emissions requirements, the power of the XT 600 E, which had become the only available model, was reduced by 4 kW to 29 kW (39 hp), and a tachometer was reintegrated in the cockpit. The clutch actuation on the engine body was moved from the left to the right side, and the muffler was no longer part of the rear frame. The reliability of the XT unit was not harmed, as mileages of over 100,000 km and unopened motor are not uncommon.

The bike was eventually succeeded by several newer versions including XT660R (road-trail), XT660X (motard), and XT660Z Ténéré (adventure). Additionally it inspired larger models, notably the adventure-styled XTZ750 Super Ténéré and XT1200Z Super Ténéré.

Point of interest: The 600ZL was known as this because it was a 600Z 34L. However this trend did not continue with the following 55W model in 1984/5, or it could have been known as 600ZW.

Technical data[edit]

  • Type: 3UW Year 94
  • Empty weight: 163 kg (type 2KF, built in 1987 and 1989 for 153 kg)
  • Fork diameter 41 mm, 255 mm of travel front, 225 mm rear (type 2KF 235 mm rear)
  • Air-cooled four-stroke engine 4-valve
  • one cylinder, arranged vertically
  • Bore: 95 mm
  • Stroke: 84 mm
  • Displacement: 595 cm ³
  • Compression ratio: 8.5:1
  • Maximum speed: 141–155 km / h (depending on model)
  • Power: 27-46 hp (depending on restriction)
  • Chain drive
  • Seat height 33.9 in (861 mm)


YearSerial numberdesignationperformance
MY83-8434LXT 600 ZL20 to 33 kW (27–44 hp)
MY8555WXT 600 Z20 to 33 kW (27–44 hp)
MY84,8547N EUR(Swiss)XT 600 Z
MY86-871VJXT 600 Z20 to 34 kW (27–46 hp)
MY88-903AJXT 600 Z20, 25 & 34 kW (27, 34 & 46 hp)

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YearSerial numberdesignationperformance
MY 84-8643FXT 60020 to 33 kW (27–44 hp)
MY 87-892KFXT 60033 kW (44 hp)
MY 87-892NFXT 600limited to 20 kW (27 hp)
MY 90-943UWXT 600 E and Klimited to 20 kW (27 hp)
MY 90-943TBXT 600 E and K33 kW (44 hp)
MY 95-973TBXT 600 E25 to 29 kW (34–39 hp)
MY 97-99VJ01XT 600 E25 to 29 kW (34–39 hp)
MY 99-03DJ02XT 600 E25 to 29 kW (34–39 hp)
DesignationYearSerial numberIntended Market
XT 600 ZL1983,8439EAUS,EUR
XT 6001984,85,8643FUSA,CAN,EUR
XT 6001984,85,8647NEUR(Swiss)
XT 600 S,T1984,85,86,8749LUSA,AUS
XT 600 N,S,T1984,85,86,8749MUSA
XT 600 L,N,S,T1984,85,86,8749NUSA
XT 600 NC,LC1984,8549RUSA
XT 600 SC198649RUSA
XT 600 TC198749RUSA
XT 60019872KFUSA,CAN
XT 600 N19872NFUSA,EUR(Germany)
XT 6001988,892WJEUR(Swiss)
XT 600 U19882WKUSA,CAN
XT 600 U,UC,W,WC1989,903EWUSA
XT 600 E1990,91,92,93,943TBUSA,CAN,EUR,OCE,JPN,OTH
XT 600 EN1990,91,92,933UWEUR(Germany)
XT 600 E1990,91,92,93,943UXUSA,CAN,EUR
XT 600 AC19903UYUSA
XT 600 EA19903UYUSA
XT 600 E1990,91,92,93,94,953UYUSA
XT 600 BC19913UYUSA
XT 600 D,DC19923UYUSA
XT 600 EE,EC19933UYUSA
XT 600 E19923WRUSA,CAN
XT 600 E1994,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,023WROCE,AUS
XT 600 (kick)1991,923TBEUR(Spain,France)
XT 600 N(kick)1991,923UWEUR(Germany)
XT 600 E1995,96,97,983TBEUR
XT 600 KH19933TBUSA,CAN,EUR(France)
XT 600 KN19923UWEUR(Germany)
XT 600 E19943UWEUR
XT 600 E1995,96,97,99,00,023UXEUR(Swiss)
XT 600 E19964MWBrazil
XT 60019943TBEUR
XT 600 E1999,00,01,02DJ021EUR

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  • Bucheli Publisher: Yamaha XT 600 Tenere / XT 600 from year 1983: Manual for care, maintenance and repair ISBN3-7168-1789-9
  • Bucheli Publisher: Yamaha XT 600 E from 1990, ISBN3-7168-1869-0
  • Yamaha Motor Co Ltd, 1st edition Apr 1983: Yamaha ZT600ZL Supplementary Service Manual serial# from 39E000101 Manual# 39E-28197-60
  • Yamaha Motor Co Ltd, 1st edition Dec 1983: Yamaha ZT600ZL Supplementary Service Manual serial# from 39E004101 Manual# 53R-28197-20


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